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  1. March is when the lawn care calendar generally kicks off. As soon as the grass starts to grow and the ground conditions are favourable, give the lawn its first cut of the year. You should only take the top off the grass, don't mow it too short. If you do, you'll risk stressing the grass and stunting its growth
  2. Every year we observe National Lawn Care Month in April, providing tools for the entire industry to educate consumers about the benefits of a healthy lawn. This year, we are focusing on the positive impact that healthy lawns and landscapes have on climate change
  3. It will be better to begin this month by month lawn care calendar in spring. Spring is the most suitable time to start working on lawn care. Your grass is ready to wake up after the cold winter, and you should help to do just that
  4. March Lawn Care. The first day of spring is March 20, 2021. Cleaning up is the main goal this month. Remove all branches, sticks, twigs, acorns and/or pine cones from the grass. Assess the lawn and look for troubled areas including snow mold. Pick up all other debris such as leaves that may have stuck remained over winter
  5. Do not fertilize in hot mid-summer months. This can cause irreversible damage to your lawn. Manage how much water you use and water lawns at the right time to keep them healthy. Minnesota lawns of cool season turfgrasses bear the stress of changing weather and can survive harsh winters
  6. Clean up winter debris once the ground firms up. Start a new lawn Use a starter fertilizer. If you need to prevent crabgrass from seeding along with the grass, use an appropriate pre-emergent (Tupersan). • Now through May

Warm season grasses thrive in warm humid and warm arid areas of the country where the temperatures stay around 85 to 90 degrees during the majority of the growing season. If you live in the South and Southwest, you are most likely dealing with a warm season lawn. States with warm season lawns include: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, California, Arizona, New. Here is a 12-month lawn care calendar to follow during the year to keep a lovely yard in the midwest. Then, answers to some frequently asked yard care questions. In Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, here's how to do lawn maintenance right and become the envy of your neighbors with the most beautiful grass on the block Month By Month Lawn Care Calendar. I have put together this simple visual seasonal lawn care calendar for you to use as you like. As you can see, having a great looking lawn doesn't need to be complicated. Keep reading past the calendar for more in depth details on each step

March is typically the month where you begin to revive your lawn from its winter slumber. We provide raking and mowing tips for march northwest Lawn Care Calendar. A beautiful, healthy, disease and weed-free lawn is easily achieved by following a program of regular care and maintenance. The following calendar lists recommended procedures for year-round lawn care in western Washington. For specifics on lawn care, please consult one of our nursery professionals Month-by-Month Lawn Care Guide Helping your lawn look its very best requires year-round care , even during the winter months when you might not even be able to see your lawn because of snow. There are things you can do to help create a do it yourself lawn care schedule to prepare for the spring , summer and fall months when your grass will need. Early in the month, clean the property with leaf blowers, vacuums, and chippers. Later in the month before grass starts to grow, use a power rake to remove thatch accumulation from the prior year. Excess thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil and may contribute to turf disease June is the time to feed your lawn again if it's still looking sorry for itself. You should leave two months between lawn feeds to avoid killing the grass with too much nitrate. Keep up that weekly mowing. It's a boring job for sure, but you can make it quicker and less dismal with a decent lawnmower and long handled-edging shears

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Monthly To-Do Lawn Care Checklists. Monthly Gardening To-Do List Tips. When it comes to caring for your yard and how to prepare your lawn for spring, summer, or autumn, the checklist of things required changes from month to month LAWN CARE CALENDAR December-January Avoid piling snow on turf areas, stay off frozen grass. February Stay off muddy grass areas. When not muddy, gently rake lawn to remove debris. March Mow (0-2 times a month) Annual Grass Pre-emergent Control Dethatch April Mow (4 times a month) May Mow (4-6 times month) Fertilize Broad-leaved Weed Control Jun For general landscaping maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and up keep, the average homeowner will spend $100 - $200/month. Cost will also depend on the size of your yard, your location, and the amount of work you need to have done on a regular basis

Getting your timing right on lawn care tasks is important to growing and maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn. Cool-season lawn grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, and perennial ryegrass, flourish in northern regions, where their growth peaks in the cool temperatures and plentiful moisture of fall and spring. With the help of this month-by-month guide, you can stay on. Each month, including December through January, provides many opportunities to do something related to lawn care. A Quick Review of Growing Grass in the Transition Zone Before getting to the month-by-month calendar, you need to know some necessary lawn care information about the climate you live in and the type of grass growing on your property

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With a helping hand from this monthly care guide, you can keep your warm-season lawn grasses at their best. Keep in mind that seasonal changes within a region can occur over several weeks, and weather trends change every year. So, turn to your local conditions and your lawn for the final word, but let this month-by-month guide be a starting point Fertilize the Grass Early to mid-March is a great time to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients, like nitrogen, iron, phosphorus and potassium, which feed plant roots and encourage new growth. Keep it light and use a slow-release or organic fertilizer At least once each month, clean underneath your mower to prevent spreading lawn diseases. Although it's OK to leave grass clippings on the lawn where they can decompose and nourish the soil, remove large clumps. Regularly rake up any leaves, twigs, and debris Spring Lawn Care Advice: March Typically March marks the start of spring and is the month when the weather picks up and lawn care becomes more important. If the weather has been fine, and you've seen some good lawn growth, you may want to give your grass the first cut of the year Lawn Care Cost Per Month. Homeowners typically pay between $100 and $200 per month for general lawn care services. This includes basic maintenance like mowing, trimming, hedging and upkeep. Price rises if you have a very large yard, or if you add additional services on, like gardening or weeding

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A Healthy Lawn 13-14 Reducing the Impact of Drought 15 Pest Control 16-18 Fertilizing your Lawn 19-20 Improving your Soil 21-22 Winterize your Yard 23-24 This project was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Program and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) National Lawn Care Month Every April, we celebrate National Lawn Care Month by educating the public about the benefits of healthy lawns. This year, we focused on the ways that lawns and landscapes help fight climate change. Thanks to everyone who posted during #lawncaremonth and made it a great success March is a busy month for lawn care in NJ. Warm weather brings sunshine and Spring showers that create abundant new growth. Grass, plants, trees and shrubs all begin to grow much faster, so proper lawn care and maintenance is essential. In March, focus on jump-starting a healthy lawn A lawn care contract allows a client to make an agreement with a landscaper for commercial or residential services in exchange for payment. The landscaper will commonly provide lawn mowing, hedging, clipping, and any other maintenance requests from the client. The services are usually on a scheduled basis, especially for commercial clients, with the client paying a recurring weekly or monthly.

On the other hand, during dry spells, your lawn may suffer from a lack of water, which could cause the green color to fade and, in the worst case, lead to dead patches of grass. At First Quality Lawn Care, we provide services specifically designed to deal with turf management on a month to month basis Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic

Month Lawn Care Practices to Consider* April. Clean up debris from winter . Cultivation (aerifying, spiking, slicing) - lawn should be actively growing . Vertical mowing or dethatching (lawn should be actively growing) Overseeding, establishment (late in month; late summer is better) Preemergence annual weed (i.e. crabgrass) control (or early. Hello April! In addition to rain, spring blooms and warmer temps, this month is great for growing healthier lawns with Espoma's 30 days of tips! Starting today, we're sharing daily lawn care tips to kick off National Lawn Care month and help people make the switch to organic lawns and create Safe Paws environments September. Fertilize your grass in early fall at least a month and a half before the expected frost date. Your Minnesota lawn care schedule 2020 would expect you to fertilize in early September or even late August. Spot treat areas of the lawn that never recovered from the harsh summer sun Your lawn grass needs a final feeding about 6-8 weeks before the first frost. If you have Bermuda grass, you need to wait until 4-5 weeks before the first frost to apply winter fertilizer. September: This month, you'll be busy with wrapping up your lawn care chores. Your lawn grass needs less water since September provides plenty of rain

A month-to-month guide for your lawn care maintenance. SPRING. Installing mulch helps aid in weed prevention, reduces soil erosion, helps maintain moisture, and gives the landscape a finished look. February. Prune ornamental trees such as Crepe Myrtles and cut back ornamental grasses, perennials, and roses Month-to-Month Garden & Lawn Care Checklist; Month-to-Month Garden & Lawn Care Checklist. A year of tips from the Southern Living garden experts. Advertisement. Save FB Tweet More. Pinterest Email Send Text Message Print. A YEAR OF TIPS: January. Turf―A dry winter day is a good time to mow a dormant, warm-season lawn Thanks to our lawn care calendar, you'll know exactly what chores to accomplish in each season of the year for your greenest, best-looking lawn yet. Spring . SIP859620. Stop summer weeds: Don't let annual weeds ruin the look of your lawn. Spread a pre-emergence herbicide to stop them before they sprout. Apply the pre-emergence product from mid. Our lawn-care calendar will show you what to do, and when, for the lawn of your dreams. The diverse climate in the Northeast can make lawn care tricky. Knowing how to pick the right grass that is suited to your climate and knowing the best times to aerate, mow, and water can help you attain a good-looking, easy-to-maintain lawn

Once your turf breaks out of dormancy, months of lawn care and maintenance begin. Dust off your mower and other lawn care equipment and use this month-by-month lawn care calendar to make sure the grass is greener on your side this year. March. Bermudagrass is dormant when temps are below 65 degrees So you can hire an affordable lawn care service in Kissimmee with confidence and the best part is you won't pay until you are satisfied with your lawn mowing. Also, if you have any friends or family that need lawn mowing services in Ocoee Fl GreenPal has setup reliable lawn care services there as well as lawn cutting services in Apopka Fl

Your lawn care schedule will vary according to the climate where you live, of course - the calendar may call the month of March early spring, but if you live in the Midwest, your lawn may still be a snow bank when your compadres in Florida are getting out their mowers for the first time Lawn Care Calendar St. Augustinegrass JohnBoyd Professor­ WeedScientist Arkansas Is Our Campus Visit our web site at: https://www.uaex.uada.edu These suggested maintenance will help you care for your lawn throughout the year. Because every site is different due to variations in location, terrain, soil type, condition of lawn, previous lawn. Here are some basic lawn care tips, to help keep your lawn on track. January: Clean Up. If you're in warmer climates this is the month to clean up the backyard and assess where things are planted. You can mow a dormant lawn, but not too short. If you're in wet or snowy climes, hang tight and wait for the snow to melt

Lawn Care Cost Per Month. Homeowners typically pay between $100 and $200 per month for general lawn care services. This includes basic maintenance like mowing, trimming, hedging and upkeep. Price rises if you have a very large yard, or if you add additional services on, like gardening or weeding Virginia Green is excited to announce the March Lawn of the Month winners! With over 35 Lawn of the Month submissions, it was difficult to choose, as all of the lawns are looking amazing at the start of spring. If you weren't chosen, next month is another. Read More. February 2020 Lawn of the Month Winners

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lawn care; Yard of the Month; Introduction: We do quality work, we listen and we actually care. I try to do extra things to help out.. To go that extra mile.. I like being outdoors, helping others out, and admiring my completed work. Overview. Hired 181 times. 26 similar jobs done near you Lawn care calendar: Spring lawn care begins in March. Mowing starts in earnest this month. Growth will begin to speed up so apply a spring/summer feed early in the month to make sure the plants have enough nutrients to support them. Follow the manufacturers' instructions and make a note on the calendar of when the next feed is due FAIRFAX, Va. -The National Association of Landscape Professionals is kicking off National Lawn Care Month by unveiling new research which finds that Americans still find lawns are an important feature when buying or renting a home. The survey, conducted by the Engine Group on behalf of NALP, found that 81 percent of all Americans have a lawn, and a vast majority - 79 percent - say that a. Click on a lawn care service to jump to that section of the article and learn more about pricing for that lawn care service. Lawn Care Service. Typical Price Range. Complete Lawn Care Service. $40 - $80 per hour. Lawn Mowing. $25 - $60 per hour ($175/acre) Lawn Fertilizer Application. $80 - $380

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  2. If you're new to lawn care or just want the basics, we have lawn care tips for you. FILTER. Season. Fall (5) Spring (4) Summer (7) Winter (2) CLEAR. Basics
  3. Spring Lawn Care Plan. 1. Clean Up. Kick off the growing and mowing season with a quick spring cleaning. Grab a lawn rake to rake out dead grass and dead remnants of annual grassy weeds, like crabgrass, goosegrass, and barnyard grass. Pick up any sticks or other debris that have accumulated on the lawn over winter
  4. Lawn care prices range from $75-$145, with an average cost of $100. Lawn mowing services cost anywhere from $32-$250.Rates will depend on the specific services you need — maintenance, leaf blowing, lawn aeration, fertilizer, weed control, etc. — your yard's size and how often you require service
  5. Lawn Care By The Month. Steve Smith. March 24, 2014. March is a great month to whip that old lawn into shape and for that matter the next 30 days are prime time to make that sea of emerald green everything you ever dreamed it would be. Lawn care does not need to be complicated. What usually makes caring for lawns difficult is the deplorable.
  6. g, Hedging, Upkeep. Conditions that may vary the price: Size of the property, Extra services. Weekly Lawn Care Cost. Cost: $50 per visit. This includes: Complete Lawn Maintenance. Conditions that may vary the price: Recurring Service Option (will cost less
  7. National Lawn Care Month campaign focuses on climate change. April 13, 2021. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is kicking off National Lawn Care Month with the release of a new animated video that educates the public about how healthy lawns and landscapes help fight climate change. The video is part of a suite of.

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Most landscape business owners strive to reach a 7-figure revenue, but for Mike Andes that was the first step. If you're wondering how to quickly grow and sc.. The National Association of Landscaping Professionals (NALP) kicked off its annual National Lawn Care Month last week by announcing climate change education as the focus of this year's initiative Month-by-month Lawn Care Checklist for Austin Residents. January 4, 2019 / Timing and knowledge of the seasons are important to your lawn's health performance. Therefore, it's crucial for lawn owners in Austin to understand the seasons of the year and how different lawn care routines are required to care adequately for their lawn

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To help homeowners get their spring and summer lawn care off to a great start and to celebrate National Lawn Care Month in April, Ariens and the National Association of Landscape Professionals , offer these myth-busting tips. Myth #1: You can water your lawn and landscape any time of day In fact, a 50'x50' lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. Act as natural coolants. Lawns can be 31 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil. Trees shading homes can reduce attic temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. These natural coolants reduce the need for electric cooling units, saving energy and.

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August - October. Overseeding a cool season lawn can help fill in bare patches and make thin turf thicker. Cool season grasses germinate and grow in the cool weather of fall. This makes the fall the best time to overseed a cool season lawn. With soil still warm from the summer, cool evening temperatures, and mild daytime temperatures, cool. Weed of the Month | It's SuperSod's quest to improve gardening practices, provide lawn care tips and guides on maintenance as well as develop new lawn products. Read more National Lawn Care Month. April 6th, 2020 by Dale DataDale Filhaber. April is National Lawn Care Month. It also heralds the start of spring. This is the time when homeowners move outdoors to enjoy their homes and gardens. Being outside is great for body and soul. And, of course, this is an unusual year Find your region and follow our lawn care timeline below. Lawn Treatment Schedule North: Zones 1, 5, 6. March . Rake up debris and leaves from winter. April. Growing season starts. Mow grass 3 inches high. Leave clippings on lawn. Apply first dose of fertilizer. Treat for crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicide or eco-friendly corn gluten. May Sanford is a city Florida, United States. As of the census of 2000, there were 31,666 people, 11,774 households, and 8,901 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,207.3 inhabitants per square mile. There were 12,306 housing units at an average density of 857.8 per square mile

Microbe Mix Lawn Treatment. The millions of organic microbes in this lawn care product work in 5,000-square-feet of soil to promote better roots, resulting in a healthier lawn.It's a natural liquid lawn treatment that you can count on for repairing, preparing, strengthening and maintaining your lawn, as it promotes lawn soil balance, proper water retention and the right amount of nitrogen. Wisconsin Lawn Care Calendar. The following lawn care calendar provides an overview of home lawn maintenance. Not all lawns require every maintenance activity. Be sure to customize the care of your lawn to its specific problems and needs. For details on specific activities listed below, check out the University of Wisconsin-Extension bulletins. Your yard will thank you for trusting Champion Lawn Care to help maintatin your landscape design and all of your Cumming lawn maintenance needs. Option 1 - Cumming Lawn Maintenance: January, February - 1 maintenance service per month. March - 2 maintenance services. April - September - weekly maintenance service. October - 3. However, if you want a few tips for winter lawn care that will help you go the extra mile then check out our winter lawn care blog post! This is our complete maintenance guide to lawn maintenance in Atlanta, GA. For more details about certain seasons you can certainly check out our other posts Landscaping is a tricky business. The month by month lawn care calendar from clip keeps your properties and customers shining with up to date information in a cutting-edge software package.. Why should I use landscaping management software? Business owners and department heads spend large amounts of time tracking employees, assigning tasks, and planning daily operations

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  1. Hilton Lawn Care. Free Estimates. Posted by chris c. on 05/12/2021 Outstanding this is our 2nd year with them and will not change Andy is personal and cares about you and wants to satisfy your needs. Call Now: (316) 992-7149. Call Now
  2. Expert care for your lawn. Let us do the work. The grass is always greener on our side. Let us beautify your lawn. Make your lawn greener and healthier with a lawn plan from Achieve the lawn of your dreams. A green healthy lawn, the easy way. It's easy being green. We make yards happy and their owners too. Let us take care of your lawn
  3. During National Lawn Care Month, and throughout the entire year, Lawn Pride is here to provide the turf tips you need to keep your lawn lush and green. Contact us today to sign up for this season's 7-Application Program. Remember, if you sign up by May 6, you could get $50 off
  4. Topics include how a healthy lawn benefits local water quality by filtering stormwater, and how placing trees and plants in the right locations can reduce home energy costs.. The goal of National Lawn Care Month is to show lawn care professionals and homeowners how their landscaping decisions influence their homes and the global climate. By raising awareness of the issues at hand, the NALP.
  5. In Honor of National Lawn Care Month: 3 Ways Our Lawns Make Our Lives Better. 1. They protect us from ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and fire ants. A lawn treated with safe and environmentally-friendly pest control products will protect your family's health. If left untreated, we could be exposed to the diseases and discomfort that these pests can.
  6. New York Lawn Care - Facts and Figures. Average Price of Lawn Mowing in New York. Frequency: 1/8 Acre: 1/4 Acre: 1/3 Acre: 1/2 Acre: 1 Acre: Weekly $25.26 $32.35 $39.44 $51.41 $83.76.
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  1. This month is National Lawn Care month and what better way to celebrate than to learn about lawn care? First, let's discuss why we love our lawns. Many of you have children or dogs and enjoy playing with them in your backyard. Other may enjoy the cooling effect of their lawns during hot summer months. Your lawn is a place to lay out a blanket.
  2. It is time to mow your lawn when the grass reaches 3-4 inches tall, but do not mow it any shorter than 2 inches in order to help it better retain moisture and resist weeds. Spring may be a crazy season in the northeast, but you don't need to go crazy with worry about your lawn if you know how best to care for it
  3. Lawn care may not sound exciting, but it will ensure that your landscape continues looking great all summer long. Here are some tips for getting started with National Lawn Care Month this April! First, get your lawn mower ready for the season. This includes checking the blade to make sure it is sharp and adjusting any settings
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  1. For many years, the lawn care and landscape industry has recognized April as National Lawn Care Month. At Acer Landscape Services, we're excited about that and want to help you have the best lawn possible for you and your family to enjoy.To that end, for the month of April we'll be sharing fun facts and resources to help educate you about lawns and lawn care
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  3. Lawn Care Prices. A reasonable price for lawn care is $40-$50 per week, or $150-$200 per month. By the hour, this works out to $20-$25 per hour, or $40-$50 for half acre lawns. Most landscapers will include basic lawn maintenance such as lawn mowing and edging. Larger lawns cost more. The local cost of gasoline will affect the price
  4. National Lawn Care Month is promoted by industry partners, including the Irrigation Association, OPEI, and Turf Producers International. Latest in Mowing & Maintenance. Versatility of UTVs Continues to Fuel Popularity and Demand. July 12, 2021. Raising the Bar of How Landscaping Companies Operate
  5. g & edging and fertilization. The cost does not include replacement equipment for irrigation systems or major.
  6. As a guide, when conditions are dry, the lawn should require 2-3 deep waterings in summer per week, or 1 per week in winter, until the full establishment of a deep root system (approx. 12 months). Once fully established, one deep watering per week is usually sufficient except in extreme conditions
  7. Make sure your lawn and garden receives an inch of water per week. Water deeply, at the root zone, and avoid spraying the foliage. Use rain barrels to collect and reuse valuable rainwater for your lawn and garden. Remove Japanese beetles and other pests when you see them. Begin ordering bulbs and seeds for fall planting
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Spring-Green | National Lawn Care Month | 2021. Spring-Green Lawn Care (Ames, IA) April 16 · The Lawn Care Sector Group of Landscape Ontario recommends using a phosphorus-free fertilizer on established turf. Nitrogen needs to be applied each year. Phosphorus and potassium are stable in soil. Late fall fertilization is best to increase fall and spring root growth and also results in an early spring green up. Promotes a thicker lawn 75 Catchy Lawn Care Slogans and Good Taglines. Here is a list of the most memorable lawn care slogans being used within the industry. Following that, we give you the Greatest Lawn Care Company Names of All-Time and a special post revealing the step-by-step process for creating your very own can't miss slogan. A beautiful lawn doesn't happen. For general landscaping maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and up keep, the average homeowner will spend $100 - $200/month. Cost will also depend on the size of your yard, your location, and the amount of work you need to have done on a regular basis. Get free instant estimates from local landscapers near you

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Pros of a lawn care business: Stable and consistent work: Lawn care customers are usually ongoing and consistent, provided you offer a good experience and the customer service. Your customer base will need their lawns mowed 2-4 times a month, depending on the size and type of the yard, making for a stable business Here are some average lawn care prices for homes in Oklahoma City: Average mowing price. $52. Average lawn size. 5,467 sq. ft. Time saved. Priceless. While the frequency at which you should mow your lawn will vary from property to property, it's always recommended to maintain your grass at a regular interval The challenge for the average lawn care service is that it is a really simple business to start, but it is actually very difficult to manage cash flow to sustain the business. So today, I wanted to use ProjectionHub - Business Loan Level to create a set of 24 month financial projections for a lawn care business. The resulting Excel template. 3. Client will pay Contractor $_____ on the first day of each month for regular maintenance services performed for the rest of the month. 4. Client will pay Contractor for additional maintenance or repair that may become required for the lawn to sustain an acceptable appearance Lawn care goof closes Kansas City golf course for a month and will cost the county Mike Hendricks, The Kansas City Star 4/20/2021 New Ford venture to build 2 electric vehicle battery plant

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1. To start, your TruGreen specialist will perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. 2. Every four to six weeks, we'll visit your property. 3. After each visit, your specialist will leave a service summary with you or at your front door. 4. Your specialist will offer tips and suggestions for care between visits. 5 Achieving a healthy lawn requires more than a dousing of water and a weekly mow. It takes knowledge, skill, and experience. Lawn care professionals are trained to bring lawns to life but for those trying to create a carpet of green on their own, avoid these 5 common lawn care mistakes. Planting Grass Where It Won't Grow National Lawn Care Month. Posted on April 1, 2016. by Weed Man Lawn Care. Reply. The green industry has recognized April as National Lawn Care Month. This is a great way to get people excited about working in the great outdoors, specifically on their lawns and landscapes. Here are some interesting facts about your lawn you maybe had no idea about Written by Adam Dale of the University of Florida IFAS Department Fall is upon us already, and with that comes the peak of lawn caterpillar pest season. By now, most Gainesville landscape pest control professionals know to expect increased caterpillar pressure in North Florida lawns at the end of summer and arrival of fall. This has certainly held true in 2018, and as we hav

Fall Lawn Care. In Mark's Kitchen. Peony Photo Galleries Subscribe to Viette News Viette News Archives In the Garden Podcasts Easy Gardening Show . Viette's Views Blog . Plant of the Month . Sedum 'Autumn Fire' creates a wonderful splash of color in the garden througout the late summer and fall. Sedum - A Four Season Perennial In celebration of April as National Lawn Care Month, here are some interesting facts from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP): A 50 by 50 foot lawn can release enough oxygen for a family of four. Turfgrass holds soil well and filters rainwater due to it's fibrous roots. Just one grass plant can have [ How much does lawn care service cost? $25 - $50. The average cost for lawn care service is $35. Hiring a landscaper to maintain your yard, you will likely spend between $25 and $50. The price of lawn care can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). Similar Asks 12-MONTH MOWING PROGRAM. Year-round lawn care that your neighbors will envy. If this is for you, we have good news. We can do it for you! $145.00 per month for twelve months Weekly mowing and trimming Four fertilizer applications One core aeration Over-seeding in the fall