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When your car jerks when accelerating uphill, you can do the following to fix the possible causes of this issue. Replace the dirty fuel filter to ensure the flow of sufficient fuel to the engine Check the air filters and take out contaminants that blocks the air passag When a car starts jerking as you accelerate it, there is undoubted that it's usually a sign of an impending issue. However, sometimes car jerks when accelerating is a common problem faced by several car owners. But don't worry because this symptom also has a solution like other car problems

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Replace mass airflow sensor: Between $275 and $400. Replace accelerator cable: Between $100 and $375. Replace catalytic converter: Between $1,000 and $2,500. The cost to fix whatever is causing your car to jerk when accelerating can change based on the type of car that you drive If your car is jerking around when you accelerate this is a warning sign that there is a bigger problem with your car. The experts at AAMCO Colorado can help you diagnose your car and get you back on the road fast. Call or schedule online with one of 14 Front Range locations today

If your car jerks when accelerating - you are absolutely not the only one. This is a widespread problem when it comes to cars because many different failed engine components can cause this problem. A car engine needs the right air-fuel ratio to run efficiently Jerking during acceleration. Thread starter LastExpo2000; Start date Aug 23, 2012; Aug 23, 2012 #1 LastExpo2000 Full Access Members. Joined Apr 20, 2011 Posts 149 Reaction score 0 Location Corpus Christi, TX. This just started a couple of days ago, while on the freeway. My expedition would **** slightly around 50 mph If you notice that your car jerks while you're accelerating, this is an issue that you shouldn't ignore. A jerking car is often a sign that your car will develop other problems if you don't address this issue. 1. Dirty Fuel Injectors. Dirty fuel injectors are among the most common reasons for why an accelerator becomes jerky Q: During acceleration between 45 and 50 mph my car jerks until it gets past 55 mph then it smooth out. My car has 121000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Hi There, The jerking reaction you are describing may.. Being the part that connects the wheels to the engine, the transmission system is perhaps one of the most prominent reasons why you would face jerks when accelerating uphill. The transmission system functions to adjust the wheel's drivability in relation to the speed and torque of the engine

2007 4runner sport 130,000 miles 6cyl bucks or jerks at around 45+ mph under slight acceleration noticed mostly on slight uphill grade. Seems to happen after the car warms up. Lasts only a second or two and quits until I accelerate again. No codes, Dealer can't find problem. Clean air filter, oil is clean, (no antifreeze that I can see) When accelerating between 40-65/70 mph the car vibrates. It is most pronounced between 40-50 and vibrates more at slower acceleration speeds. It only happens when accelerating the car. To cruise or coast the vibration is non existent. Even on cruise control you get the vibration when the car needs to accelerate to go uphill or maintain speed A vacuum leak may also cause a car to continuously jerk when you accelerate. This happens when vacuum is created in the engine by the car's fuel system, due to which the car springs forward when you push the accelerator. An inadequate amount of fuel is sent to the engine, thus causing a vacuum leak and ultimately jerks when accelerated

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When I am going uphill the power in the engine reduces, so the only way I can climb the hill is to change to a lower gear. I have my car serviced as per the service intervals. My car is a vauxhall astra 2012. Dan Ferrell (author) on April 22, 2020: Usually, this is due to low fuel pressure, bad spark, or a faulty sensor A clogged catalytic converter is another reason why a car jerks while accelerating, as a blockage can disrupt the exhaust system's airflow. When you press down on the accelerator pedal, you may notice a delay in your car's response, followed by a sudden jerk or lurch forward. There may also be a rotten egg smell. How to fix it Reasons Why a Car Hesitates and Jerks When Accelerating. You should note that a car that experiences hesitation when accelerating is not safe for driving on the road. Figuring out the cause of the problem and hiring a mechanic to fix is quite important. Below are some of the most common causes of car engine hesitation when driving Honda Odyssey 2007 95000 miles. When accelerating over 80 mph the car jerks considerably. I don't know what to do. You should check whether any of the spark plug's coil is failing. You can as well reset the computer by inserting the ignition key in an off position and keeping the reset button pressed while you turn the key to the on position Richard Schram. 47 Answers. SOURCE: Jerking while driving. If you park your vehicle for a long time, you run the risk of having contaminated fuel in the tank. This happened to a car my wife purchased, and it was the last thing I found. It proved to be the problem. What you need to do is remove the fuel from the tank and then have the tank flushed

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2015 Club Car jerks when accelerating. Your 2015 Club Car golf cart jerks when accelerating because of a battery issue or a defective MCOR. A faulty speed sensor could also be the reason for the jerk. The steps that are given here can help you eliminate the jerk in your golf cart. Do a load test on the batteries using a battery load tester Scooby24. Check to see if it's gear dependent. If you take off your shift boot console and the noise is amplified, it's coming from the transmission, even if it sounds like it's in the dash as it resonates there. Mine has a whine when accelerating in 5th gear only, which is amplified with the boot off 10 fold

I own an Altima 2012 which has presented lots of inconvenients: oil leaks through the crankcase, the car jerks considerably, it does not accelerate as it should, the radiator was damaged and it has suffered an overheating problem due to the antifreeze deficit If you found that the BMW is jerking during the acceleration, then make sure that your car has a bigger problem and needs your immediate attention. It's your.. If your car jerks when accelerating uphill, this may be the culprit. When there is too much air mixed into your car's fuel, problems arise- more often than not leading to a jerking car. However, too little air also can cause issues. When the air filter is dirty, it allows dirt and debris to make their way into your engine. This leads to. when accelerating or going up hill car jerks non stop. Customer Question. when accelerating or going up hill car jerks non stop. Submitted: 9 years ago. Category: Saturn. Ask Your Own Saturn Question. Share this conversation. Answered in 1 hour by: 4/4/2010 Car jerks on acceleration (esp. uphill or when car is heavy loaded) BMW 328d xDrive (2.0 litres, 2014). Transmission is ZF 8HP. We bought the car half of year ago (mileage was 60 000 km), and noticed clear jerks few times per day during acceleration. It feels like a bump on the road (even when road is smooth)

Jerking while accelerating. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. K The car would randomly start jerking during acceleration & driving during the week (usually happened more going uphill and when it was hot) i managed to get a code a while back ago at the dealership and they said it was a misfire in a cylinder(i forgot sorry) and they. yober. About 1 year ago I had a problem with my 2000 TL (I had about 65,000 miles on it then) when the engine was jerking during the acceleration sometimes. Car electrician has checked with the scanner, which showed cylinders misfiring. I was advised to change the spark plugs. So I replaced them with the new original NGK plugs

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Visitor. While accelerating from a stop, or accelerating from various speeds such as 35 or 55, it will jolt during acceleration as if it is slipping between gears. Report. 2005 Chevrolet Impala 149,000 mi, Visitor. The car jerks when driving, especially when accelerating. Report. 2007 Chevrolet Impala 72,000 mi, Visitor Feb 4, 2015. #1. As the title suggests I've very recently been having some engine hesitation, and jerkiness, most noticeable around the 2-3000 RPM mark. It occurs when just cruising at a constant speed (most noticeable when around town), as well as light acceleration. Car has done 79K miles.. I've done some 'googling' and found elsewhere. A very common problem is when a vehicle jerks when accelerating. If your Chevy Cruze is jerking when you press the gas, there are a few common issues that can cause this to happen. These include misfiring, fuel delivery issues, the catalytic converter, and more. Chevy Cruze: Jerks When Accelerating Causes. Your Cruze's engine is a pump

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  1. Hi guys, So recently my car has been having issues where while i'm accelerating if i lightly tap the gas pedal the car will jerk pretty hard back and forth. It happens a lot (not all the time) at higher speeds say at 60 k/m and up, but some times even at low speeds. I've tried changing the spark plugs, coils, engine mounts (top, rear strut.
  2. Car Jerks and Hesitates bad at Low RPM, Uphill.. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts 69k miles. It started to jerk a few months ago, problem got worse, First thing I repaired was IMRC and DSI, car felt much better, but jerk and hesitation persisted in a less manner, then got new plugs (bosch cooper core) and gapped them at .052.
  3. What Does It Mean When My Car Jerks When Accelerating? Most of the time, if you step on the accelerator and the vehicle jerks, there's a problem in one of four main areas of the vehicle. The Transmission. The transmission is what transfers power from the engine to the driving wheels of the vehicle. If there are any issues with this system.
  4. Chevy Aveo jerking when accelerating in high gear. Mechanic's Assistant: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue? Just started two days ago. First noticed going uphill at 67 MPH. It's like a power hiccup. Mechanic's Assistant: OK got it. Last thing — JustAnswer charges a fee (generally around $18) to post your type of.
  5. The car is a 2004 Outback (2.5L) that had the gas peddle assembly replaced less than six months ago. When it began behaving the same — could no longer accelerate past ~15mph — we figured it was the peddle again. (Transmission was also said to be in good shape around that same time when checked at an AAMCO.) The car has ~175K

I have a 2000 club car ds 48 volt. VIN #A0041-946499. I have all new 8 volt batteries. It was running fine but all of a sudden it just stopped. I had to get towed back to my house. I live in a retirement community. Everyone has a golf cart. The cart sat all night. This morning with my foot to the floor it ran real slow, then spead up then slowe The shuddering is only when accelerating (not cruising through) the low speed I mentioned earlier. I spoke to my experienced Mercedes mechanic and he said the flex disc problem is usually typically at higher speed. He originally thought it may be the tires. He had the wheels balanced with new winter tires The 2005 Buick LaCrosse has 2 problems reported for jerks when accelerating. Average repair cost is $2,000 at 92,500 miles. CarComplaints.com : Car complaints, car problems and defect informatio Toyota Camry Jerking While Climbing Uphill - Car Talk - Nairaland. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Car Talk / Toyota Camry Jerking While Climbing Uphill (3847 Views) My Car Is Stalling And Jerking When On Motion. / Vibration And Jerking Problem With Mazda Millenia / Jerking When Trying To Accelerate My 1998 Honda Accor

Car Details 1997 Nissan Pulsar 248,000 km Manual. Diagnostics - Problem begins only after car is warm (10+ minutes of driving) - Usually between 1500 and 2500 rpm. Seems ok past 3000rpm. - Happens when accelerating uphill, on the flat or downhill. - Worse when accelerating uphill A car that jerks when accelerating, when starting the engine or even while driving at constant speed is showing symptoms of a problem. There can be many causes behind this jerking motion, including problems in the starting system, fuel supply, engine or the exhaust pipe

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Car jerking, sputtering, losing power when accelerating or going uphill might be a sign of fuel pump failure. Here are the most common signs and reasons How do you fix a car jerking when accelerating? My Car Jerks When Accelerating: How Much Will It Cost to Fix? Replace spark plugs: Between $50 and $150. Clean fuel injectors: Between $50 and $100. Replace air intake system: Between $150 and $500. Replace mass airflow sensor: Between $275 and $400. Replace accelerator cable: Between $100 and $375 Car uphill problem!! Car will drive uphill at fast speeds but not at low rpm. Give your comments please. What do you think might be the problem

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  1. Re: Jerking when accelerating... Hi, didnt mean to dig out this thread but i cant post new thread yet so no choice. When i drive up MSCP real slow as there is a car infront of me going dead slow so got no choice gotta follow behind like 10km/h.. my car seems like no power although the rpm already shows 2000rpm.. continue to step on gradually but the speed dont seems to match the rpm. this only.
  2. 37 Responses to But Wait There's More.Drivers Complain of Chrysler 200 Hesitation and Jerking #1 Robin Powell says: . June 12th, 2013 at 1:34 pm. My 2011 200 has been stalling when I attempt to take off, I took it to the dealer last year and again yesterday
  3. There are a number of reasons as to why your manual or automatic transmission is slipping: The clutch may be wearing out or is worn out. Other components in the transmission may be failing. The transmission fluid level is low. The transmission fluid pressure is low. The transmission filter may be clogged
  4. If your car jerks when accelerating, there could be one or more components throwing your engine off balance: faulty mass air flow sensor. faulty oxygen sensor. intermittent electrical problems in the ignition or fuel system
  5. g to a light and I start slowing down. I generally put the car in neutral at abt 1000 rpm and let it coast into the stop by just using the footbrake. But if the light turns green while I'm moving and I need to accelerate, is it damaging to then shift directly into 2nd or 3rd if it's going too fast for 1st gear
  6. Gmc - Suburban :: 1999 - Started Catching When Accelerating Uphill; Chevrolet - Malibu :: Charging System Light On Then Off When Accelerating While Going Uphill; Hyundai - Elantra :: 2004 - Jerks When Driving Uphill / Accelerating; Ford F-150 (2004-2008) :: Unknown Noise Accelerating Uphill
  7. 5. Worn Out Acceleration Cable. This metal braided cable links the gas pedal and the throttle plate. When the cable is pulled by pressing the gas pedal, the throttle opens. When the acceleration cable is faulty or worn out, along with jerking while accelerating, the car will also take more time than usual to respond

My car lunges, jerks, surges between 1500-2500rpms while accelerating onto the freeway or going uphilll. I see that some have answered me only fb won't allow me to now see those answers. 4 Answers Between 1500-2500rpms the engine lunges, below that or above that it runs great After warming-up and several miles on the road/highway, my 2003 E started chugging/jerking forward (and the check engine light came on). It would stop when I took my foot of the accelerator, but would start back up when I applied the gas. I stopped by the side of the road, turned off the car and restarted. While the engine light stayed on, the. amstel78 said: That jerking is because the engine is lugging; too low an RPM in a tall gear. Particularly bad juju for your engine rings, connecting rods, bearings, and other components especially if the engine is cold. Don't lug your motor; run it in a smaller gear until you're up to operating temps

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If your car is not accelerating properly, check the air filter. The air filter traps dirt, debris and other impurities to keep them from entering the combustion chamber. A clogged air filter starves an engine of much-needed air, skewing the air/fuel mixture that affects acceleration. A failing or dirty mass air flow sensor (MAF), idle air. There are a lot of things that are possible. The tires. If they are not inflated the same the car will tend to pull to the side with less air. If the tires have uneven tread, or are of different makes, it can pull. When the tires are manufactured. Honda Accord: Why is My Car Jerking? Are you jerking at idle, in stop-and-go traffic, or while accelerating? Any or all of these might be your problem. Read on for a description of the possible solutions, so you can determine which remedy is right for you The main problem that I have been able to recreate every time is the car jerks when accelerating in 2nd gear from 2500-3000 rpm. Not during the shift but on the way up. The car also hesitates when I press the accelerator hard after having my foot off of it for a few seconds. For example: stepping on the gas 50-80% down(not flooring it) at a.

1. jerks to one side. 1993 BMW 525. 1. car bucks/jerks while driving. 2009 BMW 528. 1. jerks while stopped, idling. 2001 Buick Century The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is supposed to be a very smooth car, so jerking means something is wrong. Learn how to diagnose it here. By Robert Olsson - June 26, 2015 Contributors: mcleantmw, mercedesmomma68, MarcusF, ozusa This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and E-Class AMG w211/w212 (2002-Present).. Vehicle Shudder problem of the 2014 Hyundai Tucson 1. Failure Date: 04/25/2021. Driving normally then all of a sudden knocking sound from the engine and cant get vehicle moving at attempted speed. Vehicle shakes a bit, check engine light comes on then oil light comes on. See all problems of the 2014 Hyundai Tucson Our car would even die at stop lights on occasion and when you reversed uphill the engine would shudder and stall. Once it would exceed 40mph on the highway. When reversing and accelerating my car is jerking hard to were the whole car bounces it will drive but is having this issue. 2009 Nissan Sentra

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  1. 2004 Cadillac CTS. Joined Nov 14, 2009. ·. 6 Posts. #6 · Jan 10, 2010. I was going to ask about this too. I have an 04 CTS (sports package, automatic) and during moderate driving (not heavy acceleration) I feel the car jerking mildly. Nothing really bad, but I can feel an inconsistency in the engine's effort
  2. Car hesitates when accelerating from stop or when driving uphill is truly frustrating, and it can be dangerous in certain situations like entering and exiting the highway, where acceleration might be necessary to merge with traffic. This happens generally because your engine is not generating enough power to facilitate the increase in speed, however the exact culprit can require some time and.
  3. Misfire or stumble uphill or accelerating on freeway ramp. My 2000 Contour V6 auto has developed an intermittent stumble or misfire on hard acceleration going onto the freeway or uphill at about 35-45MPH. It jerks the car briefly between the 2000-2500RPM range. Once it is up to freeway speeds it is fine. No CEL has come on
  4. Lando223. I have an automatic 2014 rubicon 3.6l, I was driving up north today going uphill going about 65 then my Jeep jerked really hard, (my engine light came on as soon as this happened) kind of like red lining on 2nd gear, I couldn't accelerate even with the pedal on the floor. I kept driving and it did it twice more

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Postby tmorales509 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:49 pm. Well last night i was parked for a few minutes and when i started accelerating the car started jerking kinda like if you never drove a stick before. It does it only the first couple seconds of accelerating but no more after or while driving. It doesnt do it every time i accelerate, it did it last. 1 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 26, 2010. 2007 jeep patriot limited 4x4 2.4 liter cvt transmission. Upon acceleration jeep jerks between 20 - 25 miles an hour and sometimes faster. Only happens when accelerating and feels like the transmission is missing

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The light turns green and I accelerate, make a right turn and start going uphill now. The truck is not accelerating and it feels like it's choking. I press the pedal even further and I start hearing some popping sounds coming from the right frong underside of the car (kinda where the O2 sensor is) Car jerks while accelerating. My 2002 Honda Accord with 82500 miles on it jerks a bit when accelerating. Nothing happens to the speed but the rpm drops and then again increases and then the car picks up speed Your car hesitates when accelerating. At best, this is frustrating. But there could be issues that can lead to more expensive problems down the road, so read about common causes here and get your car running strong again

First the car started jerking (due to misfire I guess) when accelerating, especially pronounced at the at low RPMs of 2-nd and 3-rd gear. Nothing weird on idle or rev-ing the engine without load. No lack of power when it goes above 3000 RPM on the highway etc Hi all, as the title suggests: I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla with 140,000 km on the odo, and lately it has been jerking/lurching pretty aggressively when driving up hill. This only happens when the car is at a stop and then I accelerate on an uphill slope to about 5 to 10 km/h (think of a driveway or steep drivethru) 10 Causes of a Car Losing Power When Accelerating. Clogged Fuel Filter. Clogged or Dirty Air Filter. Clogged catalytic converter or particle filter. MAF Sensor malfunction. Oxygen Sensor malfunction. Faulty fuel injectors. Faulty fuel pump. Low cylinder compression An engine that hesitates when accelerating is either sucking too much air, not getting enough fuel, or misfiring. Here's what you might discover—and what you can do to fix the problem: Dirty air filter. The Fix: Replace the air filter. The spark plugs may be dirty or worn. The Fix: Replace spark plugs. The ignition wires may be bad Car Jerks. One of the most notable signs that the automatic transmission in a vehicle is going out is when the car jerks while shifting gears. Drivers often feel the jerk as it pitches them slightly forward as the car shifts when driving down the road. This jerk becomes more frequent and pronounced when it occurs as the automatic transmission.

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There are many Causes of Car Not Accelerating When Pressing Gas. The 5 Causes of Car Not Accelerating When Pressing Gas. The major reasons your car is not accelerating are as follows; Fuel Problems. The most obvious cause of low, slow, or no acceleration may be that your car does not have enough fuel Ok the way you're describing the jerking is not the problem I mentioned, I thought it might be something else that is very common. I honestly dont understand the jerk issue exactly. A jerk in the car to me would make it pull hard and go a but faster, not slower. I still dont know if your truck is a 4X4 or not Durring light acceleration and at low speeds (city driving 35 mph or so) the truck seeems to run fine. However, when accelerating to highway speeds you notice that the truck will intermitantly jerk. In addition when crusing at highway speeds it runs fine, but anytime you have to lightly accelerate up a hill or something it starts again this is the 2nd tranny in the car. i broke 2nd in the first and im almost positive it was doing this with the old tranny too which leads me to believe its the read diff. i have a good amount of suspensions mods (coilovers, front, rear sway bars, endlinks, shifter bushings, exedy clutch, steering rack bushings etc.

same problem im actually having the same problem as you, Car will jerk and hesitate when accelerating up hills or when cruising and letting off the gas and then pressing it again, also if i try to get on the acceleration it will do the same thing, i have ngk iridium spark plugs, taylor street wires, and screamin demon coil pack. car was fine for 20k miles after installing those then all the. A car hesitates when accelerating is a symptom that shows an imperfect internal combustion in your engine. Insufficient burning inside the engine will make the car hesitates or jerks when driving . This could happen during acceleration, driving downhill, or gear change 6 Most Common Reasons Why A Car Shakes When Accelerating . I got this car from Toyota dealer 6 days ago its exl 2010 honda odyssey with 32000 and the car start to vibrate at very low speeds around 25-30 mph. I test drive that car and never notice the problem but yesterday a took a ride to my work and i notice the vibration :(. Dealer told me to. 2008 Honda CR-V. Asked by roslanbg on April 03, 2018. 1) My car jerking or choking when accelerating from 1st gear to 2nd gear and its give a push. I can feel it and it happens all the time from stop position. 2) Weird sound in the dashboard when on the air-cond

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2001 SC2. Re: Car jerks when accelerating in the rain. Take a water spray bottle to the plug wires with it idling, especially at night (or darkened garage). If you see any signs of spark's or hear the engine stumble that's a great sign the wires (and probably plugs too) need to be replaced i've noticed that when i take sharp turns at a high speed, my car will jerk on me. or even when i'm getting onto a highway and i have to go onto a circle shaped on ramp, if i am accelerating above, lets say 40 mph, it will cause my car to jerk while doing that turn. the jerk can be described.. As the car approaches 40 mph, the RPMs will increase in the engine. When the transmission shifts, engine noise usually will quiet down, and the RPMs will drop. At that moment, a bad transmission can cause the car to jerk, and that could be accompanied by a loud slamming noise. This generally will happen at the same speed with consistency as. Car hesitates when accelerating causing a danger when car does not go as expected when pulling into traffic. It also jerks and shudders at lower speeds, the car shakes somewhat violently and will stop if you floor the gas pedal. Bought the car brand new from dealer and have brought in for the issue to be told the computer doesn't see a problem 2: Car Jerks When Going Uphill. When your fuel filter is clogged, gasoline won't flow through the filter as efficiently which can cause your car to jerk when additional fuel is needed, such as well you're driving uphill. A clogged fuel filter will make your fuel pump work harder under load, which can also lead to fuel pump damage

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The MAF regulate the amount of air your engine intake, if your engine is not getting enough air, you car will jerk when the engine need air the most especially at startup or high acceleration. Re: Jerking When Trying To Accelerate My 1998 Honda Accord by nex ( m ): 6:52pm On Jul 21 , 200 There are others giving the answer that you are not matching the engine speed to the gearbox speed, and this is untrue. A modern gearbox is what is known as synchromesh and this system matches the two speeds perfectly for a perfect change. What.

Club car shudders on acceleration. October 21, 2010, 04:09 PM. New to site. I have a DS 2000.5-present model,48V, new on 2003. After charging overnight, cart runs fine. After about 15 holes, on acceleration, the cart shudders. Feels like wheels are spinning, but its not. Low on power, acts like batteries are low The Reason car won't accelerate uphill: 5 Reasons Car car Won't Accelerate but RPMs is Up. A car driving uphill must work extra hard than normal. There needs to be much acceleration to drive it up a hill even if gravity is working against it. Any fault from the car might make it very difficult for the engine to move it up a hill The car works beautifully when it is cold, but when the temperature of the engine reaches its steady value it causes the car to jerk both while accelerating and going uphill. I had a minor service recently in which the fuel filter and air filter was replaced Losing power when accelerating or going uphill. Accelerating, going uphill, or carrying heavy loads all require the car to burn more fuel. Burning more fuel necessitates the fuel pump to put in more work in order to keep up. Experiencing difficulty in these situations could be a sign of fuel pump failure. Failure of the engine to star Last February (2014) I downshifted the car while going up a hill (yes, I now know that was a bad idea) and the subsequent jerk was immediately followed by a check engine light. The code was P0715 for Turbine Speed Sensor Failure; I read up what I could on Google, and brought the car to a Honda Center a couple days later to have a diagnostic run