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As a way to help you, we've created this list of pharmacology mnemonics you'll find handy when studying and preparing for exams. 1 Aspirin. Aspirin is a salicylate drug that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-pyretic and anti-platelet effects It is the goal of these nursing mnemonics to provide an easy quick-guide to simplify the concepts of pharmacology. 1. Lidocaine Toxicity: SAMS. Lidocaine is a class IB antiarrhythmic used as a second-line agent and after myocardial infarction. The therapeutic drug range for lidocaine is 1.5-5.0 mcg/mL. While generally safe, lidocaine can.

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  1. There are helpful aides to studying the various types, indications, side effects and contraindications of various drugs. In this lesson, explore some common mnemonics of the pharmacological world.
  2. July 6, 2018. 600This article contains some pharmacology made ridiculously easy mnemonics for all medical students, especially those in their 3rd year going through this hell in the form of a subject name pharmacology. Sulfonamides: common characteristics SULFA:S-Steven-Johnson syndrome/ Skin rash / Solubility low
  3. What Is An Easy Way to Learn Pharmacology Mnemonics? The best resource for this I've found is First Aid For USMLE. They have a ton of smart and memorable mnemonics for remembering drug classifications, mechanisms of action etc. Otherwise Sketchy, Picmonic and Osmosis are excellent resources too
  4. Like recently i have found a pdf for pharma mnemonics that is great. Means it has covered almost every drug group. There are separate mnemonics for drugs names, for their side effects etc. Therefore, if you want to learn pharmacology the smart way/the easy way, you should download pharmacology mnemonics pdf at the end using the download button
  5. Cephalosporin Pharmacology - Mnemonics. Cephalosporins are one of the most widely prescribed antimicrobial drugs. They can be classified into 5 to generations and the medical students often have hard time remembering the names of drugs falling into different generations as the names appear and sound similar
  6. Pharmacology Mnemonics. Making up weird and kooky mnemonics is always fun. Pharmacology, due to its endless lists, is perfect for this. Divide your class into sub-groups and get them to create their own mnemonics. Make it a competition by giving the group with the best mnemonics points. You can put the decision down to a class vote
  7. Trickypharma Instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/p/B_5CeWVAnpEIXaG1s-QsoZIx1gc3YiKmmT-Phc0/?igshid=126rq9h769g50#pharmacy #pharmacy #bpharmacy #bpharm.

Create mnemonics. The daunting nature of pharmacology can be tackled easily with this wondrous tool called mnemonics. The theory of mnemonics goes by - the crazier the mnemonic, the better you will be able to remember. Let us give you a small example which will help you to gauge the power of nursing mnemonics Today you will learn an easy way to remember the different types of beta blockers. If you want to enhance your medical knowledge and performance with minimal effort, then make sure to check out other EZmed blog posts that make medicine easy with countless mnemonics and tricks

Therefore, doctors use pharmadrugs mnemonics for easy memorizing drugs. Not only names but also its side effects, contraindications as well as interactions. We upload some basic drugs mnemonics, that will help you alot in memorizing drugs names.colog 22 Psychiatric Nursing Mnemonics and Tricks. January 14, 2020. 148434. Psychiatric nursing is one of the most challenging specialties in this profession. Apart from being physically exhausting, taking care of patients with mental health problems can also be mentally draining. If you're not prepared, the stress and burnout you'll experience. The easy, fun way to remember all the pharmacology difficult-to-memorize details for the Australian Dental Council exam. Rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4 (8 ratings) 86 student Learn how drug actions and chemical agents affect biological systems in the human body with the medical study of pharmacology. This is a significant branch of biology that is an essential subject for medical students to learn, but med students tend to have trouble remembering the key facts

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Using mnemonics is an excellent way to keep things straight while also relating them to something less stressful. Mnemonics improve your memory by using the technique of association. Here are some of the most helpful mnemonics for the NCLEX-RN exam that you should include in your study sessions Mnemonic: DEPRESSION. 1. Depression. 1st choice of antidepressant: If there is a history of response to a specific drug or class, best 1st choice is that antidepressant. SSRIs are often the primary choice because they are easy to use and have fewer side effects When you start learning individual drugs, things can get overwhelming fast. The best way to keep track of all this information is with flashcards. Take index cards and write the drug name on the front. On the back, add important information like the drug type, dosage, interactions, and side effects. Quiz yourself with these flashcards regularly Learn medicine the easy way. Pharmacology. Heart failure histamine Infectious mononucleosis Interstitial fluid JVP Kidney krebs cycle lewis triple response medical mnemonics memory improvement mnemonic mnemonics Multiple myeloma Muscle myosin Nasal septum NEET PG Pelvis PG entrance phalens test Renal artery Rheumatic fever Schizophrenia.

6 useful tips to learn pharmacology in easy way by egpat 29-08-2017 Learning pharmacology is a daunting task for many of the beginners as they enter into a world of drugs all with different names, categories, mechanisms and pharmacokinetics I absolutely love these easy methods like mnemonics and word associations to study any subject. My friends always make fun of me for creating interesting mnemonics to remember hard topics, especially in pharmacology. But we never forgot them even after the exams. The're long lasting methods to remember any chapter

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  1. utes:Nursing antibiotics seem to be a little bit scary to take on, so we'll do a basic hit list of five common classes that you'll need to know for your exams, clinicals, and even the NCLEX®! Don't forget that there are some high-tested points associated with these drugs, so we will lay out some points to help you remember
  2. To learn or review the basics of pharmacology, look no further than this convenient collection of pharmacology lessons. Any student or healthcare professional can use these lessons to supplement.
  3. Pharmacology Mnemonics The best medication mnemonics for medical student finals, OSCEs and MRCP ACE inhibitor side effects (CAPTOPRIL) Cough Angioneurotic oedema Proteinuria Taste disturbance/ Teratogenic in 1st trimester Other (fatigue, headache) Potassium increased Renal impairment Itch Low BP (1st dose) Beneficial effects of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis i.e. paracetamol and NSAIDs.
  4. d for the board exam. While it may seem a little slower to create mnemonics or take the time to go through them slowly in this way. Our goal is not to sprint like a middle schooler who wins the first 50 yards of a race
  5. Pharmacology Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner is for student and practicing NPs alike. Written by Nachole Johnson, MSN, FNP-BC, this book is easy to read and organized to help you learn information you need to know in a quick, efficient and fun manner. Illustrations are also included to cement information

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This fast and easy pharmacology review through mnemonics recognizes that many future nurses, doctors, physician assistants, and pharmacists (chemists) have families, jobs, and other responsibilities. Do you have time enough time to make 100 percent sure you will pass in the classroom or on the board exam Pharmacology mnemonics: We have provided here pharmacology mnemonics for diabetes drug classification. Oral anti-diabetic drug classification: Pharmacology mnemonics for oral anti-diabetic drug classification- M S D B A T A D S. Explanation: If you are thinking about Type-2 diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance is the main problem Escitalopram (Lexapro) 5. Sertraline (Zoloft) 6. Citalopram (Celexa) [hey look, Citalopram looks just like the drug above only without the Es in the beginning of the word!] Sounds like a case of classic depression, better use a classic/gold standard depression drug---choose an SSRI! Typical Antipsychotics: 4 drugs

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SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) Drugs: Effective For Sadness, Panics, & Compulsions. Effective - Escitalopram For - Fluoxetine, Fluvoxamine Sadness - Sertraline Panic - Paroxetine Compulsions - Citalopram. The mnemonic also gives the main indications: Depression (Sadness), PTSD and anxiety disorders (Panic), and OCD (Compulsions) Thumb is C6. Always remember this. C6 also supplies a part of the index finger. Join thumb and index with tips (looks like a 6) The next ones are in continuation. Index and Middle C7. Ring and Little C8. The Posterior part of the arm and forearm also can be made out. Thumb is C6 so Laterally C6

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A whole course of mnemonics for basic pharmacology that you should know (especially for NBDE and dental boards). Full of almost-funny, fool-proof tips and tricks to remember important pharma details and never forget them again!. If you are studying for dental boards, are a dental student/professional, medical student/professional, pharm student/professional, or in any way related to the. 4.5 out of 5 stars 322. This easy-to-listen guide organizes pharmacology into manageable, logical steps you can fit in short pockets of time. The proven system helps you memorize medications quickly and form immediate connections. With mnemonics from students and instructors, you'll see how both sides approach learning Pharmacology can be overwhelming for the new nurse, and even the seasoned nurse. Hopefully these pharmacology mnemonics will help you simplify some difficult concepts. The first one covers general medication administration, and while it's not necessarily a mnemonic, it provides an easy way to remember the. 6 rights of drug administration Learning trade names (or brand names) of medications poses a classic memorization challenge for medical students transitioning from preclinical to clinical medicine. We learn all manner of generic drug names as first- and second-year students, only to find that doctors and patients throw around trade names far more frequently

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  1. We will continue to make antibiotic pharmacology easy with 3 simple tricks to help you remember the drug names, gram coverage, and mechanism of action of each class! There are a couples ways to remember these 4 classes. - Free mnemonics, tricks, and strategies to learn and remember the conten
  2. Registered Nurse RN youtube channel provided a great video on Insulin Mnemonics. Trying to understand or memorize the insulin medications can be really confusing. Watch this video and get a quick understanding on this section of pharmacology. You will be able to remember your insulin without going back into your notes! .embed-container { position: relative; [
  3. For making the work easier for you we have written a book on Pharmacology , it contains every chapter in very easy to understand language (and are very concise). after the theory of each chapter, there are MCQs with the explanations. Morever to make the learning easy, large no. of mnemonics have been added. the book is REVIEW OF Pharmacology BY DR
  4. 8. Chemistry Mnemonics 9. Dermatology Mnemonics 10. Endocrinology Mnemonics 11. Embryology Mnemonics 12. Emergency medicine Mnemonics 13. Ent Mnemonics 14. Gastroenterology Mnemonics 15. Genetics Mnemonics 16. Histology Mnemonics 17. Hematology Mnemonics 18. Immunology Mnemonics 19. Internal medicine Mnemonics 20. Interviewing Mnemonics 21.
  5. The way that I was able to remember most drug interactions was through the use of many mnemonics. Some I made up on my own, others I was able to learn more other sources. I will share the ones.
  6. My Favorite NCLEX Mnemonics. Mnemonics are popular study aids to help trigger your memory of a group of things. It is similar to memorizing a phone number. Instead of memorizing each individual number - you remember a group of 3 numerals (area code), 3 numbers and a group of 4 numbers. This is called chunking

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Use this easy medical mnemonic and know the atrial fibrillation management! lifelinehealth. Includes 10+ Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips that are visual. Simply the concepts of pharmacology with these memory-aids! medical genetics, immunology, and physiology. His high energy style and mnemonics make learning medicine fun! A. aqueelus Suffixes, prefixes, classification - drugs. Classification. the best way to review this drug information is to learn drug classifications — drugs in the same class often have the same ending (This is not a rule though and not always the case), as well as, similar actions and side effects. Learning medications one by one is a next to. Mnemonics are memory devices that help learners recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists like characteristics, steps, stages, parts, etc. We knew back in 1967 from a study by Gerald R. Miller that mnemonics increased recall. He found that students who regularly used mnemonic devices increased test scores up to 77%

This book makes it easy to memorize pharmacology if you like to do so with mnemonics. That is the way that I learn best and being able to listen to the book while I drive down the road also helps. Some of the mnemonics I thought of while reading were the same in the book and some were completely different then I would've thought of, so its nice. To help you grasp the core concepts of Cardiovascular Care Nursing (or Cardiac Care Nursing), here are our visual nursing mnemonics and tips! ADVERTISEMENT. 1. Heart Blocks: The Heart Block Poem. Heart blocks are abnormal heart rhythm where the heart beats too slowly. In this condition, the electrical signals that tell that heart to. Handbook of Essential Mnemonics in Pharmacology is a must-read book for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. This new book contains more than 90 fresh pharmacology mnemonics with relevant illustrations. It also has practical strategies to use mnemonic devices or memory aids for learning pharmacology.Intende This easy-to-listen guide organizes pharmacology into manageable, logical steps you can fit in short pockets of time. The proven system helps you memorize medications quickly and form immediate connections. With mnemonics from students and instructors, you'll see how both sides approach learning

Take help of YouTube and other sources to understand the concepts. Many videos are available on YouTube that will explain the concept in easy way and even tell good mnemonics to remember it. 4. Make good mnemonics How to remember the classification of drugs? This is the major question of students who study pharmacology in mbbs The Smarter Way to Learn pharmacology. Studying and mastering pharmacology concepts can be hard like hell if you have no effective study plan. We got you! Get access to concrete and on-point concepts of general and clinical pharmacy at one point Pharmacology Mnemonics This book is about Pharmacology medical mnemonics with unique diagrammatic representation. It will cover the important medical topic in a very concise and beneficiary way to the medical students. The mnemonics will not only help you to memorize but also help you to picturise about the content I have taught Pharmacology in a LPN program for over six years now, and students always tell me they dread it the most out of all their classes. Which is a shame, because passing out meds is, hands down, one of the things nurses do most, and it's.

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Immunoglobulins are made of Heavy and light chains ,.. the heavy ones determine each type : another cool thing that M-A-G- E-D offers , is an easy memorization of the shapes of Immunoglobulins. A = 1 , 2 or 3 units . Most often 2 >>> and it's letter No. 2 in the word also . Mmmm . MnemonicDictionary.com - Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary using Mnemonics, Pictures, Visual, Etymology, Usage, word game Morse code mnemonics are systems to represent the sound of Morse characters in a way intended to be easy to remember. Since every one of these mnemonics requires a two-step mental translation between sound and character, none of these systems are useful for using manual Morse at practical speeds

Writing is my way of life. I breathe words. Even if it gives you life, it can hurt and even end a life within a snap. Words can make a phrase, a sentence, an idea, an expression and a way of communication. But the most important thing words can give us,.. Mnemonics is a simple and time tested concept that helps memorize and learn efficiently. Learning and memorizing does not always have to be hard . There are fun and productive ways to build shortcuts to any concept or long paragraphs. Whether you are a college grad or junior in school you can always benefit from this technique of learning

Nephrotic syndrome clinical features and complications-mnemonic Posted by admin on December 11, 2017 No comments Nephrotic syndrome is one of the most common conditions which is encountered in the paedicatric age group.Memorizing the clinical features and complications of nephrotic syndrome is essential while appearing for all the MCQ exams. Pediatric vaccine schedule mnemonics for the vaccinations given to children ages 0-6 years. In preparation for the NCLEX and nursing lecture exams, you will want to know the recommended vaccines given to children at various ages, such as birth, 2, 4, 6, 12-18 months, and 4-6 years. There are a LOT of vaccines to remember!! Therefore, what is the easiest way to memorize the immunization.

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Nausea and vomiting. Sulfonamide: major side effects · Sulfonamide side. effects: Steven-Johnson syndrome. Skin rash. Solubility low (causes crystalluria) Serum albumin displaced (causes newborn kernicterus and potentiation of. other serum albumin-binders like warfarin) Phenytoin: adverse effects PHENYTOIN some super easy ways on how to remember the causes of hypocalcemia signs and symptoms and the nursing interventions for this condition Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics amp Tips Nurseslabs November 12th, 2018 - Includes 10 Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics amp Tips that are visual Simplify the concepts of pharmacology with these memory aid Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics: Pharmacology Flashcards and Fill-ins for the Future Nurse, Doctor, Physician Assistant, and Pharmacist Active Stack Pharmacology Mnemonics Flashcards is an excellent way to enhance your learning experience and equip you with the necessary skills to succeed on the test. This book contai

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6th left- Pulmonary artery and Ductus arteriosus. 6th right- Pulmonary artery. This is a way to learn the derivatives of pharyngeal arches. But it's always better to understand things than to mug up. Learning nerve supply followed by derivatives is highly recommended because that will make your basics further strong L - Listeria. D - Diphtheria. A - Actinomycetes. T - Tetani Clostridium. T - TB Mycobatcterium. A - Anthrax bacillus. a lots of pharma,micro mnemonics with me.i will upgrade them step by step. 12-03-2006, 11:02 PM #2. alap It seems like the first step was being able to recognize that a drug is a cytochrome p450 something . The commonly tested ones, at least on that app, were these: Erythromycin, quinidine, rifampin, isoniazid, griseofulvin, cimetidine, carbamazepine, phenytoin, and phenobarbital. And that's basically the hard part, because I realized the names. IMHO there is nothing easy about nursing school and pharmacology is the hardest of all. No easy way, just study study study. Make drug cards, put them in order of classifications that way at least you can have similar actions and adverse effects together. Good luck. work hard Here is the easy way to remember the all 20 amino acid.Complete mnemonics about all type of amino acids. memorizing amino acids is just like a game, amino acid single letter code help you to memorize 20 amino acid within a minutes

Learning to read Japanese can be a daunting task. The Japanese language has three distinct alphabets (four if you count romaji!) and learning kanji is a task that takes years. You can learn the kana (hiragana and katakana) pretty quickly, though, if you use the most efficient way to memorise them - mnemonics Pharmacology content is 6 hours. Statement of Learning Need Pharmacology continuous learning has become a highly satisfying method for nurses to increase and maintain proficiency in medication administration. Pharmacology learning tools, online or self-study, tailored to nursin Below are my mnemonics for Cisco Syslog Severity and Cyber Kill Chain. Failed Firewalls Show That Simple Technical Digressions Help Krackers Penetrate Into Laughably Secure Hidden Resources. Port Number; description: 20: FTP Data. Remember failed ends with a D, for data. 21: FTP Control. Control ends with a L, and firewal Picmonic. Last but not least, one of my absolute FAVORITE resources I used during my pharmacology courses is a fun medical mnemonic program created by health care professionals called, Picmonic. Now Picmonic is very unique in that it has been tried and true and is backed by research (Picmonic Study).It uses acronyms and phonetic mnemonics to develop a story that helps you remember key facts.

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So, if you can remember these 10 Mnemonic Devices, you can memorize 51/54 of the terms on the map. For the record, the North Sea, Switzerland, and Italy are not attached to any phrase. Of course, showing your students these hints won't help them memorize the terms in one sitting, but for some of them, it might just be silly enough to. The best way to learn drug names.well that depends on how you learn. Find out which way helps you learn best and stick to it. Once you will find something that works for sure, you will know how to learn it well. Just be creative and give sometime making mnemonics or chart and I want to say repetition is the key to success in memorizing the. Mnemonic devices can help students remember important facts and principles. Mnemonic devices commonly employ a rhyme, such as 30 days hath September, April, June, and November, so that they are recalled easily. Some use an acrostic phrase where the first letter of each word stands for another word, such as Practically every old man plays. Mnemonics and Mnemonists Mnemonic - Any learning device that enhances information retention Mnemonist -person with extraordinary memory mostly achieved through various techniques and practice Alex Mullen -memorized a deck of playing cards in < 20 seconds and 3000 digits in less than an hour This is an easy way for visual students to remember liquid measurement. Making associations and seeing this visual concept, puts the information into children's long-term memory! Learning how to memorize math terms with pictures, stories and rhymes, makes life much easier! Check out my site for know how solutions

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One: Learn The Memory Palace Technique. Learning to use a Memory Palace is essential for all learning tasks that involve large amounts of information. I do have one student who memorized 66 Psalms in a way he felt was without a Memory Palace. However, as we spoke, it was clear that the same basic use of spatial memory was still in place The mechanism of anticholinergic drugs is to direct blood to your heart, lungs, and brain by inhibiting the parasympathetic nervous system. When the signal going to the PNS is blocked or disrupted, the involuntary functions like mucus secretion, salivation, urination, and digestion is decreased significantly. Examples: Atropine, Epinephrine Pharm450 is the easiest way to study pharmacology for USMLE Step 1. We've packed an entire course on medical pharmacology into a set of entertaining videos that leverage your visual, spatial, and emotional memory so you learn faster and retain more NEET PG - Pharmacology Mnemonics. Pharmacology is considered to be one of the most scoring and elaborate subjects of NEET PG. A fair amount of time needs to be devoted to the subject in order for the students to be well-versed with all the topics. Studying of Pharmacology requires students to memorize a lot of things Easy way to learn Medicine Hi Everyone, I Am Vignesh - EASY WAY TO LEARN MEDICINE, Currently I Am Studying Medicine In Vinnista National Medical University. I Am Here To Teach You Medicine In Easy Way To Understand, What Exactly Going On There And Lots of MNEMONICS. Krok 1 Pharmacology - Drugs Influence On Metabolism

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of Essential Mnemonics in Pharmacology is a must-read book for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. This new book contains more than 90 fresh pharmacology mnemonics with relevant illustrations. It also has practical strategies to use mnemonic devices or memory aids for Page 3/2 learning to drive a car or a motorcycle. Pharmacology is the Epitome of Information Overload If medical school curricula (perhaps the preclinical years in particular) suffer from information overload, then pharmacology might be damned as one of the biggest contributors to it. (I personally give top honors to our gross anatomy and neuroanatomy. Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, Third edition (Incredibly Easy! Series®) by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Mnemonics have long been used as a method of learning in medicine. Details. Pharmacology Mnemonics for the Family Nurse Practitioner eBooks & eLearning. Posted by Jeembo at Dec. 5, 2018.. Simply put, buy the book and read it; personally i think mnemonics suc, i am a visual learner and learn best by doing. But others learn differently if you are a auditory learner then simply read out this info and listen to it, whatever it takes. Pharmacology is never going away and its the easiest 'surest' way of hurting people Use the mnemonic NAG SAG. NAG SAG is an easy way to remember the soluble compounds and the exceptions to solubility. Write out NAG SAG as an acrostic and memorize what each letter stands for. Although this mnemonic doesn't include all of the solubility rules, it does cover a lot of them. All of the letters represent soluble molecules

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  1. Know your physiology, and then use Lippincott's Pharmacology. I didn't use it, but if I could start second year again, I would use Kaplan videos because they seem pretty decent. If you're like me, you'll forget a lot of it just after the test, but having seen it all once makes it easy to review later on the clinical years
  2. Book Description : Bring key pharmacology topics to life in a flash! Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards: Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses, 5th Edition uses humor, illustrations, and mnemonics, to help you retain challenging pharmacology concepts and drug information. This sturdy, spiral bound kit covers important nursing.
  3. Easy way to learn periodic table and its elements - Find some fun, interesting mnemonics in Hindi and English used to memorize elements along each groups and periods of periodic table in 10X faster way. Search or Ask Eduncle. 1. Try Free Downloads (current) Courses . UGC NET
  4. ology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms: Let's be very clear about this, if you want to feel proud of yourself and do a great job in the health care field, you need to learn and understand medical ter
  5. We are passionate about all aspects of nursing- teaching, learning, and practicing. This led us to develop The ICAN Publishing series which is an original learning program for nursing professionals utilizing mnemonics and graphics to accelerate the learning process. This format is insanely easy
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If we memorize this list, which is easy to do since it rhymes, we can associate new words we learn with the corresponding number really easily. All we need to do is make a picture in our head. Go ahead and memorize the list of ten words now! Do it as a rhyme: One, bun. Two, shoe Nov 23, 2020 - Facing difficulty to memorize complex Biology concepts? Learn by Mnemonics for Biology, and prepare well for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER. Read on The sillier the Image Mnemonic is, the easier it is to recall the related information. These images may be mental or sketched into text and lecture notes. Don't worry about your artistic ability. As long as you know what your sketch means, Image Mnemonics will help you learn and remember. Examples Learning anatomy and physiology can be challenging for a massage therapy student. Fortunately there are memorization tricks to help the massage therapy student prepare for massage school exams and pass the MBLEx in 2021. An anatomy mnemonic can help you recall bones, muscles.. Mnemonic for Periodic Table | Happy Henry Likes Beans Brownies. In this article, we will learn the mnemonic for the periodic table.We can learn the periodic table with mnemonic thus making it easy to memorise the whole periodic table at once. Before starting, let's take a quick glance of mnemonic and its use in chemistry.. Mnemonics are one of the easiest ways to learn something

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  1. Nevertheless, pharmacology is not impossible to master. The best way to learn pharmacology, as reported by many students and experts in the field, is to recognize groups, classifications, patterns, similarities, and differences between these drugs, like the way each class in Brainscape is organized into decks
  2. • Full-color cartoons and color-highlighted monographs provide a visually engaging way to learn. • Mnemonics and other time-tested memory aids help you grasp and remember even the most difficult concepts. • Thick pages and spiral-bound format create the perfect portable tool that is durable enough for the clinical environment
  3. There is a lot more complicated shit that I did to learn these sketches but it really breaks down to being able to pull them up in your head in their entirety. However you choose to do this is up to you. I ended up having a very specific way Id learn the sketches and can talk about it more in another post if people are interested
  4. Mnemonics are easy-to-remember lines or phrases one can use to memorize things that are difficult to learn. In this article, you will find some cool ways to remember mnemonics - one each for one group - to learn the Periodic Table.. The Periodic Table provides the names, atomic numbers, symbols and atomic weights of known elements. It serves as a great tool for solving chemistry problems
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How to learn the Cyrillic alphabet is one of the challenges I faced when I started to learn Russian. This post is my complete walk through on how I did it in very little time using mnemonics. This post is a complete walk through on what memory devices I used to help me remember the alphabet quite easily

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