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Lake Huron has officially recorded waves surpassing 35ft in height in most severe storms. In the storm of 1913, the J.H. Sheadle was reportedly hit by a 70-90ft wave disabling the vessel for a.. Buoys in four Great Lakes recorded large waves as Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast, according to the Detroit News. A Canadian buoy in Lake Huron recorded peak average wave heights of 23 feet at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Lake Michigan had the second highest waves with 21.7 foot waves 43 nautical miles east-southeast of Milwaukee For anyone who doubts the power of the Great Lakes, now's the time for a reset. This week, data buoys on Lake Superior recorded 28.8-foot waves, according to the Great Lakes Observing System. Chart of wave heights Credit Great Lakes Observing Syste 26 feet would be the (highest) significant wave height on Superior. This means that waves of 50 feet are possible. Some sailors have reported 40 feet (35 feet according to accounts FROM the S.S... On July 13, 1938, again on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and again on an otherwise calm day, a 3-meter wave struck Holland State Park in Holland, Mich., drowning five swimmers. On July 13, 1995, a passing derecho triggered large waves on Lakes Superior, Huron and Erie but caused no deaths

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Waves as tall as 10 feet could form on Lakes Huron and Erie, peaking on their southern shores. Photos of lakeshore flooding & large waves at Whiting Lakefront Park this morning, shared by Jerry.. (9) General description.-Lake Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes. Three large bays extend from the main body of the lake, Saginaw on the W. side and the North Channel and Georgian Bay on the NE side. The lake receives the waters of Lake Michigan through the Straits of Mackinac and those of Lake Superior from the St. Marys River On Oct. 24, 2017, the NOAA lake buoys recorded 29-foot high short-period waves on Lake Superior north of Marquette, Michigan. These are the highest waves ever reported on the Great Lakes. To put. The strong storm of October 10, 2018 wreaked havoc along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The waves were incredible, fierce, and unrelenting. We witnessed 20+ foot waves, sustained winds topped 45 mph, and a wind gust of 86 mph was recorded near our shooting locations. (Hurricane force winds start at 74 mph.) The abundant spray from the massive waves and strong winds reached far and wide. The. Lake Huron took the worst hit, losing several ships that were in the area en-route to and from the St. Mary's River and Lake Erie. About 235 mariners lost their lives on Lake Huron during the horrific storm. Snowfalls of almost two feet crippled cities and towns across Michigan and other Great Lakes states

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A Canadian buoy in Lake Huron recorded peak average wave heights of 23 feet at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30. The all-time record high monthly average for January was 174.86 m, set back in 1987. Lake Ontario could get waves of up to 20 feet near its center, Guy said Large waves in St. Joseph and South Haven, Michigan on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. According to the National Weather Service waves were said to be 12-15 feet w..

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  1. The height of the waves depends on the strength of the wind and air pressure contrasts that form the seiche. The largest seiche on record to strike the Illinois coast of Lake Michigan reached a maximum height of 10 feet, caused lakeshore damage, and drowned eight people. The illustration explains the 1954 seiche (view a larger image)
  2. Lake Huron was hit by the worst storm ever to hit one of the Great Lakes on November 3, 1913. The storm produced wind gusts of 90 mph (145 kph) and ocean-like waves of more than 35 feet. The storm lasted 16 hours, sank 10 ships, and killed 235 seamen. No wonder they called it the The Big Blow
  3. GLCFS-FVCOM Products. Return to GLCFS-FVCOM Page. Lake Michigan Waves (Forecast), see also nowcast. Animation. +01. +02
  4. Meteotsunamis are large waves that scientists are just beginning to better understand. Unlike tsunamis triggered by seismic activity, meteotsunamis are driven by weather events, such as fast-moving severe thunderstorms, squalls, or other storm fronts with a change in pressure. The storm generates a wave that moves towards the shore, and it is amplified by a shallow continental shelf and inlet.
  5. General. This is the wind, wave and weather forecast for South Georgian Bay/Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding

When the effects on the lake levels of is ostatic rebound and man-made channel changes are examined, it is concluded that, over at least the last 1,800 years, climate-related variations in maximum mean annual water levels have probably not exceeded those measured on Lakes Erie and Michigan-Huron since A.D. 1819 Because it's so big and deep (1,332 ft [406 m]), the annual fluctuations in height of Lake Superior are no more than 12 inches (30 cm)—but that doesn't mean the area around it is immune to flooding. The waves can do serious damage. The highest wave ever recorded on the lake was in 2017, 28.8 feet (8.8 m) high. 0 The Stewart J. Cort was the first boat of at least 1,000 feet in length on the Great Lakes. It holds 58,000 gross tons. The Cort was named after a former vice president of Bethlehem Steel. Its. FQCN23 CWTO 120700 Wave height forecasts for the Canadian portion of the Great Lakes issued by Environment Canada at 3:00 a.m. EDT Monday 12 July 2021 for today tonight and Tuesday. The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Wave heights are for offshore and are forecast from trough to crest

What was the largest wave recorded on Lake Superior? - Answer

  1. Similar in motion to a seesaw, a seiche is a standing wave in which the largest vertical oscillations are at each end of a body of water with very small oscillations at the node, or center point, of the wave. Standing waves can form in any enclosed or semi-enclosed body of water, from a massive lake to a small coffee cup
  2. On Lake Erie, one of the largest lakes in the world, photographer Dave Sandford has captured gravity-defying waves of incredible size and power. Gales driving across the surface of the water can.
  3. istration (NOAA) program within which the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) functions as the Great Lakes regional node. In this capacity, GLERL obtains, produces, and delivers environmental data and products for near real-time observation of the Great Lakes to.
  4. The strong storm of October 10, 2018 wreaked havoc along the North Shore of Lake Superior. The waves were incredible, fierce, and unrelenting. We witnessed 20+ foot waves, sustained winds topped 45 mph, and a wind gust of 86 mph was recorded near our shooting locations. (Hurricane force winds start at 74 mph.) The abundant spray from the massive waves and strong winds reached far and wide
  5. The biggest waves in the world can be found and ridden across all continents. With the right swell and wind conditions, you might be lucky enough to ride a couple of monstrous waves. Carefully selecting which wave will open its face and the right moment for the take-off is compulsory. A subtle mistake could be disastrous

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Erie Area and Lake Erie Weather. Fishing in the region is heavily dependent on the weather. The ability of Lake Erie to rapidly change from calm to stormy is well-known to veterans of the lake. Mariners should take heed of all marine warnings and keep an eye on the sky. Fishing in the streams is also heavily dependent on the flow and clarity. The Great Lakes are, from west to east: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.They are a dominant part of the physical and cultural heritage of North America. Shared with Canada and spanning more than 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) from west to east, these vast inland freshwater seas provide water for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and a host of other uses Lake Superior is the single named lake with the largest surface area in the United States at 31,700 square miles (82,103 square kilometers). However, as mentioned above, if you consider Lake Michigan and Lake Huron as a single lake, then Lake Michigan-Huron has the largest surface area at 45,410 square miles (117,611 square kilometers) That is 9.72 degrees above the average temperature for July 10 from 1995 to 2020 and constitutes the warmest surface water temperature ever recorded on Lake Ontario, according to NOAA CoastWatch data. The surface water temperature of Lake Ontario continues to remain above average, having hit 73.814 degrees Fahrenheit on Aug. 20 Tides & Currents Tides & Great Lakes Water Levels Page. CO-OPS provides the national infrastructure, science, and technical expertise to monitor, assess, and distribute tide, current, water level, and other coastal oceanographic products and services that support NOAA's mission of environmental stewardship and environmental assessment and prediction

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Experimental Forecast Beach Webpage. Great Lakes Ice. Great Lakes Ice Charts. Great Lakes Ice Outlooks and Summaries. Great Lakes Shapefiles/KMZ/ASCI/GRIB data. Forecast Offices. Buffalo, NY. Cleveland, OH. Chicago, IL The geologic record also reveals thousands of years of significant climate variability in the Great Lakes region, according to the report, which is excerpted below. The hydrograph above depicts water levels for Lake Michigan-Huron over the past 5,000 years, from 3,000 BC to the present. The upper x-axis refers to the entire 5,000-year cycle. Mystery Tidal Wave Sweeps Cleveland. Large waves from Lake Erie have hit the North Coast at least twice, in 1882 and 1942. Seven people were drowned in the 1942 wave, reported to be up to 15 feet high from Bay Village to Geneva. The 1882 wave was more than 8 feet high View Object Record. Three thousand boats worked the Great Lakes in 1893. By 2000, the number was less than 200, but the huge vessels in use today carry more cargo. The James R. Barker is one of the largest ships working the Lakes today. In one trip, the Barker can carry more than 60,000 tons of ore, enough to produce the steel for 16,000. The SS Edmund Fitzgerald is the largest ship to have sunk in the Great Lakes. The Great Storm Of 1913 The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 was a blizzard that rocked the Great Lakes Basin with hurricane level winds and giant waves over a three day period from November 7 to 10

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A recent survey of ambient seismic noise recorded in North America by the Earthscope Transportable Array (Koper & Burlacu, 2015) found that several stations in the western U.S. had a peak, instead of a trough, in spectral power near a period of 1 s.These stations were located close to lakes in the Utah region, and Moore et al. suggested that wave action in the lakes was responsible for the 1 s. The strong winds of this system - 69 mph - and high waves beached the Greek vessel, Socrates, on Duluth's Park Point for six days. October 31 - November 3, 1991 (Halloween Blizzard) Minnesota's longest, largest storm contributed to November snow records for Two Harbors (51.5 inches) and Duluth (50.1 inches)

Source: Lars Plougmann / Flickr Lake Oahe. The largest lake in South Dakota, Lake Oahe boasts a surface area of 150,000 hectare and is 62 metres deep. It's the fourth largest lake in the country and features a 3,620 kilometre shoreline with nine different recreation areas Annual storms on Lake Superior regularly feature wave heights of over 20 ft. Waves well over 30 ft have been recorded. Lake Superior - Great Lakes Circle Tour The Great Lakes Circle Tour is a designated scenic road system connecting all of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River Lake Michigan water levels remain near the highest observed monthly levels (since at least 1918). The most recent period with similar lake levels was 1986-1987. Elevated lake levels increase impacts along the shore during storm events. Even minor events on the lake may cause flooding of low-lying areas near the lake such as beaches, parks, and.

On Lake Huron, major storms were recorded on November 13 and 14, 1972, and during March and early April 1973. Constant, high velocity winds from the north and northwest maintained strong wave action along the shoreline, causing heavy damage in the area between Sarnia and the town of Bayfield 2. Lake Huron . The Lake Huron, ranking second among the largest lakes in the US, spans an area of 59,590 km2 and has the longest shoreline (6,157 km) among the Great Lakes. Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are connected to each other via the Straits of Mackinac while the former is linked to the Lake Superior through the St. Mary's River The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound And a wave broke over the the names Of the wives and the sons and the daughters Lake Huron world's biggest collection of song lyrics and.

The Social Vulnerability Index, which shows areas of high human vulnerability to hazards, is based on population attributes (e.g., age and poverty) and the built environment.By looking at the intersection of potential lake level change and vulnerable demographic groups, one can get an idea of how vulnerable populations might be affected by changing lake levels Lake Baikal in southern Russia is the world's deepest lake. It is an estimated 5,387 feet deep (1,642 meters), and its bottom is approximately 3,893 feet (1,187 meters) below sea level. Lake Baikal is also the world's largest freshwater lake in terms of volume. It is difficult to comprehend how a. Bull sharks have been recorded to swim into the Mississippi River and as far as north of Minnesota. An angler once caught a 5-foot Bull Shark in Alton, Illinois in the outskirt of St. Louis. For now, it is unlikely to find Bull Shark anytime in Lake Michigan because of the low water temperature

About Lake Erie. During the 1960s water quality issues in the Great Lakes became a concern and Lake Erie was perceived to be dying. By the late 1960s, Canadian and American regulatory agencies were in agreement that limiting phosphorus loads was the key to controlling excessive algal growth and that a coordinated lakewide approach was necessary to deal with the phosphorus issue Animated Wave (Swell) Maps & Wind Maps. Choose a swell map from the list of countries and US States below. The 10 day surf forecast maps can be animated to show forecasts for wave height, wind, wave energy, wind waves, sea surface temperature as well as forecasts of general weather. Wave Energy Map. Wind Map Lake-level Variability and Water Availability in the Great Lakes. Circular, 2007. Douglas Wilcox. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER. Lake-level Variability and Water Availability in the Great Lakes Using recorded August 1964 to July 1965 Lake The resulting probabilistic forecasts are shown for Superior outflows with the alternate water supply sce- Lakes Michigan-Huron, Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie, and narios for the lower lakes was also considered, but that Lake Ontario in Figures 7A-D, respectively Lake levels are down as much as 4 feet from high readings recorded in the mid-1990s. Earlier this month, the Army Corps of Engineers recorded Lake Erie's level at 570.3 feet above sea level, the lowest in 33 years. But that's just 4 inches below the 81-year average

This is Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands. A place where time moves a little slower, loved ones feel a little closer and there's a Great Lake between you and your worries. From island hopping to birdwatching, record-breaking roller coasters to water parks, wineries to dockside dining, plus hidden gems that keep the fun going all year long Waves well over 30 feet (9 m) have been recorded. Lake Superior is fed by more than 200 rivers, including the Nipigon River, the St. Louis River, the Pigeon River, the Pic River, the White River, the Michipicoten River, the Bois Brule River and the Kaministiquia River. Lake Superior drains into Lake Huron via the St. Marys River Lake Erie, fourth largest of the five Great Lakes of North America.It forms the boundary between Canada (Ontario) to the north and the United States (Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York) to the west, south, and east.The major axis of the lake extends from west-southwest to east-northeast for 241 miles (388 km), and the lake has a maximum width of 57 miles Lake superior can then best be reached by car and subsequently explored on foot. Tourists can also use one of the many special guided tours operating in the area. Lake Superior is a town close to Great Lakes. Warm-summer humid continental climate would be the climate here. August is the month with the highest water temperature at 65.1°F / 18.4.

LANSING — Water is rising along Michigan's prized Great Lakes shoreline, shrinking beaches, eroding dunes, flooding campgrounds, costing millions. 2019 was bad and 2020 is expected to be worse For a recorded Lake Erie fishing report, call 1-888 HOOKFISH. For additional information on lodging, charter boat services, and local launch ramps, contact one of the following lakeshore visitors bureaus: Ashtabula County Convention & Visitors Bureau 800-337-6746 Lake County Visitors Bureau 800-368-525 The level for lakes Michigan and Huron is a foot higher than last year but hasn't set any records, while Lake St. Clair has set all-time monthly highs for four consecutive months, according to. A Great Lake revival. Dec. 08, 2014 8:14 p.m. Linwood, Mich. — Ernie Plant's eyes get wide when he talks about how spectacular Lake Huron's salmon fishing was back in the late 1980s, when his. Compiled on board by the ship's purser and examined by customs and immigration authorities upon arrival, they are an important source of genealogical and historical information. The following is an index of over 101 ship lists containing Doukhobor passengers who arrived in Canada in between 1898-1899, 1902-1906, 1909-1914 and 1925-1932

7. Who has better hearing, a human or a dog? 7. A dog - Dogs can hear both above and below humans on the frequency spectrum, can pinpoint sound direction faster and can hear sounds that are four times as far away as what humans can hear. 8. What is the name of the phobia for someone who has a fear of dogs? 8 Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles onl Top 10 Facts About Lake Huron. 2. It covers 82,000 sq km (31,700 sq mi) with an average depth of 147 metres or 483 feet. 3. The deepest point in the lake is 405 metres or 1,333 feet. 4. There have been about 350 shipwrecks recorded in Lake Superior and Lake Superior is known to not give up her dead The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7°C (134°F), which was measured on 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA. As a result of an investigation in 2012, the WMO concluded that the El Azizia record measurement could be inaccurate by as much as 7°C due to a combination of factors including the asphalt.

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Since the 1970s, ice coverage has generally decreased. However, we did experience one brutal winter in 2013/2014. That frigid year, the Great Lakes together reached 92% ice coverage, during which Lake Erie and the Straits of Mackinac (the region between Lakes Michigan and Huron) completely froze over and Lakes Huron and Superior nearly froze over. But this is an anomaly Clayton Lake G.L. Peppers 9/19/1999 New York 16 lbs 9 oz Mystic Lake Thomas Reed 1/20/2009 North Carolina 13 lbs 8 oz Lake Chatuge Lamar L. Cofer 8/16/1986 North Dakota 15 lbs 13 oz: Missouri River: Neal Leier : 2018: Ohio 16 lbs 3.04 oz Lake Erie Tom Haberman 11/23/1999 Oklahoma 12 lbs 13 oz Robert S Ker

America's largest, fastest, and most reliable 5G network. T-Mobile is the leader in 5G coverage and speed. And according to competitive testing by umlaut, we're also the most reliable. No one else covers more people with the fastest and most reliable 5G. The choice is clear. Most reliable according to umlaut Lake levels are down as much as 4 feet from high readings recorded in the mid-1990s. Earlier this month, the Army Corps of Engineers recorded Lake Erie's level at 570.3 feet above sea level, the. We compared model data with recorded lake conditions representative of 2010 to those of the 1980s, says Alsip. the most for Lake Huron, Wave Buoys to Protect Public Safety in Lake. The datum elevations used for Lake Huron (175.8 m) and Lake Erie (173.3 m) are historically recorded averages. The Lake Erie levels proposed in this paper reflect Lake Hurons effects on Lake Erie and the levels occuring at the eastern end of the Erie Basin throughout the last 12 600 years Lake-effect snow is prevalent at the end of fall and early winter, but usually by January, it starts to ease up, thanks to the lakes themselves freezing over. Like a hurricane in the ocean, the.

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The biggest speed of movement, +2.7 centimeters per year belongs to the North-Muya ridge. 10. Lake Baikal experiences around 2000 earthquakes per year. A large number of earthquakes is a direct consequence of the movements of huge plates of the earth. In reality, major earthquakes are not as common happen on the lake. 11 2001 Triton tx189dcf Walleye boat, 2013 Yamaha 150 4-Stroke, 2001 Triton dual axle trailer w/brakes, NEW 24-volt Minn Kota iPilot Trolling Motor, New Lowrance Hook 9 Triple Shot with side imaging, New Bimini Top, new batteries, new Minn Kota onboard charger, new livewell and bilge pumps, 50 Gallon livewell, 43-gallo Lake evolution is an important component of studying regional environmental change. Various records are used for lake evolution study. In some cases, historical documentary records and premodern water level observation records are available, and lake evolution can be reconstructed with high resolution (Brooks 1923; Dixey 1924; Nicholson 1999, 2000; Nicholson and Yin 2001; Chang 1987) By surface area, Lake Huron is the second-largest of the Great Lakes, with a surface area of 23,000 square miles (59,600 km) making it the third-largest fresh water lake on Earth (and the fourth-largest lake, if the Caspian Sea is counted as a lake) LAKE MICHIGAN SQUALLS: Loss of and damage to numerous vessels and loss of life, east coast of Lake Michigan. 1.6. 6/16/1967 . TEXACO MASSACHUSETTS, M/V ALVA CAPE: Collision : 0.8. 6/2/1967 . M/V THORSTREAM: Explosion and fire with loss of life in Buffalo, New York. 1.1. 11/22/1966 . DANIEL J. MORREL: Sinking in Lake Huron with loss of life. 1.9.

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Avon Lake, OH Operated & managed by Lower Lakes Transportation Co., Williamsville, NY Both affiliates of Lower Lakes Towing Ltd. Ashtabula (self-unloading barge) 610' 01 78' 01 49' 08 17,982 tons: Calumet (4) 630' 00 68' 00 36' 11 19,650 tons: C.T.C. No.1 (stationary barge) 620' 06 60' 00 35' 00 16,300 tons: Defiance (articulated tug. Lake Erie is the 11th largest lake in the world by surface area and the fourth largest of the Great Lakes in area but the smallest by volume. The lake's total surface area is 25,700 km 2 and drains a basin of 54,400 km 2 in the United States and 22,800 km 2 in Ontario, Canada (Government of Canada and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1995).The greatest depth of 64 m occurs in the eastern. The largest island in Lake Michigan, Beaver Island hosts many activities for every nature lover. The year round population is approximately 600 - with a large percentage of Irish descent. Time slows down here, offering a peaceful, relaxed way of life. Tour the Island by bicycle, or bring your car over on the ferry or rent a car to circle the. The lake really doesn't give up its dead easily because the water is so cold that bacterial action is inhibited. The bodies sink and don't float. And I just shiver at the lyrics about how the lake sings in its ice-room mansion. Ojibwa natives called Lake Superior Gitche Gumee which means Big Sea Water. But I'll bet you knew that from.

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Map of Drummond Island Lake Trout Refuge field study site used for testing the ability of the VEMCO Positioning System (VPS) to position lake trout oviduct transmitters after they are expelled into substrate. Left: Location of the refuge in Lake Huron (North America; shown in orange). The blue star indicates the actual study site (45°55.840ˈ. The SCO is a monthly variable rate and represents costs associated with securing natural gas for Dominion's customers. Dominion's SCO rate was $3.0750 per MCF - Effective May 12, 2021 through June 10, 2021. Dominion's SCO rate is $3.134 per MCF - Effective June 11, 2021 through July 12, 2021. Sign up for Dominion rate change alerts On July 4, rockabilly-country music star Sanford Clark, whose 1956 Top 10 hit The Fool was re-recorded by Elvis Presley and The Animals, died from COVID-19 at a Joplin, Missouri, hospital where. This 7,241-acre lake is part of Mosquito Lake State Park. The maximum depth is 24 feet. Boats are allowed and there is no horsepower limitation. However, there is a no wake restriction which extends 300 feet from the shoreline. Also, north of the State Route 88 causeway, there is a 10 mile per hour speed limit for boaters Discover historical Michigan newspaper archives from 1018-2021 in more than 3.05 billion old newspaper articles about 8.5 billion people

Camping World - the nation's largest RV dealer with 27,000+ RVs & Campers for sale from the best manufacturers New and used boats for sale Ohio.All boat types and price ranges. Boats for sale by owner in Ohio and Ohio boat dealers.Including Ohio fishing boats, bass boats, pontoon boats, power boats, sailboats, personal watercraft and all other boat types.. Click REFINE button to edit boat search criteri Starting in 2014, Lake Superior, Michigan, and Huron rose at the highest rate in recorded history. Water levels were at or near record highs for the past few years The Lake Erie shoreline in northwest Ohio is famed as one of the best birding areas in North America, especially during spring migration. Although May is the peak season for visiting birders, spring migration is actually under way from mid-February to mid-June

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For Lake Michigan-Huron the regulatory works would be provided in the St. Clair-Detroit River system; for Lake Erie, in the upper reach of the Niagara River, Modifi- cations studied for the regulation of Lake Superior were considered on the basis of no changes to the existing works in the St. Marys River Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. 2401 International Lane Madison, WI 53704 Toll-free: (800) 236-430 A 28-year-old female bald eagle that suffered injuries to her foot and eye received medical care from wildlife professionals and was released back to the wild in Marion County on Friday, June 18, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. The female bald eagle was released after more than seven weeks of.

----- 551 1 Y. Barber 2 Records of kills on intake screens on the Great 3 Lakes are difficult to locate but we have included a number 4 of such incidents* 5 In December 1970, a fish kill occurred at a gener- 6 ating plant on Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes of North America, the world's largest freshwater lake by surface area, and the third largest freshwater lake by volume Cheney's warning on Trump after a secret vote: 4 takeaways from House GOP meeting. Southwest Airlines raises its minimum wage to $15 an hour. S&P 500 books best week since February as investors. Your one-stop shop for BIG deals that make your dollar holler! Save on brands like Broyhill, Swiffer, & Doritos. Plus easy curbside pickup, & same-day delivery The current study examined LES snowfall in the vicinity of Lake Ontario and the atmospheric conditions during Lake Huron-to-Lake Ontario L2L days as compared with LES days on which an L2L connection was not present [i.e., only Lake Ontario (OLO)] for the cold seasons (October-March) from 2003/04 through 2013/14 We report on the Port Huron and Lake Border moraines in northwestern lower Michigan and show evidence for significant changes to their originally mapped locations. The Port Huron moraine is a large accumulation of mostly sand and gravel that reaches altitudes over 320 m, 80 m above the adjacent valley to the west