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But Sakura, this necklace is pricelessand you've broken it. I don't care about the necklace as much as Naruto. And you've broken Naruto said Tsunade. Sakura looked at her shocked, her actions weren't justifiable at all. And finally you Kakashi, you should be ashamed at yourself spat Tsunade. I truly don't see how so said Kakashi lazily Naruto has been hurt by Sakura in a way that should have never happened and is now in the hospital. Now, the others must help Naruto recover from his suicide attempt while Sakura deals with the results of her actions. Rewrite of Broken. NarutoxHinata. M for language, mentions of rape, and suicide Bending low, Sakura rummaged through the retreating waters to pick up a broken shell that was stuck in the sand. Like the others in the driveway, it was a bright white, jagged and broken on one side. Putting her gray shell in the pocket of her red dress, she shifted the broken shell into her other hand,only to drop it quickly as if burned Hello everyone! This is my second fanfic, hope u enjoy it! Broken Dreams. 1. Just what happened to you? Uchiha Sasuke was calmly walking through the village. 3 Months ago, he was given the title of Rokudaime, and he frankly couldn't be happier He recalled Sakura's first. [Flashback] It was a long and agonizing battle, but he finally did it. He fulfilled his promise, although the Uchiha only had a broken wrist and a purpling bruise on the back of his neck, although he wished he went through with the promise of breaking all of his bones. 'If he betrays the village again, I'll kill him.

Naruto returns from his trip with Jiraiya a year and a half early, but instead of joining back up with his friends something happens that makes him choose the path of the ANBU. NaruxSakuxIno Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure - Naruto U., Sakura H., Ino Y. - Chapters: 27 - Words: 138,547 - Reviews: 417 - Favs: 1,634 - Follows: 1,795. Kakashi stood up and change sides to sit next to Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke sat opposite side of them Ohayo Kakashi sensei, Naruto. Ohayo Kakashi waved. Naruto turned up for a brief moment and gave a nod which surprised Sakura and Sasuke because normally Naruto would have given them a loud greeting Naruto's Heart Broken Betrayal Fanfiction. What If Naruto was still in love with Sakura? What if Sakura got engaged to Sasuke? What if Naruto found out that Sakura and Sakura got engaged? What if Princess Mina came to to Naruto to make him the Hokage of the Whirlpool Village? #naruto #sakura #saske #tsunad

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228K 5.9K 67. Unexpectedly for Sakura, she finds out that Sasuke return the same feelings for her. Yet Naruto is still in love with her. But a certain event change their lives. Sasuke Uchiha left. And throughout the years, Naruto protected and loved Sakura, the way that Sasuke wasn't able to do 30. Time. 4 hours, 25 minutes 4 h 25 m. azurebluesugar. Ongoing. THIS IS NOT NARUTOXOC FANFIC. THIS IS ENTIRE CHARACTER IN NARUTO WITH OC. -- A story about a young girl that growing as a happy girl corrupted. -- Started : June 2018 Ended : February 2019 Read Prologue from the story Naruto's Heart Broken Betrayal by Sayuri-02 (Sayuri) with 16,718 reads. sakura, saske, naruto. Naruto's Apartment Naruto's POV

Broken Angel [A Sakura Haruno Fanfiction] Broken Angel [A Sakura Haruno Fan... MistyAnnE_04. Reads. 239,631 239K. Votes. 11,041 11K. Parts. 39 39. Time. 2 hours, 14 minutes 2h 14m. Start reading. Reads. What if everything was switched around? what if Naruto was never the kyuubi holder, and The Uchiha... The Warlock's Queen. 50 parts. The System is Broken (And So It Broke Us All) - Almost Every Naruto Character Ever The System is Broken (We Fight for It Anyway) - Will of Fire/beginning of system canon The System is Broken (We Can't Fix It) - Pain canon The System is Broken (And Cracked and Bent and Bloody) - Outside Konoha canon The System is Broken (But It's Better Than. Time is against them when Sakura and Naruto must locate Itachi before Sasuke does, luckily for them, Sakura remembers once when Sasuke mentioned his brother's love of dangos and green tea which leads them to the land of tea. Language: English Words: 12,553 Chapters: 4/4 Kudos: 14 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 35 The main draw of the story is the Family aspects, and Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakure Naruto time-travel fix-it to Madara's era (and a Madara X Naruto fic- It was What are some must ; Looking for a humorous Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura time travel fic that Naruto was behaving differently and that annoyed Sakura. They had just returned from a mission and instead of asking her out for dinner or something like that, Naruto had just went home. He had smiled when he had said goodbye to her, but his smile had been fake and his eyes sad and dark

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  1. narutofanfiction. # 12. Yato Uchiha (Naruto fanfic) de Itsuki. 352K 8.8K 155. This is a story about Yato Uchiha is a boy born during a devastating attack on his home village. The attack was of the nine tailed fox. During all the chaos two childre... kakashi. growth
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  3. Naruto and Hinata Spend Time Together in an Abandoned City // The Love Story of NaruHina. Sakura Confess her feelings to Naruto Falling In Love With Your Soulmate Can Lead To Crazy; I just read a very sobering Naruto and Sakura fanfiction. Does; Let's Fall in Love Ch 1, Naruto; Looking for good naruto x sakura fics, lengthy and angsty fics ar

Naruto. Naruuuuuuutoooooooooo. Wake up, said Sakura, poking Naruto's sleeping form. Naruto turned over on his bed. Nooo, he moaned. I don't wanna get up.. Naruto, if you don't get up, I'm stealing all the ramen from your kitchen.. No, don't do that, Naruto protested, sitting up and rubbing his eyes The two recovered and Sasuke was praised while Naruto was betrayed. Out voted Tsunade was forced to banish Naruto from the village. Naruto had never felt betrayed in his life, he was broken and it was the betrayal, the banishment, it was the last straw and Naruto was out to show them that it was a mistake to banish him

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Sakura had an annoyed look on her face. NA-RU-TO! she started as she began to crack her knuckles to give him the beating of his young life. W-wait Sakura! I didn't k-know you were behind the bush! Honest! sputtered out a nervous Naruto, hoping to avoid the fiery pinkette's wrath. Keeping an annoyed look, she eventually slipped into a calm pose Sakura is a spoiled brat. Summary. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura has been together since they were little kids.To be more clear, Sasuke and Naruto has been together since before they were born and Sakura joined them in Kindergarten. The three were so excited for high school. but things turn out different for them The Broken Fox by Triforce Guardian. What happens when Naruto breaks down at the Valley of the End and tries to commit suicide as a result? What happens when Sakura is the only one who can save him from an asylum and set him back onto greatness

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a wild Naruto will appear at some point. SI!Sakura. Self-Insert. also copious amounts of cussing insert. Team Fuck Canon is a thing. which gives Kakashi feelings. Kakashi doesn't do feelings. Gai is his own warning. and Sakura's patron god Sakura wants to know if Naruto remembered what happened last night. 2. Sakura wants to spar with Naruto. 3. Sakura wants to give Naruto a medical checkup. 4. Sakura heard that Naruto had a date that went well. 5. Something else Posted 22 March 2014 - 09:26 PM. Naruto/Mitoko where Naruto travels back in time and screws Mitoko. This causes her to conceive Itachi, and thus, the difference in ability between Itachi and Sasuke (whose father is not Naruto). This story makes sure cite THAT as the reason why Sasuke is weaker Naruto had held a flame for Sakura Haruno from his childhood. Naruto simply couldn't help but faun over her. He had been tending a flame for Sakura for a very long time by the time of Naruto: Shippuden.. While we don't always know what is best for ourselves, it is significant that Naruto, the main and title character of the series, personally pined for Sakura--and she seemingly gives Naruto. Stricken by the untimely death of a devoted wife and mother, the Nara family struggles to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. As Shikamaru and Shikadai are continuously driven apart from struggling to deal with this tragedy, it seems as if nothing will ever be the same between them. Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto (2793) Haruno Sakura.

Here are 25 extremely note-worthy dark fanfictions in the Naruto fandom that I have highly enjoyed reading. They are realistic, well-written and very entertaining: He Had No Fingers Chapter 1: He Had No Fingers, a naruto fanfic Official summary: T.. Naruto's cousin ends up staying with his family after her mother is in a horrible accident, landing the woman in a coma. The only hiccup to this arrangement is Kurai is very closed off due to the incident. At first she wants nothing to do with the people at the school, but Naruto is having non Sakura's Depression!! (サクラの憂鬱!!, Sakura no Yūutsu!!) is chapter 36 of the original Naruto manga.. Summary. Kakashi informs Team 7 that they have the opportunity to enter the Chūnin Exams.He gives any and all of them the choice not to participate before leaving

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Ninja Yamanaka Ino Uchiha Sasuke Haruno Sakura Team Seven. Uzumaki Mamoru is the twin brother of Naruto. Much like Naruto, Mamoru was shunned and hated by the village. Mamoru's father sealed the Yin chakra within Mamoru, the more evil chakra of the demon fox. Because of this, Mamoru has more hatred than Naruto Dragons Strong Overpowered Ninja Insane Demon. Naruto Uzumaki. He was never a jinchūriki. Living with his parents and brother Naruto is neglected by everyone. He is so many more times dangerous than the kyuubi. When he was born, a being, a creature, of pure darkness made Naruto its host right in front of his parents Pairings: Naruto/Sakura; Comments: An incredibly unique fanfic about Naruto and Sakura switching bodies, filled with friendship, growing up, and plenty of humor. Having switched bodies, Naruto and Sakura are faced with the difficult task of having to live eachother's lives Summary. If Sasuke snapping results in giving Sakura better outfits and Naruto weapons that aren't held together with tape, Kakashi isn't going to complain. That is, until Sasuke gives him a set of armour. Now he's going to freak out. AKA: cinnamon-roll-that-will-kill-you Sugar Daddy Sasuke Little Uzumaki is a Naruto fanfic by Lucillia. It is a AU set after the Wave Arc where Kakashi takes Team 7 to a rest stop after running out of water through a shortcut, realizing too late it was the spring he was told to never go to. It's Konoha

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Kyuubi punches Sakura This is part from the episode 292Anime - Naruto Shippuden(Btw guys its me KocoSupermen , my account KocoSupermen was deleted becaus.. Fox Love Lust Bunny Hinata Sakura Tenten Ino Shikamaru Neji Kiba. Naruto is 16 and the kyuubi Kurama is feisty saying that Naruto needs to get a girlfriend and marry her. Naruto says that no woman would ever want to date much less marry him. Kurama tells Naruto to shut up and opens his eyes, what he sees is Hinata with her sweet smile All the Other Reindeer: Naruto and Sakura when they were in Konoha, Gaara when he was still in Suna, Rock Lee for being unable to mold chakra, and implied for Tenten later on for being a foreign-born Konoha nin. As a result, Tenten is trying desperately to fit in. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji because their clans don't support Danzo Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Male Naruto Uchiha (Various Naruto x male Oc) I've been told that I'm a demon, they say despair clings to me, and I honestly believe it. It's all true. There's nothing i can do to change that fact. I may be physically strong but mentally is a different thing entirely Sakura Uchiha (うちはサクラ Uchiha Sakura née Haruno (春野)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. When assigned to Team 7, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a shinobi. However, after training under the Sannin Tsunade, she overcomes this, and becomes recognised as one of the greatest..

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Anguished Declaration of Love: Naruto gives one to Sakura before Sakura and Sasuke are crowned king and queen of the prom. It was so effective Sasuke gave up trying to win Sakura; Attractive Bent-Gender: Naruto crossdresses to get away from the crazy girls, Kiba thought he was a hot girl, even Gaara though he was a little too pretty.; The Beard: Naruto and Sakura pretend to date, so nobody. Sakura's Sister: Kiko. May 22, 2020 carbonated udon. Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction. Kiko is Sakura's little sister, and she was also lesbian. She was very soft and was easy to scare. She is someone who wants to improve on the inside and after a while she will show that she wants and will improve Naruto at age 11. Beyond the Impossible: Team 8 walks into Team 7's usual training grounds during the Wave Mission.It is so full of traps that Hinata's Byakugan cannot find a safe exit - not even the way they entered. Blade on a Stick: Used by Sakura and her otter summons.; Bullet Time: Or in this case, Shuriken Time.Both Naruto and Sasuke agree that the concept is pretty cool Apr 15, 2020 - Read Beginning Of Friendship from the story Team Badass (A Naruto Fanfiction) by That_One_Anime_Lvr with 25,117 reads. drama, adventure, anime. Five year old s.. ''Pairings'': Naruto/Hinata, Ino/Sai, Shikamaru/Temari, Choji/Mei, Sasuke/Sakura ''Synopsis'': After their devastating breakup, Hinata leaves only one thing: a note on his pill bottle. Don't forget. Naruto takes this advice to heart, swearing to get his life back on track so he can get back the woman he loves

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Hinata did the substitution jutsu and lunged at Sakura. Sakura did hands signs but was stopped by a certain sensei with silver hair. Okay girls, time up for today, Kakashi said while reading his book. Phew, that was fun right Sakura, Hinata said while fixing her head band You're so cruel Sakura-chan. Naruto murmured as he stood up and tried to regain some of his hurt pride. Yeah Naruto! Don't let the female power get you down! Obito yelled with pride. The girls glared at him while the guys smirked slightly. Naruto went to go sit over by Sakura who was siting on the side of Sasuke in the front of him Naruto and Sakura Timetravel Fanfic. Fic Request. I want a story where Naruto and Sakura timetravels. Mostly because I find her genin self annoying asf. I have read one where they gone towards the 2nd shinobi war and ended up teaching Tsunade and Jiraiya which peaked my interest in this particular timetravel scenario

Crackfic Idea: Naruto finds out that red hair is a common trait in the Uzumaki Clan. As a result, he attempts to adopt every red-head he runs into, declaring them family. Naruto declares that Sasori and Gaara (maybe even Sakura lol) are his new family, confusing the hell outta them. 287 Today Sakura was going to teach Naruto a lesson he best learn - that she was not to be taken lightly. She mastered a new jutsu and had a slight variation to her normal outfit to help ensure he never forgot this lesson. She feigned exhaustion, and as she predicted, Naruto came in for the finishing blow. As he always did, the blow was slow and he. Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura. Even before Sasuke and Naruto became friends, and before Sasuke ever considered him a rival, he had already shown several signs of caring for Sakura. Sasuke and Sakura's relationship is one of the most interesting in Naruto, with Sakura making her feelings known while Sasuke walks the path of an. Sakura's Resolve (サクラの覚悟, Sakura no Kakugo) is episode 212 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. Synopsis. Sakura, Lee, Kiba, and Sai make their way to the Samurai Bridge when Sakura suddenly tells them to stop. She asks Kiba where Sasuke's exact position is before trying to drop sleep bombs on the others. Sai manages to restrain her arms, having anticipated her plan, and alerts the.

Naruto: Sakura's 10 Worst Character Traits, Ranked. Sakura Haruno is Naruto's teammate and friend, but there were times when she was definitely on her worst behavior. In the Naruto series, Naruto Uzumaki may be the star, but this story is populated with a massive cast of diverse and heartfelt characters. Early on, Naruto was assigned to Team. Having the memories of his past life as Naruto Uzumaki, Reincarnation!Naruto becomes the unofficial brother to his past self, being there for him when nobody was for him. So there are technically two Narutos. The present Naruto and the kid who is the reincarnation of the Naruto who died in the past. 130 Sakura Haruno is a member of Konoha's Team 7, and one of the strongest ninjas in the entire Naruto series. Starting her journey with fairly average skill, Sakura has progressed at a formidable speed over the years, thanks to her training under one of the legendary Sannin, Tsunade Senju

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Hey Guys, I need some help. Its been almost a year since I trolled the Naruto Fanfiction - Basically since my Crohns got out of control and put me into the hospital several times. But there is this fic I remember that I cannot for the LIFE of me find anywhere. Its in the naruto universe, and Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura are more grown up Naruto is one of my favorite animes, and the good fanfictions are even better. Here let me give you a list: Reverse by blackkat - Time Travel AU, Kurama-centric Stumble by writer168 - Time Travel AU, Sakura-centric Stormborn by blackkat - I don't. Naruto: 5 Times Sasuke Let His True Feelings for Sakura Show. While many Naruto fans question the authenticity of Sasuke's love for Sakura, he shows feelings for her surprisingly early on. C. M. Ramsburg Jul 4, 2021

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Kizashi Haruno (春野キザシ Haruno Kizashi) is a shinobi of Konohagakure. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Part II 4.1 Road to Sakura 5 In Other Media 5.1 Movies 5.1.1 Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie 6 Creation and Conception 7 Trivia 8 References In the anime, after learning that his.. How different would the Naruto story be if Naruto married Sakura Haruno instead of Hinata Hyuga? Would this affect Sasuke? Would Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari. More groupchat videos out now! I'm still posting so subscribe so you don't forget me ;(Like comment subscribe or do whatever so I know you guys liked the vid.. In the Naruto Databooks, it was revealed that Sakura's hobbies include playing trivia games and memorizing new material for her medical studies.. During a flashback in episode 406 of Naruto Shippuden it was shown that, within three months, Sakura read every single selection from Lady Tsunade's medical library in the Mowhawk Fish Market. This is an incredible feat especially because Sakura. Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton, Viz: Ice Style) is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of water and wind. The Land of Water's Yuki clan was feared for the power of their Ice Release, forcing its members to go into hiding to escape persecution.. In Kakashi Hiden, Kahyō and Rahyō‎‎ are ‎‎ice users whose family was conquered by Kirigakure decades earlier