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FCE SPEAKING PART 2 (COMPARING AND CONTRASTING PICTURES) Useful Vocabulary for Picture Descriptio. Adobe Acrobat Dokument 42.8 KB. Download. FCE Speaking Part 2. Speaking Part 2.pdf. Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1'010.5 KB. Download. FCE SPEAKING PART 3 (DISCUSSION) FCE Speaking Part 3. Speaking Part 3.pdf B2 First for Schools Speaking Part 2 (Long turn) Top tip! Find a study buddy to practise speaking with. • Practise doing a Speaking Part 2 task. • Watch a real example of two students doing a Speaking Part 2 task. Practice 1: Compare two photos . 1. Set a timer for one minute. (You could use a kitchen timer, the clock app on your mobil B2 First books FCE Handbook for Teachers Book Lessons. FCE Speaking Part 3 Tips. Here are some of the tips I mention in the video above and a couple of extras . 1. You should watch the video above and see typical example questions for this part of the exam. 2. You should create your own questions, similar to the ones in the video above. 3

ESB B2 Sample 4 1 ESB Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International All Modes - (B2) 500/3647/6 B2 - Speaking Test EXAMINER PROMPTS Not to be distributed until immediately prior to the oral assessments. For the examiner's eyes only. To be used in conjunction with documents from the standardisation event. Part/Topic Page Part FORMAT B2 SPEAKING EXAM Below you can find examples of each part of the B2 Speaking Test PRODUCCIÓN ORAL 25% PARTE 1 El examinador, de manera alternativa, hará preguntas a los dos alumnos. (4-5 min en total) PARTE 2 Cada candidato tiene 15 segundos para preparar un tema determinado y 1 minuto para exponerlo The Cambridge B2 Speaking exam lasts for 12-14 minutes and consists of 4 parts: Learning with mistakes is part of the learning process and completely natural, We need classes that develop the courage to commit errors (Hattie 2009, p. 178). Interview (part 1) 2 minutes: The examiner will ask you questions individually and you need to. The B2 First Speaking test (FCE) has four parts and in this video we look at the last half of the test.In FCE speaking part 3, the examiner gives the candida..

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Speaking First: Ten practice tests for the Cambridge B2 First. Get your copy of Speaking B2 to gain access to 10 complete B2 First (FCE) Speaking Tests and many more things: description of each part, sample answers, guidance for every part, mark sheet, author comments and tips, etc. 22,50 EUR. Comprar en Amazon Part 4. In part 4 of the Speaking section, the examiner asks questions about the discussion topic in part 3. You can respond to what your partner says. FCE Speaking Tips and Technique for Part 4. As you do not know what the topic will be, you cannot prepare answers in advance Part Three- collaborative task. In this speaking part, you and the other candidate converse and come to a decision regarding material and a task that the examiner has given you. This section assesses your ability to exchange ideas, to express opinions and to provide justification for them

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Tercera parte del Speaking de FCE / B2, explicación paso a paso con consejos, estructuras y demostración del examen.Practica con ejercicios aquí:http://luisa.. Learning from examples is always best. In this part we are going to have a look at two examples of Speaking Part 2. The videos below were recorded by Cambridge English so they are the real deal. I'm going to give some commentary on what I think the students do well or in which areas they can improve Speaking Part Two: Long Turn 4 minutes. In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I'd like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about a minute, and also to answer a question about your partner's photographs

B2 First Speaking Test (FCE) Speaking Part 2 - 3 steps to follow. This is our third video about the B2 first speaking test (formerly called the FCE speaking test) where we explain how to handle the picture questions. In FCE speaking part 2, the examiner gives each candidate two pictures and a question to discuss The B2 Business Vantage Speaking test has three parts and is taken with another candidate. Exceptionally the test may be taken with 3 candidates. There are two examiners. One examiner talks to you and the other examiner listens. Both examiners give marks for your performance. This paper accounts for 25% of the total mark IELTS Speaking test has 3 sections and it takes 5 to 15 minutes. The sub-test consists of an interview with a trained examiner and the whole conversation is recorded for later evaluation. There are 3 main parts of an IELTS Speaking test (part 1: Introduction & Interview, part 2: Cue Card/Candidate Task Card & part 3: Details discussion) and the assessment of the examinees is done twice for. In Part 3 of CAE Speaking you finally get a chance to interact and speak with your partner. You are given a diagram with a question and 5 different ideas surrounding it. The first 2 minutes are for you to discuss the question using the ideas provided, then the examiner will stop you and ask a follow-up question about the most/least/best/worst. FCE Speaking Part 4. The FCE Speaking Part 4 is the final part of the FCE Speaking test.yipeeeeee! In this part, the examiner will ask you and your partner questions about the topic you discussed in part 3. It is good to listen to you partner in case the examiner asks you to respond! You should watch the video below and learn my technique.

Now here are the 4 examples for you to practise doing: Example photos for Part 2 of the FCE Speaking exam Example 1. Here are your photographs. They show different types of holidays. I'd like you to compare the photographs and say what activities people can do on these type of holidays. You have a minute to do this FCE Speaking Part 3: Discussion with partner(s) Now we enter the section of the speaking exam that is all about interacting with your partner. For part 3, you will be shown a spider diagram with a question in the middle and 5 topics connected to it (see the picture in the video below) Now that you understand how to maximise your score for the B2 Vantage Speaking Part 1, you are now ready to start learning how to prepare to succeed in Parts 2 & 3. If you prefer to focus on improving your score in a different part of the B2 Vantage exam then go to Reading, Writing, or Listening Advice, hints, tips, techniques and help with studying for and teaching the Speaking part 3 section of the Cambridge First Certificate B2 (formerly FCE) English Exam Hello Exam Seekers, Last year we started reviewing the new format of the B2 - First Speaking Exam.Part 1 - The interview, was a light conversation about general topics, just to make the interviewee more relaxed. Part 2 - The long turn, the candidate should speak about a topic for around 1 minute.Now, let's see something about part 3

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  1. Speaking part 3 from Javier Martos. By jmartos4 in FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH (F.C.E.-B2), SPEAKING PAPER on October 27, 2014 . ← DOCUMENTS OF THE WEEK F.C.E. WRITING PART 1INFORMAL LETTER AND EMAIL →
  2. utes. Tips: Try to support your answers with examples and reasons. Also, give lengthy and comprehensive answers. Browse the IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic
  3. FCE CAMBRIDGE SPEAKING FCE B2 CAE Speaking part 1 CAE Speaking part 2 CAE Speaking Part 3 CAE Speaking part 4 WRITING FCE B2 Writing with topic sentence FCE Writing Test Tips Opinion essay / Opinion Essay Example For and against essay / For and Against Essay Example Report / Report Example Article / Articl
  4. Speaking perf-examples-b2 1. EXAMPLES OF SPEAKING PERFORMANCES AT CEF LEVELS A2 TO C2 (Taken from Cambridge ESOL's Main Suite exams) CEFR LEVEL AND COMMENTARIES GABRIELA: LEVEL B2 RINO: LEVEL B2 2. Foreword This document accompanies the recorded speaking performances of Gabriela (CEF level B2) and Rino (CEF level B2)
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  1. B2 (Advanced) (Click to see videos of native speakers answering Escuela Oficial advanced monologues) Many students tell me that they have been studying for years but they still find it difficult to speak in English. Speaking is probably the most important aspect of learning a language but schools and academies don't seem to realise this
  2. this level (see part 3.6 CECR Grammar structures to master for B2 exam). DELF B2 Speaking Test How To Succeed Listening Test (Compréhension orale) Be smart when you read the questions. Most answers are in the questions themselves or in another question. Sometimes you can almost answer before hearing the audio recording
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  4. Speaking. Part 1 Task: • Give and spell name • State country of origin • Answer 5 questions. Part 2 Task: 2 or 3 situations are presented by the interlocutor; Candidates are expected to respond to questions and initiate interactions; Part 3 Task: Hold a short discussion to make a plan, arrange or decide something using written text as the.

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B2 School Improvement is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English B2 First (FCE) examination.For this example, it is a magazine article explaining how a student feels that new rules can improve their school. An article is usually written for an English-language magazine aimed at teenagers, and the reader is assumed to have similar interests to the writer CAE Speaking Part 3+4: Phrase Worksheet. Posted on March 10, 2016. by Tim Warre. Image credit: aliciateacher2.wordpress.com. Follow me on twitter @ RobbioDobbio. This is a gap-fill worksheet for CAE students to teach phrases for the collaborative parts of the speaking exam. Download the gap-fill and key below

Part 3 (3 minutes) and part 4 (4 minutes) In part 3 you have to talk about 7 different items individually and then select 2/3. Example questions: Talk to your partner about a list of household chores/ jobs/ sports and how you feel about each of them. Try to agree on 2/3 that you like doing the least/most The test has 4 separate parts: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Cambridge B2 First speaking section requires you to use spoken English to communicate about various topics, by yourself, with the examiner, and with another candidate. The speaking exam is short, but it's still worth 20% of your total score, so it's important Sample Answers for Speaking Topic: Charities. These model answers are for IELTS speaking part 3, which is the most difficult part lasting 4 to 5 minutes. The topic of charities usually comes under the topic of unpaid work / volunteer work. Before you read the sample answers, try to answer the questions yourself. 1 CAE SPEAKING TEST PART 4. Part 4 takes the topic from part 3 and extends it. While CAE Speaking test part 3 is quite structured, you have more freedom in part 4. You can answer questions in a more natural way, like you would in everyday conversation. However, there are some strategies to keep in mind, and the questions can be quite challenging B2 FCE speaking exam part two. Speaking Reading Writing Listening B2 First speaking part 2 - comparing the photographs We saw in part 1 that the examiner asks you some introductory questions about yourself. In part two of the Cambridge English First speaking test you and one other student (s) (sometimes three) must take it turns to speak

This is B2 First Speaking Test Part 2 Exercise 1, choose the tabs to complete all the tasks. Instructions. Complete the quiz to practice useful language to use in Part 2.; Listening carefully to Maria talking about her two photographs and complete the exercise.; Record your voice and then download the file to share with your English teacher or a friend who speaks English well to get some. DELF B2 Speaking part is the hardest part according to all the french learners. First, there are four parts in this test so the final mark is an average and if the speaking skill is not your best skill you will still have three other tests to make the difference. Secondly, I will give you some tips to have better chance to pass it with success Part two of the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Speaking test is called the 'Long Turn' because you and student B take turns to give long speeches. You get two colour photos. You have to talk about them on your own for a minute. When you finish, the examiner asks the other student (student B) a question about your photos - student B should talk for. Part 3 of FCE Speaking is the first time that you interact with your partner. You are given a diagram, which includes a question with 5 different ideas to discuss. First you speak about the question for 2 minutes together, then the examiner will give you 1 minute to make a decision about the best/worst/most interesting option CL GRANADA, S. L. C/ Puentezuelas, nº 32, 1ª Planta - 18002 Granada Teléf.: 958 53 52 53 - 958 52 12 91 / Fax: 958 25 1 5 46 E-mail: info@clgranada.com Web: www.clgranada.com Rev: 06/22-07-13 PET SPEAKING PART 3: DESCRIBING A PHOTO ( 1 - 1 ½ minutes per candidate

Part 2. In this part of the test I'm going to give each of you two photographs. I would like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about a minute and also answer a question about your partner's photographs. (Candidate A) It's your turn first. Here are your photos Para preparar el Speaking Practice 3 y para esta parte del examen, podéis encontrar una información detallada del Aptis Speaking Test en: Aptis Speaking Practice 1. Aptis Speaking Practice 2. Aptis Speaking Part 1 and 2: Personal Information Questions. Aptis Speaking Part 2 and 3: Describing Pictures

Watch example videos on YouTube. This is a free and good method of seeing what it would be like in an actual test situation. Some tips for part four. The questions in part 4 are not written down, so you have to listen carefully. However, keep in mind that the questions are not random. They are related to the questions and elements of part three The DELF B2 speaking test consist (again) of two parts: 30 minutes preparation and 20-ish minutes interview. So the good news is that you don't have to go off half-cocked - something that is common for IELTS, for example FCE Course Lesson 10 - B2 first writing skills with an example and teachers tips 1. Dialogue Writing Skills 1: The FCE Cambridge consists of a part of Writing that comprises 2 parts called compulsory question and situationally based writing task. You will have 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete them Curso de IELTS Lección 10 ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf Preparation Course IELTS Speaking #3 Introduction to the Speaking Section of the IELTS with an Exam sample Topic: Technology An example of the ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf.Test format - Speaking11-14 minutes Technology. Part 1 Do you use an

Phrasal Verbs B2-C1 - CAE Speaking Part - FCE Questions - WEATHER B2 - Vocabulary in Use Advanced - Vocabulary in Use 26-27 - CAE Speaking - Speaking B1-B2. Community 14 99 b2 c1. Examples from our community 10000+ results for '14 99 b2 c1' Phrasal Verbs B2-C1 Match up. by. This post, with tips and ideas to help students prepare for A2 Key Speaking Part 2, Phase 2, follows on from my previous post, About A2 Key Speaking Part 2, Phase 1. After discussing the five pictures of activities, places or things, and answering questions about their opinions and preferences, candidates are then asked two questions each FCE Speaking Test Part 4: (Discussion) Tests ability to: use language to express and justify an opinion, to agree and disagree etc. In Part 4 of the test, which lasts about 4 minutes, the examiner will join both candidates in a discussion about the general topic that appeared in Part 3. Example Question cambridge-english-first-fce-speaking-part-3 1/8 Downloaded from support-dev.tapatalk.com on July 9, 2021 by guest [DOC] Cambridge English First Fce Speaking Part 3 When people should go to the books stores, search establishment by shop, shelf by shelf, it is truly problematic. This is why we allow the books compilations in this website

Phrasal Verbs B2-C1 - CAE Speaking Part - WEATHER B2 - Vocabulary in Use Advanced - Vocabulary in Use 26-27 - CAE Speaking - Speaking B1-B2 - FCE Question CAE SPEAKING TEST PART 2. In part two of the Cambridge English: Advanced Speaking test, you are given a piece of paper with 3 photos on. The photos are almost always about people. You have to talk about 2 of the pictures, on your own, for a minute. Then the examiner will ask the other candidate a question about your pictures CAE Speaking Part 2 Long turn - teacher's notes Description In this activity, students familiarise themselves with the format and instructions for Part 2 of the CAE Speaking test. They can then practise doing a Part 2 task. Time required FCE Speaking Test Part 2 - Cambridge English: First (FCE / B2) In FCE's Speaking Test part 2, you are asked to compare two pictures and answer one question. Find out how to do this properly in this post and download it B2 Business Vantage: Speaking: Part 2. An article by Adrian Doff about the Cambridge English B2 Business Vantage exam (formerly BEC Vantage Business English), speaking part 2 (the 'long turn' task or mini-presentation), with tips for preparing candidates and a sample task and explanation

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The complete Aptis Speaking Exam - B1B2 Top. There are in total 4 parts to the Aptis speaking exam. All Aptis exams are done online including the speaking part, so this means that you will be speaking through a microphone with a computer, and it will be recorded. No examiner will be present Part 2 Overview. The second part of the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Speaking test is known as the 'Long Turn' because you and your partner take turns in giving long speeches. The examiner will give you two colour photos. You have to talk about the photos on your own for a minute. The examiner the asks the other student a question about your. Part 3 of the PET Speaking exam lasts about 3 minutes. The examiner will give you a colour photograph and ask you to talk about it on your own for about 1 minute. 1. List the vocabulary - Name the things you see in the pictures/ photos. Vocabulary (singular / plural) / (countable / uncountable) according to theme of photo Speaking from personal experience, I'd probably say B2 First (FCE) and C1 Advanced (CAE) Speaking Test: Part 4 - Discussion . Following on from the topic you've discussed in Part 3, the interlocutor asks some questions which could be open or directed to one candidate or the other Give more than just basic answers, support them with examples to show what you mean. If you don't know the answer, because you lack knowledge of specific areas of business, say so, and try to speculate on the topic. In this part you have to speak for about 3 minutes. Questions you may be asked in BEC Vantage Speaking Part 1: 1

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  1. Upper intermediate (B2) level English students who would like to have more job opportunities Speaking Paper - Part 3 - Tips, Technique & Practice. 23:18. Real Lesson Exercise & Feedback - Part 3. 22:31. Even More Part 3 Examples From A Live Lesson. 06:09. Instructor. Cambridge English Teacher Rory. FCE teacher, CAE teacher, English.
  2. Jul 27, 2016 - pictures to be used in the speaking paper part 2. Jul 27, 2016 - pictures to be used in the speaking paper part 2. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures
  3. Part 3 of the Speaking Exam is the first collaborative task of the exam - this means that both students have to work together as a team to have a conversation about a topic, and then to try to decide something together. This Part contains two tasks. Firstly, you will be given a diagram (see below) which will contain a question in the middle, and five topics to discuss
  4. Speaking B2 First (FCE): Guía Completa con Ejemplos | KSE Speaking B2: expresiones útiles para debatir. En esta sección te voy a dar una lista de expresiones útiles que podrás utilizar en el Speaking B2 First (FCE) Part 3, de manera que puedas elegir unas cuantas para intentar ponerlas en práctica cada vez que hagas esta parte del examen oral.Vamos allá
  5. er will ask a broader range of questions based on the IELTS Speaking part 2. He/She will also expect answers with an explanation and examples in general. The time will be strictly controlled in this part. Model Answers for 50 IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topics & Question
  6. This task is effective to prepare the students for the B2 speaking test. Criticizing and analyzing require deeper cognitive skills that will help students remember what to do and what not in this part of the exam. Tip: Search online to find video examples
  7. The whole exam is divided into four different 'papers' - Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This page offers a guide to the first part of the Speaking Exam in the Cambridge B2 First Exam, what it tests, how to approach it and how to revise for it. Don't be afraid, Speaking part 1 - let's go

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View SPEAKING PART 2 & 3 SAMPLE ANSWERS.pdf from ENGLISH INS 1108 at Vietnam National University, Hanoi. VSTEP SPEAKING PART 2 SAMPLE ANSWERS * 12/03/2016 Situation 1: Your cousin is the best studen Like the other parts of the FCE speaking exam, you are given scores for grammar/vocabulary, discourse management (whether you can speak fluently and coherently) and pronunciation. In part three, you also get a score for interactive communication. This means that your score depends partly on how you communicate with your partner B2 First speaking test part 1 (Interview about yourself) There will be you, 1 other student and 2 examiners. Only 1 of the examiners (the interlocuter) will speak to you; the other (the assessor) just takes notes and won't ask you any questions Part 2- Giving a Basic Description of picture /Opinion/ Comparing with own situation. There are 3 task from part 2 of the Aptis speaking exam: 1. Describe the picture. (You have to speak for 45 seconds ) 2.Giving an opinion. (You have to speak for 45 seconds ) 3. Comparing with own situation/experiences 70+ high-band, IELTS-focused English functions, grammar and sentence structures chosen specifically to answer IELTS Speaking questions. 75 Practice Exercises totaling 300+ individual questions. Intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1+) skills to push your English to the next level. Cheat Sheets with all 70+ functions on one easy-to-review section

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This is a lesson plan for students preparing to take the Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam. Students create their own topic cards for part 3 of the speaking exam; the dreaded long turn! Download the handout and examples below: cpe-diy-part-3Download cpe-diy-part-3-examplesDownload Procedure You could use this lesson plan to introduce the long turn, give students My B2 Exam took place on Saturday, and it was a paper-based exam. We started with Reading, Listening and Writing. Later on, we got pieces of paper with the time of our appointments for the Speaking part. I had about 2 hours of break before my speaking part began Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) Speaking Part Three Phrases Presentation, Practice and Games FCE Speaking Part Three key words card game Teacher's instructions Cut up one pack of cards per group of two or three students. Students deal out the cards and look at their own. While doing an FCE Speaking Part Three speaking task they try t

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This part is rated on 6 points out of the 25 points assigned to the DELF B2 speaking test. For this part, there are two assessment criteria: 1) Peut confirmer et nuancer ses idées et ses opinions, apporter des précisions. (Can confirm and qualify his ideas and opinions, provide clarification.) = 3 point Tip 2: Focus on the weather conditions and how families can take advantage of each season. Tip 1: Speak about the details of each celebration: food, decoration, typical activities. Tip 2: Don't forget to integrate linking words, smart adjectives and specific vocabulary. Tip: Focus on a variety of skills: flexibility, attention, coordination. Here you are the presentation of SPEAKING, PART 3. YOU'LL FIND MANY EXAMPLES OF IT FOR PRACTICING THIS PART OF THE TEST. SPEAKING PART 3. Speaking part 3 from FRANKMARTOS . DOCUMENTS OF THE WEEK. PART 1. 1.B 2- C 3.A 4.A 5.A 6. B 7. B 8. B. PART 2. 9.composer 10. Concert halls/concerts 11. 9.500( 9 thousand and five hundred/ nine and a. [Update 7.2.2021: a more comprehensive version of this post, which includes definitions, examples from real contexts of use, and expressions which can be used for mediating language, individual presentations and interactions can be found here]. You can find below two lists with different expressions, linking words and discourse markers which may come in handy both for your individual. IELTS Speaking Part 3. The third and final part of the IELTS Speaking exam continues the discussion topic from Part 2.However, in contract to the monologue from the second section, this is an interactive discussion with the examiner.This conversation element lasts 4-5 minutes.The main aim of Speaking Part 3 is to develop the previous topic further and to explore its more abstract details


General Exam Information There are four papers in the B2 First: FCE exam: Reading and Use of English - Part 1 - Multiple-choice cloze. Part 2 - Open cloze. Part 3 - Word formation. Part 4 - Key word transformations. Part 5 - Multiple Choice. Part 6 - Gapped Text How to Face the Speaking Part of the CILS Exam B1 and B2. The CILS exam is a great challenge to get the certification released by the University for Foreigners of Siena, which is valid all over the world to attest your Italian level of competence.. Have a look at the exam structure here.. One of the most challenging sections of the exam is definitely the Speaking Part: let's see in more. The following additional classroom activities for speaking are informed by the Trinity Lancaster Corpus research project. Learning from prior Trinity speaking assessment results, these activities focus on practising aspects of speaking that will help students improve their communication skills in all situations. B2 Worksheet 1. B2 Teacher Notes 1 The speaking test contains 1 part. You will be on your own with two examiners. You will begin with a presentation based on a short written document and it will be followed by a discussion with the examiners.You will be given 30 minutes for preparation and the oral exam will last for 20 minutes (10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of discussion). This part is worth 25 marks.Example of.

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Exam Speaking Example Answers (B1 - B2 - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate) Click on the links below to listen to native-speaker sample answers to the topics These example answers, level B1 / B2 (intermediate / upper-intermediate), have less common vocabulary, grammar structures, and linking expressions good for exams like PET, FCE, IELTS (6-6.5), TOEFL [ Trucos para aprobar el Speaking Part 3 del First. Ten siempre en mente la pregunta que tienes en la hoja. Solo tienes 15 segundos, así que has de pensar en cómo empezar la conversación y cómo expresar tu opinión sobre los temas que tienes que debatir. Puedes empezar la conversación dando tu opinión sobre uno de los temas

IELTS Course Lesson 24 - An introduction into the IELTS Speaking section with exercises An example of IELTS speaking format with exercises. #3 Topic: Education. The IELTS Speaking Test format - Speaking11-14 minutes PART 1 Do you work or are you a student? Currently I'm studying. I'm doing a master' Overview of CAE and FCE Speaking Part 3. You and a partner will be given a piece of paper and a task, such as deciding which item is most important on a list of items. You will speak for 3 minutes in the CAE Exam and 2 minutes in the FCE Exam. (This is followed by 1 minute of speaking to reach a decision.) The best way to improve your score in.

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Vocabulary and tips for cae and fce speaking part 3. Fce speaking - examples of questions and answers | international. Fce speaking exam and why you should not be afraid of it! | live. First certificate in english (fce) speaking, example test two | esl. Fce speaking part 1 (b2 first exam) + practice questions. Fce speaking: practice tests and. Level: B2 to C1 (Upper-Intermediate to Advanced) Age: teenagers (preferably working towards FCE or CAE) Time: 80 minutes Materials: 1 question sheet per student (comment for files) Aims: By the end of the lesson, students will have practised FCE/CAE Speaking Part 3 in the context of Christmas presents Cambridge English: First (FCE) Speaking Part 3. Candidates have a task to complete together without any input from the interlocutor. A written topic with a number of ideas will be provided (see the practice test for examples) and candidates will have to discuss them, give their opinion, and make a decision. Turn your chair to face your partner

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Part 2- Giving a Basic Description of picture /Opinion/ Comparing with own situation. There are 3 task in part 2 of the Aptis speaking exam: 1. Describe the picture. (You have to speak for 45 seconds ) 2.Giving an opinion. (You have to speak for 45 seconds ) 3. Comparing with own situation/experiences The Aptis Speaking component tests your ability to communicate in English in real-life situations. It takes about 12 minutes and it is divided into four sections. Your responses will be recorded and marked by our examiners. If you are taking Aptis Advanced, you will have 10 minutes to complete this part Last year I created a Speaking dossier for my B1 students and now I have adapted it to B2 Cambridge First Certificate. It is a nine-page PDF document which is intended to present an overview of the oral exam as well as some tools and useful language to help prepare all the parts of the speaking test

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Speaking Test Part 2 (approximately 4 minutes / 1 TV documentary - Working in the food industry 6 minutes for groups of three) Interlocutor Now, in this part of the test you're going to do something together. Here are some pictures of people in different situations. Place Part 2 booklet, open at Task 1, in front of the candidates Linking Ideas when Speaking. In part 1 of the IELTS speaking test you must answer questions about yourself. We will first look at some questions and example answers, then identify the useful linking words that join the ideas in each answer. Read the following questions When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures Part 2: The Long Turn. At this part of the exam, you are asked to talk on your own about some photographs: comparing, describing, expressing opinions, speculating. At this point, you can start noticing some differences between the B2: First. At B2 Speaking Part 2, you are given two pictures at C1 Speaking Part 2 you are given three pictures In this example, the story is about David and his parents. The picture shows them in their car, driving to their new house in another town, and David is looking out of the window and feeling unhappy. 3. Read through the whole text - don't start to fill in any gaps and forget about the words in the box for the time being. (The reason why.