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By accepting an alternative method of payment i.e. Bartercard, you open up your business to a whole new market of customers and in turn gain a competitive advantage. Increase your contacts. Bartercard is a membership-based community and there are many local and national networking events that are designed to provide introductions While currently part of ASX:INP, the Bartercard business had previous ownership for three decades by the Founder, Wayne Sharp, then some of the Smiles in Suits (above) who bought it (paying a 'smidgeon' too much for it [sarcasm]) then establishing a public company, ASX:BPS, which reinvented itself as ASX:INP Bartercard lists on the ASX as BPS Technology Limited MYBC is launched. 16. 2015 Bartercard South Africa opens. 17. 2016 Bartercard launches new transactional Mobile App. 18. 2018 Bartercard delists from ASX. 19. 2019 Bartercard initiates the Qoin Blockchain. 20. 2020 Bartercard launches the Qoin currency to Members. Discover Bartercard is part of the broader BPS Technology Group (ASX:BPS) which posted a net profit of $7.9 million in FY15. BPS followed it up in the first half of FY16 with a net profit of $3.5 million, up 7.3 per cent from a year earlier Bartercard's Demise - BPS's Deceptions. In this post I summarise the deceptions around Australian listed company BPS Technology (ASX:BPS); explain the tricks that the Directors have used to prop up their failing core business; and show how Bartercard continues to disintegrate . . . all this despite personal profit of the three Directors.

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The Bartercard you commented on is listed on the ASX and operates in numerous countries around the world, but principally Australia, NZ, and SE Asia. I personally have bought real estate and international travell with it as well as all manner of goods and chattels. Seems like everything you have stated has proven to be false Bartercard, a subsidiary of BPS Technology (ASX:BPS) has 250 properties currently listed in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and Thailand with an average trade dollar component of 35 per cent. Van Deventer says this equates to potential savings of more than $35 million in cash on real estate for its members

Qoin Bartercard Australia Review 2021 (as a merchant) January 9, 2021 Qoin Price Data Update 27th December December 27, 2020 6 Qoin Bartercard Inconvenient Truths December 22, 202 All data on this page is supplied by the ASX, Morningstar and Market Index. Read the disclaimer. ASX Top 5 Portfolio. Our High-Growth ASX Strategy. Subscriptions start at $59 monthly. Find Out More. ASX Indices ASX 20 ASX 50 ASX 100 ASX 200 ASX 300 All Ordinaries All ASX Indices ≫ Commoditie

Bartercard was founded in 1991 by Wayne Sharpe, Andrew Federowsky and Brian Hall. The three retained a 52 per cent stake in the business when it launched on the ASX as BPS Technology and valued at $58.5 million. Bartercard owner Tony Wiese has launched a cryptocurrency called Qoin. Pic Tim Marsden Bartercard Listed on ASX on behalf of BPS Technology Limited Bartercard lists on the ASX as BPS Technology Limited. 16. 2015 Founded Bartercard, South Africa. 17. 2016 Launched the new Bartercard Mobile App. 18. 2018 Bartercard delists from ASX. 19. 2019 Bartercard Qoin Blockchain launched. 20. 202

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ASX and acquires Bartercard™ Group & NZ 2012 -Bartercard™ International Group is created through merger of Australian & international entities 2015 -BPS signs agreements for Bartercard™ licences in China and South Africa 1995 to 2007 Bartercard™ expands operations to 6 countries 1991 -Bartercard™ founded in Australia by Brian Hal Bartercard expands into France, Israel. ASX listed BPS technology have expanded their unique Bartercard trade exchange concept into France. Bartercard is a 25 year old member based organization that is open to business owners only. It provides an opportunity for proprietors to pay for their personal and business expenses using the goods and. Bartercard (ASX:BPS) shares take a still further dive as the rats leave the sinking ship. The Dump from the Pump & Dump is well underway. The next step here is they say Oh dear, we've run out of cash . . . then watch what happens. This is a typical asset strip underway in broad daylight. Watch for BPS to get stripped of the Bartercard. Bartercard, owned by BPS Technology (ASX: BPS), has abolished joining fees for the first time in its 23-year history after strong growth on its home turf in the past 18 months. Bartercard's CEO Brian Hall (pictured) says the campaign is aimed at bolstering start-ups and making more affordable

Bartercard UK : The latest share price - Sharecast.com. Stockomendation. Recent Share tips: Avoid The Pebble Group (PEBB) by Steve Moore in ShareProphets. Buy Scottish Mortgage Inv Trust (SMT) by. Qoin is a $1B+ market cap Australian Cryptocurrency linked to Bartercard. Not sure what the laws are around posting leaked intellectual property but you might find it googling qoin-source and looking for git.rip, right under the 1.9m CCP members database. (rofl line 45 AwsQoinService.cs ) This leak confirms what many of us suspected

Qoin Review, Barter Card in my opinion Ponzi Scheme Biggest in Australia's History? UPDATE 10/03/2021: Now the withdrawal limit has been reduced to $100 a day if you or someone you know wants to complain a guide has been made available here. Qoin is the latest in a long list of blockchain startups that sound great in the 2 stage sales. He founded the listed company Bartercard Ltd (ASX:PBS) now the world's largest non-cash marketplace where members exchange goods and services on credit not cash via a unique alternative 'currency'. Bartercard has operated for over 23 years and in 20 countries and has completed over US$40 billion in transactions 23 September 2015. BPS Technology (ASX:BPS), the business that owns Bartercard, takes a strident view of its potential to become the Microsoft of the global trade exchange industry. But for CEO Trevor Dietz, this is just one strategy for a company that has taken a new approach to its core business in the past year, helping it to double the. In May 2018, IncentiaPay acquired ASX listed Gruden Group and with it, the Performance Marketing, Enterprise Solutions, Government and MobileDen divisions. As part of a corporate restructure, IncentiaPay divested its minority stake in Now Book It Pty Ltd in September 2018 and completed the sale of Bartercard and all its wholly owned.

The current shareholders of BPS are the same shareholders as those of Barter futures Pty ltd which acquired Bartercard Australia Pty Ltd from the company in 2007. bps is expected to list on the ASX in September 2014 at which time 48% of the shares will be held by the public and52% by the directors and management Bartercard now has a presence in eight states which represent 25% of US economic output BPS is continuing to pursue a robust pipeline of potential US franchises Leading financial technology platform provider BPS Technology Limited (ASX: BPS, the Company) is pleased to announce that it has continued to expand the reach of its Bartercard

Bartercard operates the world's largest trade exchange by Transactional Value and Fees Generated. It allows small to medium business to conduct $600m of additional business without the use of cash. 54,000 card holders in 8 countries but expanding to 10 countries in CY16. Bartercard transactions can be conducted across more than 7,000 ban payment. Effectively Bartercard monetizes spare capacity. Bartercard operates the world's largest trade exchange transacting $600m across its platform in 9 countries with 50,000 card holders. Bartercard transactions can be conducted on-line, via its mobile app or across more than 7,000 bank EFTPOS terminals. About bucq Bartercard goes for float on ASX. Patrick Clarke Send an email Wednesday, July 30, 2014. 0 104 1 minute read. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Gold Coast-based Bartercard is set to float on the stock exchange. The company is being launched jointly with a software platform and a loyalty app under the name BPS Technology

Privately-held Bartercard Australia has appointed Patersons Securities to launch an initial public offer which would value the business at about $50 million. Bartercard seeks ASX listing. BPS Technology Limited (ASX:BPS), which operates the world's largest barter trade exchange, signed the agreement worth a total of US$2.6 million (AU$3.25 million) providing Australian Capital Express Limited with an exclusive license for the Bartercard system in the People's Republic of China Created with Sketch. 891. PXG. Ann: Suspension from official quotation (COB 31/12/2015) 31/12/15. 0. 686. 31/12/15. Last post ASX News. Comments Qoin Trader Benefits. Qoin underpins a growing community of buyers and sellers. With transactions happening, you are backing a living breathing digital currency, not a concept. Real Growth Potential. The basis of the potential Qoin value increase is the growing number of Qoin merchants. With zero costs to merchants and a growing customer.

Listed on ASX. On 9th September 2014 Bartercard International Group was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), under the parent company BPS Technology. 2018. Bartercard UK Purchase. In April 2018, the Bartercard UK licence was purchased by Chris Kirby and Greg Harrand. In January 2019, they purchased the Bartercard Trade Exchange in the. There was also a heap more in relation to Hall and his wife's interests in shares and options in entities like BPS Technology Limited, which was incorporated in January 2014 as the vehicle to list the Bartercard business on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), but if the settlement chatter is on the money then the court won't rule on.

BPS, best known for its Bartercard business trading system, plans to extend its payments platform to consumers and cut $6 million in costs over three years, c hairman Murray d'Almeida told investors. Marketing agreements with Alipay and Alibaba.com are part of a three-year strategy to grow into China. BPS (ASX:BPS) has been contacted for comment 1] Aconex Ltd. Aconex Limited is a ASX listed public Australian company providing mobile and web-based collaboration technologies for project information and process management, on a software as a service (SaaS) basis, to clients in the construction, infrastructure, power, mining, and oil and gas sectors


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  1. ASX listed financial payments and digital group, IncentiaPay is selling its historic Bartercard business to TCM Investments Australia for a total of $5m as part of its ongoing restructure that kicked off in December last year. The sale is aimed at closing the door on IncentiaPay's legacy business and signals a new era at the company as it.
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  3. A market announcement caught my eye recently. It came from BPS Technology (ASX:BPS), the owner of Bartercard and a few other technology businesses.. In it, BPS noted that FY17 earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation is expected to be between 3% to 7% below the guidance of $14.16m as per the investor presentation released to the ASX on 12 August 2016
  4. Bartercard, which is owned by ASX listed BPS Technology, provides a platform for business owners to pay for their personal and business expenses and buy goods and services using their own goods and services as payment instead of cash

ASX listed financial payments and digital group, IncentiaPay has completed the $5m sale of its historic BarterCard business to TCM Investments Australia. This allows the company to focus to on its core growth divisions, Entertainment Group, Alipay and Gruden. In September, IncentiaPay agreed to sell BarterCard for an initial payment of $2m and. BPS Technology Limited is an ASX listed company whose subsidiaries operate in 8 countries. More than 24,000 SMEs transact in excess of 1.8m transactions worth $600m+ per annum using its various technology platforms. BPS earns fees on all transactions over the platforms. About Bartercard Bartercard is the world's largest trade exchange Companies. ASX. BPS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Viewed 10,240 times by 3014 users (Last 30 days) mail. Created with Sketch. Email. print. Created with Sketch Bartercard has announced, via media release, the launch of its operations in France. Read full media release below. BPS Technology's (ASX: BPS) latest Bartercard licensee in France has launched, starting the company's next stage of expansion in Europe. Bartercard International CEO Brian Hall said the latest addition to Bartercard's global business network presents new scope [

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Bartercard Mobile App คว้ารางวัล Excellence in Franchising Award (FCA) บาร์เทอร์คาร์ด ทำการรีแบรนด์. 15. 2014 บาร์เทอร์คาร์ด จดทะเบียน ใน ASX ในนาม BPS Technology Limite Bartercard Miss Indy was a highlight of the Indy race on the Gold Coast. Everybody was doom and gloom and interest rates were 17 per cent. People were going out of business left, right and. Scroll down for more ASX corporate news>>> IncentiaPay was founded in 2014 and listed within months. It was able to list so early by acquiring Bartercard. After being as high as $1.21 in late 2015 the stock is now at 4.2 cents BPS Technology, which is the technology company that runs Bartercard, has announced an initial public offering, valuing the company at around $58.5 million, as it hunts for acquisitions. The offer is set to raise $28m for the Queensland-based firm through the issue of 28 million shares at $1 per share, representing a 2014-15 financial year [ Bartercard operates the world's largest retail trade exchange for over 26 years As a global company, Bartercard has expanded through company owned operations and a franchise and license model. Bartercard currently operates through 75 offices across 9 countries in Oceania, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia

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  2. Via press release, BPS Technology Limited has announced the expansion of its Bartercard Operations in the US with 3 new franchises in Tennessee, California, and Georgia. Read Bartercard press release: BPS Technology Limited (ASX: BPS) is pleased to announce that its Bartercard operations in North America has expanded its reach with the sale of three new franchises, covering Chattanooga in.
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  4. Bartercard was founded in 1991 by Wayne Sharpe, Andrew Federowsky and Brian Hall. It grew to become the world's largest trade exchange with offices in seven countries and thousands of merchants.
  5. IncentiaPay Limited produces entertainment membership app and corporate frequent values product. The company's direct-to-member products provide access to thousands of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off offers from approximately 9,000 business partners in dining, travel, activities, and retail across 20,000 partner locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Bali, as well as create experiences and raise.

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  1. We expect Bartercard to remain an important part of our business strategy going forward and so it is interesting to note that Bartercard's international operation has launched an IPO with the intention of publicly listing the company on the ASX in early September
  2. Bartercard was a subsidiary of BPS Technology, a leading provider of Financial transactional (Payment) platforms and technology management systems (SaaS), listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (BPS: ASX). Bartercard was one of the world's largest trade exchange companies, where Corporates and SME's traded over $200m each year in Australia.
  3. To achieve this outcome BPS acquired Bartercard in mid-2014, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in September 2014, acquired Entertainment Publications in 2016 and appointed leading technology talent
  4. BPS Technology listed on the ASX in September of 2014 and acquired the Bartercard Group and two years latter acquired the Entertainment book achieving combined revenues in FY17 of $110 million and EBITDA of $13.7m
  5. Bartercard's parent company BPS Technology recently listed on the ASX last September 2014, making its debut as a public listed company. Activity #Qurious? Shared by Anna Vaporis. The Qoin is unique value business proposition for all. Liked by Anna.

Smiles Inclusive told the ASX on September 18 that it had $323,344 in cash or cash equivalent as at September 13, 2019, plus $1.19 million in Bartercard Trade dollars BPS Technology listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2014, after Trevor Dietz Brian Hall and Tony Wiese bought Bartercard's Australian arm in 2007. All three have left the company in the past. The ASX listed parent of Bartercard and the well known Entertainment Book has posted a 40 per cent jump in full-year profits after successfully integrating and bedding down the Entertainment Book acquisition

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  1. BPS Technology will soon trade on the ASX under the name IncentiaPay as the Bartercard owner deepens its expansion into the digital payments arena. On Thursday shareholders approved the change of.
  2. Tony is the Governor of the Qoin Reserve, a Director of Bartercard International Group and Blockchain Investments Group. He is also principal of Wiese & Stone, a corporate advisory that focuses on M&A, expansion strategies and IPO's. Tony is a veteran of thirty M&A deals and three IPO's. He contributes to the community as a Director of OneLight.
  3. 12 Apr 2018 - From tomorrow BPS Technology (ASX:BPS), the ASX-listed parent company of Gold Coast-based Bartercard, will officially be known as IncentiaPay (ASX:INP)
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  5. IncentiaPay has a network of 36,000 merchants, 18,000 Not-for-Profit groups and 600,000 paying consumers. Revenues are generated from monthly and transactional fees to merchants as well as sales of the Entertainment Publications to loyal consumers via the Not for Profit groups
  6. INP operates Bartercard trade exchange and provides on-demand cloud based software for both the alternative digital and cash economies through the Tess and Bucqi platforms. IncentiaPay has rebranded to reflect its focus on rewards, incentives and digital payment solutions linking SMEs and customers instead of purely a technology business
  7. Bartercard (BPS:ASX) is a cashless business network with 55,000 cardholders globally who barter-trade over $600 million each year using Bartercard's digital currency, trade dollars. We have 75 offices around the world and settle 1.8 million transactions annually on our proprietary platform

BTX. 750 likes · 3 talking about this. Here at BTX we like to think that we have created a 'human' exchange that is secure, simple to understand AND simple to use for the everyday person. BTX is the.. Bartercard financial information, fundamentals, key ratios, market capitalization, shares outstanding, float, and short interest. 11/07/2021 11:49:13 1-888-992-3836 Free Membership Login Monito Bartercard business (See ASX release 24 Dec 2019 Settlement of Claim with TCM) and $0.06m in Blackglass deferred consideration due to working capital adjustment. Impairment expense No significant impairment expenditure in the period ending 31 December 2020

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  1. GetCapital is excited to announce its latest strategic partnership with BPS Technology Ltd (ASX:BPS), owner of Bartercard Australia and the world's larges
  2. The owner of trade exchange platform Bartercard has listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, raising $28 million from an initial public offering to fund an aggressive expansion strategy, both in. ASX delists 28 companies. Jessica Mascione 03 Feb 2020. Australian stocks dive amid virus fears. AAP 03 Feb 2020. St Bart's. New mission at.
  3. Battle for Bartercard heats up. Jonathan Shapiro Senior management team but unfortunately they have proven unable or unwilling to make the shift from private partnership to ASX-listed company.
  4. ASX Small Cap Losers Nov 6-10 After beating a board spill last week by a small margin, tech provider BPS Technology laid out a game plan to ward off another attack.. BPS, best known for its Bartercard business trading system, plans to extend its payments platform to consumers and cut $6 million in costs over three years, chairman Murray d'Almeida told investors
  5. Bartercard Australia (Service): 3.4 out of 5 stars from 94 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au
  6. IncentiaPay Limited is an Australia based digital solutions provider. The company specializes in providing transactional platforms to enable businesses to acquire new customers and retain existing ones through multiple sales channels

ASX Trade Abbreviation: BPSTECH ISIN: AU000000BPS1 Home Branch: Sydney Industry Classification: Classification Pending Registered Office: Pilot Partners Waterfront Place, Level 10 1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000 Phone: (07) 5561 9000 Website: www.bartercard.com.a Bartercard is a 23-year-old trading exchange that allows small business to offload excess stock to other businesses on the exchange instead of discounting in return for a trade dollar

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In a deal worth $22.5m cash, $2.5m in shares and $5m raised for costs and working capital, BPS Technology Limited, who owns Bartercard - the world's leading global trade exchange - is to acquire. In what looks like an exquisite fit, teeming with synergies, ASX-listed financial payments company BPS Technology, will double their revenue to $109m next year after acquiring Entertainment Publications Australia and New Zealand for $25m. BPS own the world's largest business to business trade exchange known as Bartercard and

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The stoush comes as shares in Gold Coast-based BPS (ASX:BPS) have fallen as low as 69c compared to a 94c issue price in August last year when it raised $30 million to buy retail voucher service Entertainment Book. Shares were trading at 77.5c on Friday afternoon. Last week BPS moved to appease shareholders, announcing chief executive Trevor Dietz would step down in 2018 and up to two. David gained executive experience in international growth companies as CEO of Professional Investment Services LTD (ASX:CAF), Bartercard Ltd (ASX:BPS) and PR Finance Ltd, he brings immense knowledge and commercial sensibility to any business or board Peak Equities only acquire quality commercial property assets that provide a strong mix of income revenue, capital growth and tax benefits. Our objective is to deliver an internal rate of return (IRR) exceeding 12%, with our portfolio outlining the consistently strong returns we have delivered to our investors BPS Technology, the ASX-listed parent company of Gold Coast-based Bartercard, has officially rebranded to IncentiaPay following a successful Extraordinary General Meeting last week where the resolution was passed. The change reflects a move to diversify into new digital payment areas and customised transactions tha #131 - Bartercard, A Global Bartering Network . February 5, 2020 . By Geof

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The Bartercard business heavily weighed on IncentiaPay's first full-year results. media_camera The board of BPS Technology just prior to listing on the ASX in 2014 Accordingly, under the Cash Balancing Adjustment, GGG will subscribe for 18,540,434 Auzex Shares at an issue price of $0.2535 (25.35 cents) (being a discount of 10% to the 5 day Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) ending 14 March 2012 of Auzex Shares on ASX)

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BPS Technology ASX Feb 2015 Was 3rd overall in the Bartercard International Business Development competition which had about 75 Sales and Marketing participants from 7 Countries worldwide including Australia,New Zealand,UK,Thailand,Canada ASX:BPS; Transcription of Finance News Network Interview with BPS Technology Limited is a provider of trading and payment platform technology via its Bartercard, TESS and bucqi divisions. I. Advising on ASX Listing Rules and Corporations Act compliance issues for clients including Reverse Corp, Fig Tree Developments and PIPE Networks. Advising government entities such as Queensland Rail and Queensland Health in relation to statutory compliance issues (e.g. advising on application of unfair contracts legislation) and conducting a. BPS Technology continues to execute its Bartercard growth strategy in North America, opening new franchises in New Hampshire, Alabama and Georgia, with at least four more US franchises in the pipeline Leading financial technology platform provider BPS Technology Limited (ASX: BPS, the Company) is pleased to announce that it has continued to expand the reach of its Bartercard operations. Murray is a Director of Bartercard International PLC and Hyperion Asset Management Limited. He serves as the Chairman of The Institute of Business Leaders Ltd and has been the Chairman of the Board of Environmental Solutions International Ltd since 2006

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Company News / by Rachael Jones - 3 years ago. BPS Technology to be known as IncentiaPay. 12 Apr 2018 - From tomorrow BPS Technology , the ASX-listed parent company of Gold Coast-based Bartercard. An emerging Australian cryptocurrency aims to attract cautious mum and dad investors as the sector tries to move past reputational and price volatility issues The Australian barter industry has undergone major changes in the last 5 years, with consolidations of many of the smaller players being undertaken by ASX listed, Business Barter Exchange (BBX). From 2005 onwards the market has perked up in terms of increased trading volumes from existing members although new member acquisitions appear to be. About Us. Head-quartered in one of Australia's first fibre-enabled suburbs on the Gold Coast, we are an aggregator of telecommunications services in Australia and New Zealand. With access to wholesale services on the major Australian & New Zealand Tier 1 networks, ie. Telstra (ASX:TLS), Optus ( ASX:SGT ), AAPT and TPG ( ASX:TPG) and NBN Co, as.