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MY 21 DAY CONDITIONING KEEP, TIPS AND POINTER By: FERDIE C. DUCEPEC I have been fighting roosters regularly for roughly thirty years way back my high school days. At that time when most of my peers were in to playing video games, chess or attending parties and the like, yours truly was already busy tending and fighting roosters This item: 21 Days Conditioning Method. by Sabong Culture and Art Paperback. $11.25. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. The Best Conditioning Method for Gamefowls Competing In the Long Knife. by Sabong Culture and Art Paperback. $9.25 18 red gel forte scratch pen (20 mins); cord walk; at night walk w/ light. 19 selectrogen morning cord walk. 20 selectrogen morning / carboloading cock house dark 9am to 4pm (resting) fight day carboloading / rest cock house 8am onward. Note: Purga 7 days before 21 day conditioning period. Bath always after every sparring 21 Day Keep This keep has done real good for us, we hope it'll do as well for you. We have raised and fought birds for over 20 years and have used this method for the last 3 years and are very happy with it. We fight mostly gaff, but have found this to also work well with L/K and the S/K. Day 21 - Fight Day Feed nothing but Buttermilk.

The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition. The principle behind conditioning birds is carbohydrate loading. To understand fully how the KEEP system works, breeders should understand how nutrition works on a fowl and its effects on a fight's performance It's a personal collection of information, photos, videos, tips and conditioning method about cockfighting or sabong.gamefowl roosters, game fowl rooster, gamecock fowl Thursday, March 21, 2013 21 Days Thunderbird power to win conditioning keep

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Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman. 21 Day Conditioning Method - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) , Text TABLE TRAINING GIVE 10 FLYS, 10 FLIPS 20 SEC SIDE TABLE. We do the catch cock training at the tee-pee by using our self-made catch cock 7: 00 a.m.: Feed fighting stag using a balance diet of 50% conditioning The pre-keep is mainly for mental conditioning. Spar everyday in pre-keep, just 2 buckles. Also tease in and off pens. Feed Morning feed: 50% laying pellets (18%) 25% Cracked corn 5% Wheat 5% Barley 5% Dry Blue Ribbon dog food (21%) 5% Calf manna 5% Oat groats Night Feed: 75% above mixture 25% Cooked pearl barley and buttermilk Feeding and. each day of entire 3 week keep up to wednesday of the third week. the pre-keep is mainly for mental conditioning. spar every day in pre-keep, just 2 buckles. also tease in and out of the pens. (2) feed morning feed - 50% laying pellets (18%) 25% cracked corn 5% wheat 5% barley 5% dry blue ribbon dog food (21%) 5% calf manna 5% oat groat 21 DAYS THUNDERBIRD POWER TO WIN CONDITIONING KEEP. Bacterial Flushing using Vetracin Gold Capsule and Deworm using Thunderbird Strongard before starting 21 day keep. DAY. 1: Give One caplet of Pharmaton (Noon time) 2: Delouse using Thunderbird Pusham 3: Inject 0.5cc of Bexan XP after feeding 4: Give One caplet of Pharmaton (Noon time

21-Day Condition Method by Thunderbir 21 Day Conditioning Method Oat Maize Videos Matching Gamefowl Conditioning Methods Gamefowl 7 Day Keep Excellence Poultry Livestock Specialist Inc 2019 World Gamefowl Expotatak Excellence Endorsers Pakvim Promotor 43 Excellence Poultry And Livestock Specialist Inc Tatak Excellence Talagang Magaling. Muscle Power Keep - 7 Days Conditioning 1st Day - LDI Vitamin B12 - Snap Power - 1 Caplet per head 2nd Day - Calveex - Bio Calcium - 1 Tablet per head 3rd Day - Viminolak - Rooster Complete - 1 Tablet per head 4th Day - None 5th Day - Red Gel Forte - Alertness - 1 Capsule per hea DAY 1 - Deworm using ASTIG - 1 caplet for every 2kg body weight DAY 2 - Delouse. Use Zero Mite - 5ml for evey 5 liter water DAY 3 - Antibiotic Flushing 14 days keep ang conditioning. 14 DAY KEEP and Conditioning. I. Feeding During The KEEP. Let me reveal to you what some cockers call secrets in conditioning of gamecocks for the pit. For starters, let us talk about feeding. Some cockers say that the secret in the proper conditioning of gamecocks is feeding. It is undeniable that feeding plays.

The 21 Day Fix kit comes with a tally sheet that makes it easy for followers to keep track of their daily container consumption. The tally sheets provide six spaces for daily meals and snacks along.. 21 Days Conditioning Method - Kindle edition by and Art, Sabong Culture. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading 21 Days Conditioning Method Ultimate Mma Sagupaan 21 Days Conditioning Method - the way to Shapeshift Your Body along with your Mind We have often heard the saying that a mind is a terrible factor to waste. But how numerous of us are quite aware of the reality of this statement 21 DAYS NATURAL CONDITIONING. Day 1 - Deworm with Thunderbird Strongard (1 tablet/stag) Day 2 - Delouse with Thunderbird Pusham. Day 3 - Inject Thunderbird Bexan XP (0.5cc) Day 4 to 6 - 15 min. Scratch (4am)/ catch cock, kahig, salida/Flypen (9am-3pm) Day 5 - Thunderbird Ganador Max (1 tablet/stag) Day 7- Sparring (3pm) Day 8 - Delouse with.

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Alexandria Gamefarm - MY 21 DAY CONDITIONING KEEP, TIPS . Conditioning Procedures. 14 DAY KEEP BY by Teddy Tanchanco I. Feeding During The KEEP Let me reveal to you what some cockers call secrets in conditioning of. 3 Gamefowl Keeps and Conditioning Methods | eBay 3 Gamefowl Keeps and Conditioning Methods in Books, Magazine Back Issues | eBa Breco/Dr.Blues Conditioning Method Set 01 - 21 Day Keep. Breco/Dr.Blues Conditioning Method Set includes the medications listed below: 1. Dr.Blues. $57.00 Ex Tax: $57.00. Add to Cart 21 Day Conditioning Method | Oat | Wheat. Carbohydrate Loading Keep. pin. Olebon Cocking Techniques: Various Fine Bloodlines of Fighting Cocks. We Line Bred them to get the best from each of all the We carefully selected only the best and in Bred. pin The best conditioning method Sino po nkakaalam ng mike ratliff conditioning o khit yung feeding nya man lang. The best conditioning method Get good roosters and don't screw them up. The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby ) Dark out Friday morning for Sat. Point feed at 7: Pre keep 21 days out

21 DAYS CONDITIONING METHOD. To have a strongest cocks, follow this proven method of conditioning. DAYS VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS ACTIVITIES & EXERCISES 1 Note: Purga 7 days before 21 day conditioning period Bath always after every sparring. Posted by Ramil at 10:38 PM. 21 Day Conditioning Program | Excellence Poultry & Livestock Specialist Inc Excellence Poultry & Livestock Specialist Inc - Booklet Guide is included on the package. List of Products: 1 Booklet ~ Gamefowl Health and Management Guide; 1 Bottle ~ Liverator - 120 ml; 1 Box Astig ~Anthelmintic - 100 Tablet

Last feed is 2 1/2 oz of the three day keep feed with 2 tablespoons with Ensure over it. Next morning (fight day) take them out and dump them. Check their crop, if empty, give them a peck of the three day feed mixed with salt free (dietic) tomato juice to keep their energy level up Dr. Blues Conditioning Method The amount of times your hair needs deep conditioning will depend on your hair type and condition. If your hair is really dried out (think dyed hair) or damaged (split ends, over-dyed, heated too often, etc.), then hair experts recommend deep conditioning 2 to 3 times a week. For hair in healthy condition, 1 to 2 times a week should be sufficient

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  1. Conditioning, contrary to popular belief, cannot make a rooster cut nor make it hit harder. If these qualities were not bred into it, no conditioning method can provide it. Sharpness is a term that is tough to define. Sharpness is the end product of a reduction in feed, forced rest and sexual and nervous tension
  2. oplex caplet in the morning and 4 ml. of yogurt mixed with weider creatine powder.Inject meeb .25cc intramuscularly in the evening and 1.
  3. !blonde-curly-700-UNSPLASH Hair porosity does not receive the same attention as other hair characteristics like length or curl pattern, but it is an essential part of truly understanding your texture. Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture, oils, or chemicals like color. Low, medium, and high are different degrees of porosity
  4. Rinse thoroughly under running water. 2.Soak your hair in conditioner and detangle thoroughly. Your hair should feel like seaweed. 3.Flip your head upside down. 4.Collect water in the palm of your hands and squish your hair from ends to the scalp. Do this for your whole hair in sections, collecting more water in your palms as you approach a new.
  5. The 21 method adds a different and intense stress that's likely new to your muscles, and that's a big shock to your system. As a Finishing Move In my experience, 21s can be done with just about any body part and exercise, making it an extremely versatile technique
  6. 21 Day Fix Container Cheat Sheet: Green Container: Vegetables like broccoli, spinach and even pico de gallo. Purple Container: Fruits like blueberries, strawberries, mango, and banana. Red Container: Proteins like chicken breast, salmon, eggs, and tempeh. Yellow Container: Carbohydrates like sweet potato, brown rice, tortillas, whole-wheat.

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The Baggy Method. The baggy method is a highly popular technique and a creative solution for locking in your moisture. Many curlies swear by this method on their journeys to longer hair. First, you apply a moisturizer to the hair and then wrap with a baggy, plastic cap, or saran wrap for an extended period of time 21 DAYS NATURAL CONDITIONING. Day 1 - Deworm with Thunderbird Strongard (1 tablet/stag) Day 2 - Delouse with Thunderbird Pusham. Day 3 - Inject Thunderbird Bexan XP (0.5cc) Day 4 to 6 - 15 min. Scratch (4am)/ catch cock, kahig, salida/Flypen (9am-3pm) Day 5 - Thunderbird Ganador Max (1 tablet/stag) Day 7- Sparring (3pm

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  1. Compost is turned from outside to inside and vice versa to mix it thoroughly. With the 18-day Berkley method, the procedure is quite straightforward and can be summarised into three basic steps: Build compost heap. 4days - no turning. Then turn every 2nd day for 14 days
  2. Basic Stag Conditioning We are currently in the thick of the 2008 stag season and this year's P20M Bakbakan 10-Stag National Derby rages on with the championship set at the end of this month. Cockfighters readily admit that it's more challenging to condition stags (young roosters) for battle than the matured ones, because stags are.
  3. Using the 21 Day Fix Containers. You'll use the containers and 21 Day Fix food list for your meal plan. Once you know your daily amount of 21 Day Fix containers, you can eat that amount of food throughout the day. The higher nutrient foods are listed at the top of the food list - so if you want max results, choose from the top 3-5 options
  4. utes: 1 split jerk build up in weight If you aren't worried about the Open, perform step 1 and then: 4 rounds: 6 shoulder to overhead at 60-70% of your 1 rep split jerk 8 burpee box jump overs 24/20 2 rope climbs This is a great workout to try to push the paste
  5. Deep conditioning your hair should be a weekly practice in every transitioners' journey. Eck! It should be a weekly practice in everyone's hair regimen. We all know the benefits our hair derives from it, and consequently us, when we see it shiny, bouncy, strong, elastic and growing. But this only happens if you don't engage [
  6. 1 Put a wet handkerchief on your neck. 2 Run cool water on your wrists. 3 Get your hair wet. 4 Spritz yourself with cool water. 5 Rig a DIY air conditioner with a fan and ice. 6 Take a cold shower or bath. 7 Close windows and blinds during the day. 8 Open the windows at night. 9 Swap out your bedding with cool sheets

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart will help you take control of your health with a plant-based diet. Take the program with you wherever you go. Register today to access everything you need to start a plant-based diet. Join the Physicians Committee's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart to receive meal plans, recipes, and advice from nutrition experts But keep in mind that one of the most important parts of the conditioning of our game birds is the rest period. Our game birds need it so that they can reload, with more staying power, and with more energy to face the most difficult challenges that await them on the day of the fight. 21 days conditioning method. book by danabelle gutierrez. Low level of conditioning: For low levels of conditioning, 3 days per week of 20-30 minutes should suffice to prevent it from getting any lower. If you're starting with very low conditioning, however, you're likely better off improving it up to at least a moderate level before focusing on strength and power Tuesday: 21 Day New Year Shred. Day 2 is a chest and back day with some great supersets to give you an incredible upper body pump. Start by pairing DB chest press and T-bar row together for 2 sets of 10 each before grinding out 5 heavy supersets of 5 reps each. Rest 60-90 seconds in between each superset and keep the weight as heavy as possible.

With the worts at 70°F/21°C a couple hours later, I pitched a single pouch of Imperial Yeast B56 Rustic into each batch. The beers fermented similarly over the next 5 days, at which point I raised the temperature in the chamber to 75°F/24°C to encourage complete attenuation Tony Robbins' Rapid Planning Method (RPM) is a simple system that teaches you how to plan your day and manage your time. The acronym RPM stands for results, purpose and massive action. This is a way of thinking for conditioning your brain to focus on the outcome and result that you're after. I'm going to walk you through his 5-step action plan. Mike Raliff Keep Method DVD With Keep Notes $ 80.00 $ 49.95-17%. Charlie Carr Keep Method DVD Video With Keep Notes $ 59.95 $ 49.95. Add to cart. Category: Uncategorized. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google + Email. Description ; Description. Complete Charlie Carr Gamefowl Keep DVD Video With Keep Notes. Very nice video and audio quality

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  1. The first ingredient should be water since water is the best moisturizer for natural hair. The conditioner moisturizes the part of the hair shaft that the natural oils from our scalp cannot reach because of the coily/kinky nature of our hair. 4. Deep condition to moisturize natural hair. Image from pinterest.com
  2. 16. Keep the doors open. Shutterstock. If you're trying to cool down sans A/C, make sure you're keeping your bedroom door open before you retire for the night. Doing so will increase the ventilation from one room to the next, ensuring that the air in your bedroom isn't stagnant and unbearably hot. 17
  3. ute rounds circuit. 1 week out deload. Mobility, Correctives, Weight Cut. Focus on drilling and skills specific game planning. Each exercise should be carefully thought to enhance the fighters ability to be do

21 Days of Beauty. What will you discover during Ulta Beauty's 21 Days of Beauty? From March 14 - April 3, get 50% off daily Beauty Steals ® from brands like M•A•C, Urban Decay, IT Cosmetics and more. Go natural or bold—from hydrating face mists, moisturizers and skin brightening serums, to full coverage foundations, colorful eyeshadow palettes and plumping liquid lipsticks—the. Get my exclusive 21 Day At-Home Boxing Challenge and get ultra-fit in no time at all! This full-body transformation program (exercises, pro secrets, cardio regimen, calendar and fat-burning recipes!) is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you need to get the body of your DREAMS. And it's easily valued at over $500

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Keep this starter at room temperature 68 - 70 *F ( 20 - 21 *C) and let it start fermenting. It may throw off some sulfur notes (rotten egg smell) which is common for lager yeasts. Brew an average gravity lager OG: 1.044 - 1.056 (11 - 12 °P) Conditioning definition is - the process of training to become physically fit by a regimen of exercise, diet, and rest; also : the resulting state of physical fitness. How to use conditioning in a sentence And in 1902, a 25-year-old engineer from New York named Willis Carrier invented the first modern air-conditioning system. The mechanical unit, which sent air through water-cooled coils, was not.

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  1. Service Champions is the air conditioning company that can expertly maintain, repair, service, or install ANY air conditioning system. $88 Tune-Up Special Avoid costly repairs and save money on energy costs with regular tune-ups
  2. This item: 21 Days Conditioning Method. by Sabong Culture and Art Paperback. $16.34. Available to ship in 1-2 days. Ships from and sold by Amazon AU. The Best Conditioning Method for Gamefowls Competing In the Long Knife. by Sabong Culture and Art Paperback. $13.43. Available to ship in 1-2 days
  3. s. Give 2cc shot of Combiotic or substitute*. You will need a bottle of Azium {dexamethazone} for the last 3 days of the keep. Give all shots in the hind legs
  4. g a
  5. day); in 3-5 weeks of complete immobilization can lead to a 50% decrease in muscle strength Loss of muscle mass -3% loss within thigh muscles within 7 days (bed rest alone does not completely unweight the bones, and healthy young patients on bed rest use their back and leg muscles a significant amount in moving about in bed, compare
  6. April 21, 2012 . Our family likes to so skiing a few times a year. We don't get to go as often as we would like because it is a long drive to get to the slopes. I always try to do some ski conditioning exercises a few weeks before we leave. I usually concentrate on my leg muscles as these are the ones that wear out pretty fast
  7. Keep it Clean. Vacuum the fins of your AC unit clean with a soft-bristle brush. Add an In-Line Duct Booster for Home Air Conditioning Units. Keep them closed and covered with blinds or drapes during the hottest parts of the day—especially windows that are currently facing the sun. 14 / 21. Troubleshoot Repairs Yourself

Meaning, the employee gets 21 days to consider an agreement. If he/she decides to sign it on day 2, that is fine. If he/she wants to wait 21 days to sign, that is allowed too. On day 22, the agreement is technically null and void (of course, the employer can always choose to keep it on the table) 11. Mask weekly to heal frizzy hair. Doing a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week, especially in the colder months, will help fill any gaps in your hair shaft (gaps and spaces.

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2. Close your blinds during the day to keep out those hot sun rays. 3. Open windows while you're sleeping to let in the breeze. 4. Place a metal bowl of salted ice in front of fan for a DIY air conditioner. 5. Unplug TVs, computers, and other electronics when you're not using them 3. Eat cold meals. Just as drinking a nice cold cocktail cools your body, eating cold food helps keep your internal temperature lower on a hot day. Try a simple watermelon salad, for instance, or. Take The 21 Day Meditation Challenge & Experience For Yourself The Full Potential of Meditation . This 21 day guided meditation challenge was created by internationally renowned meditation teacher and founder of The Way of Meditation Chad Foreman and is designed to guide you through gradual stages of meditation from the basics of relaxation and mindfulness to the most profound experiences of. When going without air conditioning, you need to consider two factors: the overall heat and the humidity. On a hot day, sweating is a surprisingly effective method of returning your body to its.

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  1. Classical conditioning is a type of learning that acquires new information and behavior based on associating a certain stimulation. Many experts believe that classical conditioning deals with our reaction based on our experience. It's also believed that classical conditioning refers to a learning process based on a paired stimulus
  2. But, your logged flight hours are an important component of your Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score. Approximately 4-5 points are added to your PCSM score upon accumulation of logged flight hours at each of the following levels: 1-5 hours 6-10 hours 11-20 hours 21-40 hours 41-60 hours 61-80 hours 81-100 hours 101-200 hours 201 hours
  3. Step 3: The Ramp Down. When FG is stable and no diacetyl or acetaldehyde is detected in the beer, begin ramping the temp down in 5°-8°F increments every 12 hours or so until it reaches 30°-32°F (-1°-0°C). Allow the beer to remain at this temp for 3-5 days, during which it will begin to drop clear. Alternate Option 1


For the remainder of this article the three-day cycle is the one in discussion, but most of the analysis and discussion applies perfectly to the five-day cycle. Elements by Modality Looking at the Template Macro View (Table 1) it can readily be seen that the workouts are composed of three distinct modalities: metabolic conditioning Jon Gabriel provides simple, practical ways to use visualization to help reduce stress and create healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to lasting, sustainable weight loss. M.D., author of #1 New York Times bestseller The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. I love John Gabriel's visualizations

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3Hrs POWERFUL ALIGNMENT!! Flow as you GROW. Change your PAST CONDITIONING, overcome ANY obstacle. 'I AM' Affirmations with calm and deeply relaxing sleep. Operant conditioning is based on the work of B. F. Skinner. Operant conditioning is a form of learning in which the motivation for a behavior happens after the behavior is demonstrated. An animal or a human receives a consequence after performing a specific behavior. The consequence is either a reinforcer or a punisher 21 reasons to keep living when you feel suicidal. To realize that maybe one day you'll find what you are looking for, but even if you don't, things will be OK. You can take a few wrong. Do It Every Day. In 1982, the school I was working at hired Chris Long to be our wrestling coach. We soon discovered that both of us shared a hero: Olympic gold medalist and wrestling coach, Dan Gable. Gable and his 1972 Gold Medal. Chris shared Gable's coaching method with me: If it is important, do it every day a day, a method by Azrin and Foxx, emphasizes operant conditioning and teaches specific toileting components. Because each family and child are unique, recommendations about th

Beginners BabySteps: Day 1 - Shine Your Sink After you do this, you will keep it shiny by drying it out after each time you use it and making sure when you go to bed that it is shining so it will make you smile in the morning. This is how I get to hug you each day! That shiny sink is a reflection of the love that you have for yourself #21 Green Roofs. Much like vines keep walls cool, green roofs also help keep your home cool and reduce cooling costs. During summer, the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature, whereas the surface of a conventional rooftop can be up to 90°F (50°C) warmer Step 3: Styling. After washing, you're ready to style your curls to keep them defined for the rest of your day. The styling step involves leave-in conditioner, oil, cream or gel. This step even has its own sub-method, often referred to as the LOC method: leave-in, oil and cream. Depending on your hair type, texture or even the season, you. University of Wisconsin research indicates that a 12 foot haybine laid into a 9 foot swath will reduce drying time by 35% versus a 6 foot swath. Wind speed and humidity are the most influential weather factors affecting drying time. A higher cutting height (3-4 inches) comes at the compromise of some yield loss, but allows air to move.

The LOC method, also known as the liquid, oil, cream method, is the best way to keep natural or relaxed hair moisturized. Lack of moisture can cause breakage, dry/brittle hair, and frizz. Using the LOC after every wash will reduce damage, increase elasticity, and improve the overall feel and look of your hair Conditioning ingredients have a positive charge, so they cling to hair and make it less static. When selecting a conditioner, it's most important to pick the right kind for your hair and skin type Read more about deep conditioning here - How, When, What : Deep Conditioning Curly Hair Mix some conditioner + 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp oil of your choice or use Lotus Herbals Soyasmooth Protein Creme Deep Conditioner - CG Friendly (Rs. 189) or Aaranyaa Spa At Home Argan Oil Hair Pack - CG Friendly (Rs. 333) or MATRIX By fbb Hydra Creme. An average human has approximately 120 grams of creatine in the body at any one time and this is broken down into creatinine at the rate of 2 grams a day and excreted by the kidneys. At the most, athletes usually use doses of 3-5 grams of creatine supplements a day. This seems to be the most effective, maintainable regimen. Functions of Creatin Classical conditioning is nowadays considered important as both a behavioral phenomenon and as a method to study simple associative learning. Same as Pavlovian conditioning. Conditioned compensatory response In classical conditioning, a conditioned response that opposes, rather than is the same as, the unconditioned response

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Pilates Powerhouse: The Perfect Method of Body Conditioning for Strength, Flexibility, and the Shape You Have Always Wanted in Less Than an Hour a Day as Want to Read 19) NOAH Hair Mask for Hair Growth and Hair Regeneration - Argan Oil Mask for Dry Damaged Hair. 20) Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair. 21) Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment. 22) ecoLove - Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair & Color Treated Hair. 23) Kinky Curly Steller Strands Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55). The human body can be viewed as a heat engine where food is the input energy. The human body will release excess heat into the environment, so the body can continue to operate At best, these heat-combatting paints can reflect 80 to 90 percent of sunlight, says Ruan. The new ultra-white paint, which the researchers say is the coolest on record, reflects nearly all of the. Stay Cool With Air Conditioners and Fans From Lowe's. When the temperature starts climbing, we have everything you need to beat the heat. From air conditioning systems to table fans, find the perfect option to keep your space cool and comfortable year-round.At Lowe's, you'll find a variety of air conditioners for sale from top brands The LOC (Liquid Oil Cream) Method moisturizes natural hair in 3 simple step.. It's scientifically one of the best ways to moisturize natural hair when done with the right products and in the right order.. Let's explore 3 Reasons the LOC method works to moisturize hair and how it works.. What is the Liquid Oil Cream Method or LOC Method