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  3. Starting from the playground palette to be inspired by nature. This is what you need for a dog playground as a form of your love for furry friends. Dogs will love to play in a tunnel made from used tires, walk the plank, to jump over the hurdle. Here I want to inspire you with 22 easy DIY dog playground ideas for small backyards
  4. MiMu Agility Jump Bars - Backyard Dog Agility Equipment Exercise Hurdles Outdoor and Indoor Dog Agility Course Kit. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 6. $36.99. $36. . 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon

This Elaborate Backyard Dog Playground is a sight to behold. Any dog would go wild with so many incredibly fun things for them to do. Climbing, running, swimming and more are all possible in this exquisite backyard canine playground. Hanging ropes let them jump and chew and play. There's even a fire hydrant Park-like backyards for dogs provide the convenience and safety of home and the entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation provided by a dog park. Building Your Own Dog Park. There are a number of things you should consider beforehand when it comes to building a dog park in your backyard

Playful Colors Dog Park Commercial Intermediate Course Bark Park is based on popular agility obstacles Bark Park is based on popular agility obstacles developed for use by dogs of all breeds, abilities and confidence levels. All Bark Park equipment is designed for heavy-use in outdoor park settings Find and save ideas about dog playground on Pinterest Mar 8, 2020 - Ideas for building your own play-and-exercise Puppy Paradise!. See more ideas about dogs, dog yard, dog playground

Dog park equipment is the key to transforming your typical dog park into a public destination hot spot. We offer everything from dog playground equipment and exercise equipment to an array of dog waste stations and receptacles, as well as dog drinking fountains Puppy Playground Specializing in FUN for Dogs! Puppy Playground Specializing in FUN for Dogs! We manufacture Dog Play Equipment that actively promotes physical exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction. (888) 828-3416 Here are some dog friendly backyard landscaping. 8 Great Backyard Ideas to Delight Your Dog. These eight dog-friendly landscape and backyard garden ideas will keep your dog safe, happy and cool in the yard. 1. Fleabane Herbs. Through the ages, fleas have been the bane of existence for humans as well as dogs My Happy Pets Portable Pet Playpen, Dog Playpen Foldable Pet Exercise Pen Tents Dog Kennel House Playground for Puppy Dog Cat Indoor Outdoor Travel + Free Carrying Case. $34.99 $ 34. 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 13. FREE Shipping by Amazon By catering to dogs of all abilities and confidence levels, our agility course, playground equipment for dogs can work in a wide range of settings — from a local park or recreational center to someone's backyard. Each dog playground encourages physical activities of agility and strength to help those canine companions develop

Perfect for the pet parent with space to spare, a dog obstacle course is at the top of every pet's wish list. If your pup is into advanced dog training, create the perfect canine Crossfit gym in your own backyard.A dog playground doesn't have to be expensive equipment; in the photo above, old tires are used as tunnels and climbing equipment for playful pooches Guy Turns His Backyard Into A Huge Playground For His Dogs I felt like this would be a good way to show my love for them. By Stephen Messenger. Published on 8/24/2017 at 6:13 PM. Tessa, Bruno, Cooper and Mia might be the luckiest pets on earth. The four dogs live at home in Pennsylvania with their human companion, Aaron Franks. Despite having.

Even if you have a small yard, you can create an interactive playground for you and your dog to enjoy together during the dog days of summer. As a professional dog trainer, here are a few of my favorite inexpensive ways to turn your yard into a playground for your canine best friend Playing at Fido's local dog park isn't always possible. Fortunately, the next best thing might be just beyond your back door. Walk, hop and skip through these innovative homemade apparatus and turn your enclosed backyard into an awesome DIY dog park Puppy Playground Specializing in FUN for Dogs! We'll send deals, announcements and newsletters right to your email to keep you up to date

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Dog park products are designed to let dogs exercise their growing minds and bodies outside. By catering to dogs of all abilities and confidence levels, their playground equipment for dogs can work in a wide range of settings — from a local park or recreational center to someone's backyard. Every dog playground is designed to encourage physical activities of agility and strength to help dogs. A backyard dog park should be fun, enticing and convenient for both you and your dogs. Having a handy clean-up station nearby that is stocked with whatever you prefer to use to pick up solid pet waste and a receptacle for the waste is a must for this area to be convenient for you. 9. A Sandbox or Digging Are Dog Park Agility Courses. Pre-configured courses that are based on popular agilty obstacles. Provide activities for dogs regardless of ability or skill level. Promote physical activity, confidence level, and healthy play behavior. Allow dogs to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more I have also met dogs who have become dog or human reactive from running along the fence line when people or dogs pass by. For these reasons, and because I personally prefer not to use shock collars on my dogs, electric fencing was not an option. Pet Playgrounds poly fence was the perfect solution

Commercial Dog Park Equipment. Dog park equipment has become increasingly popular with community parks, neighborhoods, and multi-family complexes. We are here to help you select the best dog playground equipment to fit your specific needs and budget for your dog park space Dogs need regular exercise. Designing a backyard playground for the family dog keeps the pet, and their human counterparts, active. With a few simple items around the house or garage, you can easily transform a back yard into a dog playground for the afternoon. Consider inviting the neighborhood canines for a puppy playground party A dog playground can help keep your furry friend active and sharp. You could spend hours driving to a pet playground, or you could make your own — complete with a plastic pool, tires, balls, and more — in your backyard. Step 1 - Preparing the Area. Designate a large area, like a backyard, for the canine playground

A watering hole. No dog's dream backyard is complete without access to fresh, clean water. While you can get fancy and invest in a doggy water fountain that connects to your outdoor hose, you can also stick to the basics and just buy a standard water bowl to keep outside. Whatever you choose, make sure to clean and refill it regularly The park, titled FIDO's Backyard, features a double gated entry, separate fenced-in areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs, benches, a wooded area, and a nearby picnic area. FIDO's Backyard is located at the north end of East Marion Park near Pavilion #5, behind the softball field. Follow the Dog Park signs for more convenient parking If your backyard has a garden, try to put together a garden decoration with a playground design. Take advantage of old and unused items by turning them into creative dog playgrounds. Wooden crates and pallets can be a place to climb, used tires and barrels can be changed so you can crawl dogs, ropes that are hung to train them and much more About Our Dog Park Equipment and Products. Gyms For Dogs is a Dog Park Equipment manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of intelligently designed, handcrafted, sustainable, and Made in the USA natural Dog Park Products utilizing industry best materials to deliver the highest quality Dog Playground Equipment and Dog Exercise and Agility Equipment on the market

Common Backyard Problems Faced by Dog Owners. Nervous or protective dogs tend to wear paths along fence lines as they pace. Experts agree that a well-exercised dog is a calmer dog; therefore, a solution as simple as more frequent trips to the dog park or a longer walk or two during the day just might bring digging to a halt If you lack a fenced backyard, you might love a dog run. If you need to keep dogs (or dogs and kids) separated outside, a dog run could be the answer. Even if you just want to be in charge of which areas of the garden are dog-accessible, you guessed it: a dog run could help. For many different scenarios, one of these portable dog run solutions.

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A dream backyard for the dog isn't about you concocting weird and crazy expensive playgrounds; it's about working towards addressing the needs and wants of a dog, as well as keeping your pet. Southeast Outdoors Playgrounds specializes in creating outdoor play experiences for our kids at schools, apartments, daycares and parks. We happily provide playground, shade, amenities, dog park and other outdoor equipment and removal, repair, design and installation services to the states of AL,GA, MS, NC, SC, and TN..

A dog run is a space that allows your dog to run and live comfortably. A great dog run does not only mean a lot of good for your pets; it can also provide plenty of perks for your family! An obvious perk to owning a dog run is that your pet will have room to run around in. Dogs of all shapes and forms need some form of exercise, and running is. Sniffspot is a simple app for finding and renting spots - dog parks and off leash areas hosted by locals. Browse. Browse spots using map and filters (size, enclosure, etc). View and compare. See information, reviews and calendar for each listing. Book a spot A play pool, low maintenance park and shade are the things that pets need to enjoy their time with other doggies. To cut costs, you can build your backyard dog park on an existing fence, like a corner, and you will have an awesome social space for your pet! As you can see, there are many marvelous ways to make your backyard more dog-friendly

The Beneful Dream Dog Park also includes a walking path which Cameron believes is a great feature. For people working on getting their dogs to walk with them in the park, a rubber path is very comfortable. Whether constructing a dog park or modifying your own backyard, though, the process is the same The first step to create a jungle gym for your dog is defining a space. Survey the space you have available. Ideally, the jungle gym should be located in an enclosed area, which will protect your dog from running into a road, especially if he's easily distracted by passersby or birds who may venture uninvited in or out of the play yard Backyard Dog Park At Home vs. Public Dog Park: Weighing The Pros & Cons. As any veteran pet owner knows, caring for one's four-legged friend entails physical activity - but it goes far beyond the basic 'go fetch' or tossing a Frisbee around on the grass. Dogs are pack animals, meaning they're instinctively social creatures by design. Playground. This massive piece of equipment consists of a hole jump through on one corner (see above left), three 3' square ascending platforms around front corner, a ramp off a tunnel on right side and a wavey slide off the back corner. Maze (left and above is a structure that has panels on opposite sides so the dog has to weave through (see.

Phoebe and Maru playing in the backyard 10.You can Build Some Fencing. A great fence is a great option to keep your backyard as the personal space and stay away from the eyes of your neighbors. If you have dogs, then the fence is a must item that you should have to keep your dog stay under control and security as well Dog toys come in all shapes, kinds, and sizes. Which makes it all the more important to find the right outdoor toy for your dog.. What makes an outdoor dog toy special? First, it needs to be tough. It should be made to withstand the weather and some pretty long play sessions Dog park equipment should include pet waste stations, grooming tables, and agility training equipment to dog themed benches, trash cans and picnic tables.Designated off leash areas can easily be enhanced with agility equipment and other dog park amenities, but easy maintenance and the type of users will influence how you optimize the area to be a lasting, enjoyable dog park Posted By MMK on Aug 30, 2017. Meet Aaron Franks, a man from Pennsylvania who lives with four dogs - Tessa, Bruno, Cooper and Mia. A few years ago, Franks came up with an idea to do something amazing for his canines, so he turned his backyard into a dog playground. I feed them, I water them and walk them every day

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The Standard Jump. The jump is the most basic necessity for any backyard playground. Building one is a cinch and doesn't require much in the way of technical skills. A few 18-inch PVC pipes are all you need to construct a standard jump in your backyard, along with some end caps and Ts. Make sure to vary the heights on your jump so your dog. Once he outgrows his training needs, it will be donated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind for other dogs. If you have the backyard space to build a dog park for your pooch, Jonathan and Drew have a.

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Backyard dog agility equipment is a great way to start building a bond with your dog. Whether you plan to compete or just want a fun, challenging activity to do with your dog, agility is a great. 1. Add a water feature. A backyard fountain or splash pool is ideal for creating a focal point in your backyard. Plus, your dog will enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day. Add a small pond or pool for your water-loving pup, but make sure it has a gentle slope and shallow steps in case your dog falls in by mistake. 2 Fido's Backyard is a 3 acre off-leash area for dogs. There are separate fenced in areas for small dogs and large dogs. The park features double gated entry, benches and a wooded area. Fido's Backyard is open from 8am to dark. Fido's Backyard is located at the north end of East Marion Park, near Pavilion #5. Dog owners should follow the Dog Park signs to access parking

A-OK Playgrounds is a leader in designing and selling top-quality commercial and residential playground equipment for indoor and outdoor use, as well as backyard swing sets and playhouses. All products come with dedicated customer service and helpful advice, making the planning process both efficient and fun Dogs love to run and play outside, and there's nothing more joyous than a dog who's in his element -- romping, wrestling, digging, playing tug of war and going wild. Physical exercise keeps your dog happy and content, and reduces behavioral issues related to boredom and frustration. If you have a backyard, a. Dog Park Equipment. Site Amenities. Outdoor Fitness. Shades. Portfolio. News. Contact Us. In an effort to assist in protecting our employees and communities, Pet and Playground Products is limiting its on-site staffing during the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Additionally, multiple suppliers of our components and materials are shut down due to. Get fast shipping and great prices on heavy-duty kids' playground equipment for schools and parks with AAA State of Play! Our safe, affordable outdoor playsets are backed by top-notch customer service. Get a free quote on your ideal play structure today

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For dogs that enjoy digging, a sandbox provides an entertaining backyard playground. You may choose to build a wooden sandbox or recycle an old child's sandbox. Simply fill the box with sand and invite your dog to dig. If he needs a little digging motivation, add in a game of hide-and-seek Dog Park Equipment for Plenty of Pup Fun. Our dog park amenities are the ideal way to add a dash of tasteful whimsy to your dog park featuring classic paw print designs, custom signs, and inclusive pet options. Create a dog park agility course that both pets and owners love by adding accessories such as leash posts, pet waste stations, and.

With over 20 years of experience, WillyGoat is the premier supplier of outdoor toys, wooden swing sets, park equipment, shade structures, commercial playground equipment & playsets for communities, schools, churches, daycares & families. Everything for your backyard or neighborhood park on WillyGoat Toys & Playgrounds Bow chika Wow Town. At Rhode Island's first and only indoor dog park, Bow chika Wow Town has made a name for itself among active pups thanks to a 13,000-square-foot indoor playspace. Dogs will love running, chasing, fetching and of course, fighting over rope and squeaker toys. The indoor space is divided into separate areas for big and small dogs

Schools & Community Groups. We have lots of experience in delivering high-quality, high-capacity playgrounds that kids love. Just tell us about your needs and your dreams for your project and our team will work with you on all the details to map out a plan that makes the most of the space and budget you have to work with Backyard Discovery is the number one manufacturer of wooden swing sets in the US, and we're proud of it! We take pride in knowing that we bring outdoor play to thousands of homes each year, while providing excellent support and service. In addition to our wooden swing sets, playsets and playhouses, we also offer backyard leisure products 3. Place benches or tables throughout the park so dog owners can relax. Owners need a place to relax and socialize too. Set up a few areas throughout the dog park where owners can sit in the shade and enjoy the park. Aim to have at least 2 benches and 2 tables in a park that's 1 acre (4,000 m 2 ) Bark Social will open this September with a 25,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor dog park, lounge, craft beer and coffee bar. Courtesy Bark Social. People will be free, but a membership for a dog. An 8,000-foot dog daycare facility offers a wide variety of toys and exercise obstacles for dogs to play on, and a 15,000-square foot indoor/outdoor dog park is furnished with safe rubber and synthetic grass floor coverings. 2903 N St Peters Pkwy, St Peters, MO 63303, Phone: 636-939-3000. You are reading Best Indoor Dog Parks in the United.

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Installed pet playground fence My dog is an escape artist We have tried everything from underground fence to shock collars to professional trainers and more. This fence has been a God sent Thank you pet playground !!!!! Now my children can play with their dog without getting cloths lined by her runner cable and leash Dog(s) in the park must wear a collar displaying current tags with name and contact info There is a limit of 2 dogs per adult owner or dog handler. No food or dog toys allowed in the dog park area. Leashed dogs are allowed on the patio. Unleashed dogs are allowed in the indoor and outdoor dog park. Dog(s) must be social and get along with other. 7. Outdoor Dog Water Sprinkler. Source: TrioGato. When it comes to the best outdoor toys for dogs, an outdoor dog sprinkler is both fun and functional. With the dog-activated water fountain, your beloved canine friend will find a limitless supply of fresh, clean water at its paw-tips After loyally serving millions of dogs around the country since 2012 through our subscription service (), e-commerce site (), and retail partner network, we know what makes tails wag.We're bringing that knowledge to your backyard.Well, maybe not literally YOUR backyard, but it is a yard in Nashville Welcome to K9 Kennel Store, a manufacturer of high quality, easy to assemble modular dog kennels for sale as well as dog pens, kennel fencing pet fencing dog runs for sale. Great for both your home and business. Our dog kennels and pet fencing are not chain link (which can injury your pet!) Please feel free to contact us by phone 1-877-527-3455.

Dogwood Play Park is Seattle's original indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park and bar. For a $12 drop-in fee (per dog) your pupper can come play while you enjoy a cider, beer or wine. Separate areas (indoors and out) for active play and gentle play*. Current vaccination records are required to play (Rabies, Bordetella & DHPP) Welcome to LuckyDog Recreation! Outdoor Recreational Equipment Design Services. You are in great hands! We are experienced playground professionals that provide vetted, quality outdoor recreational equipment and extraordinary, personalized customer service. No matter the stage of your project, our design team can help your vision come to life

Melbourne Dog Park & Bar: Indoor & Outdoor Dog Park. First. visit FREE!! We offer TWO great services. An indoor/outdoor off leash dog park and bar for you and your pup (s) to enjoy the comforts of a safe, clean, and monitored dog park (vaccinations required). We encourage our pawparents to sit back, relax with a cold beverage and watch their. Photo courtesy of Fetch Park. Any human can walk into the park and hang out with or without a fur baby but on the other hand, all dogs must have a membership to roam around the park. Memberships. 5,000 SF indoor, climate controlled park allows your pup the ability to play every day, no matter the weather. 10,000 SF outside play area includes 4,000 SF of K-9 grass artificial turf area for your furry friend to play with other pups. Separate play areas for small dogs. Epoxy flooring designed specifically for indoor dog parks Quality & Durable Products. The materials we use are always of the highest quality to ensure the durability of our products. Since 1992, we've been industry-leaders in backyard playsets, constantly in search of new, innovative engineering techniques The kids have their backyard playground. But what about your dog? We think this oh-so-important family member deserves a special home recreation area too. Which is why we recommend getting everyone together this weekend and building her a DIY dog agility course. Not only will it give you and your family some quality bonding time with your.

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1 review of FIDOS Backyard The best part about having a dog, is, well, the pure fact that you have a dog. Sometimes the worst part is feeling guilty when you're tired after a long day and you come home to a dog who hasn't done much. That's the beauty of dog parks. You sit, relax, and watch your dog tear the fur off another dog's back. FIDO'S is spacious, with plenty of seating areas A High Quality Pet Drinking Fountain and Dog Water Fountain is a desirable extra amenity for any apartment, dog park, city park, or doggie daycare center. Pet hydration is critical for pets and is very important in a dogs overall health. The Dog Water Fountains are made to withstand all of the harsh outdoor elements and weather Juliane Workley of Vocon Inc. presented exterior plans to the Cleveland Planning Commission at the meeting, including outdoor seating in converted shipping containers, a dog park, a playground, and fire pits in the yard area.. The outdoor seating will be located in modified shipping containers with interior lighting and sunshades with retractable fabric canopies

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Barkwood is a dog park for Beachwood residents. It is located at City Park East on Richmond Road between Shaker Blvd. eastbound and westbound. It is open from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM every day. Barkwood is available to Beachwood residents and their dogs via annual registration and keyfob. Opens a New Window. Opens a New Window With these dog-friendly backyard ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven you both can enjoy. Giving your backyard a makeover is a great way to help you and your pup enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during a time when you may not be able to go to the dog park or indulge in a beach BBQ as often as you'd like Dog Park Equipment Champions Trek Sculpted Play Events Hover Net View All . Inclusive Play. While all US playgrounds are required to be ADA-compliant, inclusive play spaces from Miracle ® Recreation go beyond accessibility alone. As inclusive playground equipment manufacturers and designers, we make it possible for children of different ages. Indoor/outdoor dog park & bar to open in Cheektowaga WKBW Buffalo, NY. UP NEXT. 7 First Alert Forecast 6 a.m. Update, Monday, June 28 WKBW Buffalo, NY

Caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and energy levels, 10,000 sq ft dog playground in downtown Toronto. Outdoor playground and climate controlled indoor playground. Open 7 days a week. Separate small dog daycare. Schedule a Free Assessment Apart from that, outdoor dog playground equipment also offers several other benefits. An obvious benefit that dog play equipment provides is a physical exercise for the dog as well as for its owner. Moreover, there are several other activities in which a dog can participate, like dog courses, which gives an opportunity for exploration

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Beyond Your Ordinary (BYO) Recreation has been serving the nation's playground and recreation needs since 1999, offering Beyond Your Ordinary customer service and products. We are one of the oldest and largest nationwide distributor of playground equipment in the United States, and we only distribute high quality, made-in-the-USA products from. And natural playgrounds make use of rocks, wooden structures, and the environment around them to create a playground. What Is the Best Material for a Playground? The best material for outdoor play sets is a durable metal like steel. This makes for long-lasting frames that are safe and hold up to hard play and the elements TerraBound Solutions, Inc. provides a wide selection of premium quality outdoor site solutions. We are product experts in parks and recreation, offering site amenities and furnishings, playground equipment, dog park equipment, patio furniture, outdoor sports equipment, drinking fountains, and much more.Our products provide quality, functionality, and aesthetics to any outdoor environment.

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Playground Outfitters is a nationwide retailer of commercial playground equipment, accessories, & site amenities. Call (888) 342-8228 to get started today Give your dog the bottle when he's in the backyard and let him play with it. As he rolls and pounces on the bottle, the treats will fall out and serve as an instant reinforcement of his good behavior. Sock Toys Step 1. Wash and dry a pair of old tube socks. Step 2 Shop Chewy for low prices and the best dog pens! Dog pens are the perfect way to keep pups safe in an enclosed area, but with the comforts of space. Dog pens can be used both inside and outside and also come in a variety of materials and styles including steel, soft sided, collapsible and portable. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service

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An 8,000-foot dog daycare facility offers a wide variety of toys and exercise obstacles for dogs to play on, and a 15,000-square foot indoor/outdoor dog park is furnished with safe rubber and synthetic grass floor coverings. 2903 N St Peters Pkwy, St Peters, MO 63303, Phone: 636-939-3000. You are reading Best Indoor Dog Parks in the United. Park work out stations are a great complement to outdoor bodyweight workout regimens or a fun way to break the tedium of a run around the park. You don't have to go to Muscle Beach to get a good outside workout, and building a great outdoor workout station or fitness park is a surefire way to encourage activity while giving your park. The regular menu is a mix of apps, hot dogs, and sammies (including vegan brats and a veggie burger). The Tale of Unleashed Indoor Dog Park. We pupdated this article to chronicle the beginning to end story of this indoor dog park. January 30, 2020 update: Dogs all over town have wagged their tails in anticipation long enough: it's opening day

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Dog Park Site Guidelines and Specifications . 23. Dog parks in the [state, county, municipality] shall be no less than five thousand (5,000) square feet in area, though off-leash areas can be of any size satisfactory to the needs of the area. Parks of less space can be considered on prior approval of the [state, county, or municipal authority]. 24 Outdoor dog playground that was found on the street. Shots taken with iPhone, cropped with the amazing PhotogramTree for macOS. - Outdoor Dog Toy - Download Free 3D model by Lior Azi (@liorazi) [4b80c00 Now that we have a fun backyard to use for playing in and for entertaining, I've been wanting to pull out our fire pit and have a Backyard Hot Dog Roast Get Together. Well, because I like to craft and make things that are cute, I decided to put some fun decorations together for it, and I'm sharing them here with you today By adding a dog park to your apartment complex, you would be providing a safe area dog-owners require. 3. Leash-Free Space. Because leash laws are becoming increasingly strict, there are fewer and fewer places where dog owners can let their pets run around freely. Even some generic parks require dogs to be kept on leashes Pearsall Park is 505 acres and is designed to offer a dynamic open space with fitness and recreational amenities ideal for facilitating health/wellness/sports activities and outdoor family/social gatherings. Park expansion efforts doubled the total size of the park from 243 acres through City purchase of an additional 262 acres as part of the 2012-2017 City Bond Program. Pearsall Park Grand.

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The 12,000 sq. ft. facility offers daycare, boarding, grooming, a self serve dog wash, a tavern, indoor dog park as well as an additional 8,000 sq. ft. of outdoor play areas The lap of luxury abounds at NEMA, with its Pet Spaw and The Doghouse, complete with two playrooms for both small and large dogs. The Doghouse is the ultimate pet playground, including ramps, outdoor turf, and seated areas for puppy parents to observe and relax. Once poochie is worn out, give him or her a bath in the onsite pet spa

Goat playground! So much fun for them | Goat house, GoatSuper Backyard Dog Run Tips 44 Ideas | Outdoor dog areaHow to Turn The Backyard Into Fun and Cool Play Space for